Start / Stop NOT WORKING on your car?

If Start / Stop is not working on your car during the winter months, there could be 10 reasons why:

0:00 Intro
1:18 #1 – Battery Voltage
2:09 #2 – Just Reversed
2:47 #3 – Just Started the Engine
3:55 #4 – Ambient Temp Outside
4:33 #5 – Engine Temp
5:10 #6 – Fuel Tank not on Reserve
5:36 #7- Climate Control Settings
6:46 #8 – Very Steep Incline or Decline
7:01 #9 – Seat Belt / Bonnet / Doors
7:15 #10 – DPF Regen

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  1. Thanks for explaining the workings of the stop/start system Nick. Stay warm mate. Cheers Dennis

  2. I get a 12 V warning even when I do my daily 40 km trip. Need to drive more they told me at the garage. Hey Mercedes ?

  3. @DJSPY006

    I hate this crap on my 580. I have to get used to turn it off as soon as I turn the car on.

  4. Thanks Nick. My recently purchased A Class Diesel had been doing this I but noticed it needed to warm up a bit before Start/Stop functions – so you confirmed this is normal👍. Still working out how the lane assist works though as I don’t feel any difference even if I go over a white line? It is activated and symbol can be either white or green?

  5. I had a C Class 250 coupe and had an issue with engine warning light. Diagnostics revealed a failed NOX Sensor. Replaced a few times but Start/Stop tech failed repeatedly. Never got to the bottom of the issue.

  6. @merca180

    Great video again and a good explanation.I do a lot only driving in the city and its not working , but when i drive on the motorway it works direct , thx again 👍

  7. @luisfatal

    In the case of the Mercedes you still have the situation of stopping at a stop sign and the camera being able to read the sign, it also does not activate the start/stop

  8. @johnemery7962

    Every car I've had with stop start never works in the winter because of short return journeys to work and back. The management system has to meet several criteria before even thinking about doing its thing. Only a journey of about 20 miles sorts it out. My app says my car is partially charged at the moment but I know not to panic and will be fine in the morning.

  9. Remember that you have the power to control your thoughts and emotions. Choose positive thoughts, practice mindfulness, and let go of negativity that doesn't serve you.

  10. @CertifiedMrTech

    Hey Nick – Great vid! Side note though, i have a 1.3L A200 Premium Sport A Class 2019, a full tank usually costs £55-70+-, It says on the info screen that i get only max 198-200mil range? Surely i can get more range? I've seen other A Classes with same spec and engine go above 200 and 250mil? Thoughts?

  11. @stuartbaker4444

    Another good one Nick. I remember as an ax Fiat mechanic left hand Ritmo ES had stop start around 1982 really astonished me at the time they weren’t good starters in the first place😂

    An economy model called the "ES" ("Energy Saving") was also available, it featured an early start-stop system. It featured some detail modifications to the aerodynamics, an optimised (higher compression ratio and different valve timing) version of the 1301 cc engine rated at 65 hp (48 kW), an engine shut off system (when idling) and electronic ignition.

  12. @82gordy

    I forgot I had start/stop technology as I don’t do a lot of mileage in my GLA but had a long run the other day and it started working every time I stopped. I also notice if I go on holiday I get notifications is the app that my battery is low and needs charging. I’m planning to put the battery charger on a trickle charge the next time I leave it for a while. Ever had this issue with any car I’ve had in the past including Audi’s and BMW’s

  13. @JBadr-kh9rn

    Which battery controls the start/stop,the main or the auxillary?

  14. I generally deactivate the feature when I start the car. On my model, the re-start can be quite jarring.

  15. @CaboSteveJ

    Yup – low main battery will do it! Even with the car sitting on the driveway for a couple of days in a C Class is enough to lower the battery to below 75% which kills the Stop/Start. And don't expect it to re- charge sufficiently driving around town either! A 100 mile drive the other day did and so did the trickle charge that I often use to keep the battery conditioned.

  16. @frinosaur

    I heard that it saves on fuel and emissions if it stops the engine for 7 seconds or more. Anything less and there is no benefit.

  17. @louholtman9202

    Ridiculous feature. If it did work I turned it off myself. Nobody can convince me that it is good for your engine. Thank god I got rid of it with my EQA.

  18. @NeedtoSpeak

    Wow…..personally I shut it off, but I never knew all the parameters that influence start/stop!

  19. @michiel.

    the temperature of your coolant does not indicate whether the engine is warm this is a misconception the temperature of the coolant is in the middle within 5 minutes but the engine oil takes much longer to warm up so the coolant temperature does not indicate the engine temperature

  20. @RabiousCrow

    I have to replace the battery each 2 years. Is it normal?

  21. @tolust

    These are the kind of videos I love when you post

  22. @liamcinq

    Really like the way this video just got stuck in, no idents, intros, product placement or requests to subscribe, turn on notifications etc so refreshing.

    Come on 100K subs, so close.

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