You are currently viewing State Of Play BIG PS5 Announcements. | PS VR2 Rumors & Missing PS3 Games. – [LTPS #520]

State Of Play BIG PS5 Announcements. | PS VR2 Rumors & Missing PS3 Games. – [LTPS #520]


Summer Game Fest has kicked off with Sony’s State of Play which aired yesterday and well, this might just be the best State of Play we’ve seen so far. A lot of exciting reveals and trailers for Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Final Fantasy XVI, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, The Callisto Protocol, and more! We also discuss more PS Plus news, PS VR2 rumors, and PC ports. Are you excited? I am, because STRAY also has a release date. And you know I’m all about that CAT.

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0:00 – Intro & PS Plus Reminder
0:18 – June PS Plus Essential Games
0:46 – Over 60 Games Leaving PS Now (Premium)
2:23 – Sony Patches PAL PS1 Games, They’re Worse Now
4:56 – State Of Play Announcements
5:36 – Resident Evil 4 Remake (VR Content)
5:53 – Resident Evil Village PS VR2
6:07 – The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2
6:27 – No Man’s Sky PS VR2
6:37 – Horizon: Call Of The Mountain Gameplay
7:05 – Huge Update For Horizon Forbidden West
7:14 – Shimmering Issue Fixed In Horizon
7:48 – Spider-Man Remastered Coming To PC
8:25 – Stray Release Date, Day 1 PS Plus Extra
8:54 – The Callisto Protocol Gameplay
9:15 – Rollerdrome Announced
9:27 – Eternights Announced
9:46 – Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Trailer
10:08 – Tunic For PS4 And PS5
10:17 – Season: A Letter To The Future Trailer
10:28 – Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer
10:55 – State Of Play Impressions
13:44 – What’s Next After This?
15:09 – RUMOR: PS VR2 1.5 Units For Launch?
18:10 – RUMOR: Killzone VR In Development
20:52 – Will Arnett Voicing Sweet Tooth
21:43 – Returnal & Sackboy PC Versions Leak
23:10 – Let’s Talk Plus
23:36 – Housekeeping

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  1. Mystic

    Another quick update: I missed this but it’s Samoa Joe from AEW that will physically play Sweet Tooth in the TV series, with Will Arnett doing the voice. So that solves that!

  2. Kalinho_PL

    I'm sic of crossgen games. I want massive PS5 exclusives like Ratchet or Demons Souls. That's why I bought the console for. Other than that – great show, some cool games but nothing groundbreaking (well maybe except some VR games :p)

  3. CGCentral HD

    Console gaming is a wrap for me definitely my last generation before pc I dropped xbox once they focused in pc I'll be doing the same with playstation.

  4. N Rolling

    PSVR2 is looking great
    Im very interested in that ANIME game
    Sony should make more of them, i love the Art style🏹

  5. Neil Riley

    It was a great State of Play, really good and I was interested in many of the games, especially the Horror, FF and Stray but like you, I want a physical release.

  6. ReiZenith

    The event was a 9/10 for me, really knocked it out of the ballpark with this SOP.

  7. TheThe

    The show was great. They delivered what they promised and I think the next one will be more focused on first party productions, especially GOW. Thaks for the update man and have a good day!

  8. ZombieATAT

    I think the Killzone franchise and other first party titles being removed is no different than the previous removal of Silent Hill (for example). Sony seem committed to going back through their older catalogue and cleaning up their best sellers now. Putting everything out there immediately isn't a particularly good marketing strategy, it makes more sense to spread out these updated classics.

  9. Chase Schleich

    AEW wrestler Samoa Joe is playing Sweet Tooth and Will Arnett is doing the voice.

  10. Brianna Smith

    If it wasn’t for Microsoft Sony would still be stuck in the past doing the same thing. Sonys finally putting games on pc and hopefully more day one in there ps plus subscription service. Healthy competition is good for the gaming industry.

  11. NiGHTS1980

    All the PlayStation "exclusives" are being released on PC. And they are upgraded and look better. So no need for a PlayStation anymore. Times are changing. Meanwhile, all the new games are being released for PS4 in 2023 so still no need to even get a PS5 – 3 years in.

  12. Alan Baker

    Can't just Microsoft to buy Sony and Nintendo already. Sony and Nintendo anti consumer is keeps getting worse and worse.

  13. Alexandre Dias

    I only can understand ryan keep saying stray is GOTY2022 because of 2 things, 1st its beacause he has a cat, 2nd its because he didnt like elden ring that much, plus GOW Ragnarok is coming this year so, it really is his opinion cuz the odds are pretty low to win, its an interesting game no doubt, but GOTY? I really dont think so, as the Game Awards will tell when the GOTY is anouncend.

  14. Creepy Cartoons

    they should have opened with the merchant salesman saying “WELCOME!!”!

  15. Clipz & Stuff

    YOU my friend, are the FOX News for all things PlayStation 😉👍👍

  16. Randy Bradley

    It cracks me up when people say that games are leaving the upcoming PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. They need to realize that PlayStation Now has close to 850 games and Sony already stated over 700 games. Well when Sony is adding PS1, PSP and PS5 games something has to go.

  17. Jago Ag

    I have bought so many games in PS5 is not even funny. Not to mention that I have subscription for GamePass my Xbox series X. Also thinking to subscribe for PS Now in June… it is so overwhelming! How do you guys do it!

  18. CLC1000

    So happy FFXVI got a release window, and the new trailer is amazing. Also, I am exciter Horizon Call of the Mountain VR.

  19. Gamecore

    Can't wait to play these multiplies on pc or Xbox.

    Anything but Sony

  20. 2 B

    is the psvr2 is fully competible with PC, then i'm all in for a day one buy, but just for playstation games alone, it doesn't seem too worth it for me.

  21. BOAiak

    Why pay $70 for inferior timed exclusives versions? When you know for a fact that PlayStation under Jim Ryan no longer has real exclusives, just "console exclusives" that'll be released cheaper and improved two years later on PC; hell, it'll be free for way too many considering just how ridiculously easy it is to pirate games on PC.

    Why pay $60 to play online on those $70 games when you know for a fact that's free on PC?

    Why be hostage to only one store that does mediocre sales all the time when you could have access to multiple cheaper stores that have to be competitive in their open market.

    Why pay $120 a year (or pay individually) for a pathetic selection of classic games with meek improvements when you could easily get pretty much all retro games for free and with better performance too.

    Why loose access to whatever developer already brought, or that will gets brought, by Microsoft next, when you can get access to Xbox Series, PS5 and even Nintendo Switch "console exclusives" on PC?

    Why pay to stay locked in the walled garden when the flowers are more colorful and are sold cheaper outside?

    They can't have their cake and eat it too, these moves will have serious repercussions on the brand in the long term.

    Go read comments under the PlayStation Blog & other places. "Why even have a PS5?" is a very common sentiment now.

    There's really no good reason not to ditch PlayStation consoles and invest in a decent PC rig; aside from a good price to performance ratio maybe. But even then I don't think It's worth it, now so much more considering the PC market is stabilizing.

    PlayStation offers little value to enthusiasts only on their own platform compared to the value they offer by porting their games so early to PC.

  22. Ashleigh Samuels

    Is there any news on just buying and downloading ps1/ps2/ps3 games on the store without subscribing to ps+ premium?

  23. woerink

    One of the best states of play i've seen in years

  24. Kapono5150

    I gotta find a 3080 !! Sony is going BIG on PC !!!

  25. Kyle Cornett

    What a nice guy! PlayStation fans get such a bad rep from the gaming community and for good reasons, not this guy, he's cool and I like him and I'm a pc gamer. Thanks for the news update and have a good day Sir

  26. Lorak White

    Make 50 dollar every week 10 dollar help nothing.

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