Steam Deck: An Honest Review

With the Steam Deck OLED release date immanent, a lot of people are wondering- should you buy a Steam Deck? I’ve had mine …


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  1. M endel

    Can the oled model half rate vsync lock to 45 fps?

  2. Bonsai Banana

    10:56 Dave2D mentioned you can do (some of) that now; they improved button actuation across the length of the bumper but the layout is about the same.

  3. KnightMD

    Thank you for bringing to light the L1/R1 bumper issue. I hate them and it's no way as easy or accessible as the dualshock. The OLED screen changes how the bumper is activates so it gets clicked with a wider activation range in terms of where you press it, so that was their way of 'fixing' this issue without a redesign that would affect case compatability.

  4. Cha Riothè

    I quit enjoying AAA games for years I'm not even that old I stopped playing them since I got into university, even after graduation I'm still don't find them enjoyable enough to invest hundred of hours on. Jrpg+indie all the way, no regret buying steamdeck, I always wanted more battery tho, it only last 2-3 hours on some 3D indie games is mind boggling, I blame optimization but bigger battery+more efficiency of steamdeck OLED would help out a lot.

  5. Albert Zhen

    You hit the nail on the head, AAA games now, like BG3 which plays well on a handheld doesn't play as well on a SteamDeck. The main reason why I just bought the ROG Ally to play 30 mins – 1 hour of free time during commute. Offline manual saves, optional cloud saves to transfer between my main gaming PC to continue where I left off.

  6. Egils Kauls

    I just Play world of warcraft, thats why i buyed it, works perfectly

  7. shortshins

    Steamdeck is perfect for platformers and indie AA games not so much for AAA releases.

  8. junieman75

    Couldn’t have said it better, that’s exactly how I treat my steam deck and my pc gaming lmao

  9. MrWannabe

    And now since the OLED announcement, a lot of the old steam deck is cheap on eBay and I got myself a good deal and absolutely love the steam deck, and playing games like Holocure or something like Slime Rancher 2 is fun. I won't be playing AAA games on this because obviously it won't run that well on it

  10. Arthur78

    I hope you'll get the 512GB Steam Deck OLED and not the 1TB with anti-glare screen. Watch Dave 2D's review to see why.

  11. Natedogg73

    I absolutely love my STEAM Deck. I play anything anywhere including AAA. My rig is a i7-13700k /4090 and I still game more on my Deck because of the portability. It's a backlog murderer! OLED is not good enough to get another one so I'll wait till the next gen deck. I'm a big sim player so ETS2, ATS, FS22 and so on work great. The Callisto Protocol, DEAD SPACE, THCOTW, ELDEN RING SNOWRUNNER, there are games that look almost as good as my PC. Bluetooth gamepad/keyboard/mouse and a portable 18" monitor I can do a nice set up quick anywhere right out of my travel pack. All my gaming is in the STEAM eco system so it's the most convenient. I've never been more happy and this is a guy who owned PONG in the 70's.

  12. Pachete

    Honestly I wouldn't have completed Hogwarts Legacy if I didn't have steam deck, but I am very sad that I didn't wait for OLED

  13. Jamie McDowell

    If you're at home on a good network can you just run the AAA games through steam link?

  14. David Roman

    Ha! My backlog on Steam is made up of Remnant 2 and God of War. 😅

  15. Soy Milk

    Why doesn't Daniel test VR headsets 🙈

  16. Soy Milk

    After I considered getting a Steam Deck now I'm actually thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch Oled. I realized that I wouldn't want to play complex games on a mobile device, and with the Nintendo console I'd get a lot of novelty with Nintendo exclusive first party games.

  17. Shini1984

    Never started: 100-150 games 😂

    Ps: I play 10 year old games and indie games on a 4090 😂😂😂

  18. trabuco81

    Use hibernate, not sleep. . It works on Ally

  19. Sam Pan

    Valve also mention they tried to implement a save process for player to switch from steamdeck to pc seamlessly, I hope they can make it come true at last.

  20. Joric78

    I bought an older handheld for emulation, and it doesn't get enough use (some, but not a lot) to justify a Steamdeck. I use my Quest 2 daily though (value outweighing the downsides of a "facebook headset"), both for standalone and PCVR. So if Valve brought out a standalone Index replacement with handheld PC (probably Steamdeck 2 rather than the current level, because it's still a bit low) instead of mobile phone level hardware, I'd be all over that. *cough*where's the damn Deckard?*cough*.

  21. Ok. You sold me the Steam Deck. Slaying the pile of shame is EXACTLY what I thought I wanted to do. I have TONS of games I haven't even touched, like Alan Wake or Assasins Creed III. Plus the sleep mode-ability sounds perfect for shorter sessions.

  22. I got one and im in love with it.
    But i hate that i bought it not that long ago and now for the same pricing 256 gb instead of 64GB

    Im in fury mode now…

  23. Atsona

    6:45 This right here was totally me. I put a good chunk of time playing Slay the Spire because of my steam deck.

  24. CombatPainter

    I feel you 100% on the bumper problems. Been playing through rdr2 recently on the deck and having constantly hold down LB to access the weapon wheel is just flat out bad to use

  25. Threefive

    The only way to play demanding games on the dteam deck is to use steam link and run it off your main pc

  26. Squeeky Dog

    Every time you speak, we edge closer to being the same person.
    Slay the Spire is fantastic!
    …psst hey…you can play it on your phone

  27. Rares Macovei

    "wasting the hardware on older games"

    Brah, play that older game in 4K120+ with 4-8x SSAA, every hardware will sweat, lmao.

  28. Nsfwstar

    My only regret was trusting proton even when i had experienced the results on my now broken old pc 1 year prior, but as soon i installed windeck os(that enable resume and suspend on windows 11), deck tools and the amernime driver, everything was forgiven,

    So yeah a nice little low price machine, but of course if someone wants a better screen or speakers, that person should look for a 549$ oled model or the base 600$ rog ally

  29. Steven West

    It sounds like you struggle to use that device for more than 1hr per day. I mean, are you really best suited towards such an expensive gaming device? I don't think most people suit this device.

  30. Thank you! I’ve always been on the fence about it! My bro has one and loves it, I’m convinced now. Also try banner saga, I think you’ll love it.

  31. Kanga Roo

    actually not had the windows sleep issue on either laptop here. just lucky i guess. I remember Linus talking about it a few months back, surprised me then too.

  32. GoodTalkHQ

    Hey Daniel, do you have a switch? Very similar situation, great indie game machine and quick sleep/wake feature too. plus I can help you find deals all the time haha

  33. Alex

    I wonder why so many people mention xcloud for handhelds as a streaming option (which is awful) but not geForce now. Especially now when the 4080 tier is so good and they start adding gamepass games slowly. It's even possible to use it on steam deck, though it requires workarounds.

    Though of course it's more interesting on rog ally or lenovo legion go.

  34. JayT's Tech

    A game thats actually great on the deck is the original splinter cell. No controller support but the steam controller mapping software is soo good that theres hundreds of profiles that work great.

  35. Cth2lhu

    Sekiro is unplayable on the Steam Deck's in-built controls. It's not just you.

  36. Turn off your device 😂. You have a fast ssd. And Dont blame Microsoft .

  37. Mad Ant

    Usually, You can fiddle with BIOS options to make the laptop not use any power while closed (apart from hibernation). But not on every model obviously.

  38. Elver Kongen

    Sleep is a non-issue. Enable hibernate and it retains battery life great.

  39. Anubis

    Very relatable I got the steam deck when it first came out didn’t enjoy it because it didn’t have windows and felt the screen sucked with huge bezels and heavy bulky feeling. so I sold it and bought a smaller more powerful handheld (gpd win 4) but using it made me realize why the steam deck is the way it is. THERE IS NO CHIP THAT IS AS EFFICIENT AS THE ONE IN THE DECK and newer chips are more powerful but at a sacrifice usually at the price of efficiency and battery life. This is why I’ll be the first one to get a special edition steam deck oled because it fixes many of the issues that I had with the original

  40. Samurai Merrick

    Moonlight on steamdeck works flawlessly. I do think you need Wi-Fi 6 or LAN connection from the PC doing the local streaming.

    But my wife streams all her games from her PC to the deck because it increases her battery time 2.5x.

    She’s played modded Skyrim and BG3 hundreds of hours no issues.

    The only annoying thing is we can’t get wake on lan working so she has to manually turn on her PC manually.

  41. Retro Sean

    I totally get the notion that you feel like you're wasting your machine's potential if you play older or indie games. However, my solution was I have a secondary 'Frankenstein's PC' I made out of spare parts 😀 — that said I can see the appeal of portability.

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