Steam Deck OLED vs Asus ROG Ally vs Legion Go vs OneXPlayer 2 Pro: Which is the Best???

The new Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition comes with some great improved specs with a new processor, a better processor, and …


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  1. If valve actual makes a free windows update upgrade with better compatibility that would be awesome. I'm still getting the OLED, if it goes through some day at least ill have it on hand but for the future of now i down feel like waiting hours for a different os system not that i cant do it but i just rather take the lazy mans route about. 😂

  2. @xmenotux

    Steam Deck OLED is clearly the king of the bunch despite other devices have some better features. It's seamless user experience, control options, and comfort make it a clear winner by far. I think 2nd place probably goes to the Legion Go for its diversity, larger screen, and high watt performance. ROG Ally seems to be at the bottom with lack of control options and basic feature set.

  3. @Megs125

    The way I game I would stick with a windows device

  4. @FiberFrenzy

    Native Gamepass is just to good to miss out on especially with Bethesda & Activision/Blizzard in the mix. Cloud gamepass just doesn't cut it for me. I wouldn't buy the Ally either because I need an SD card for emulation (it's a 1tb loss) that's bad. I'm all for the Legion Go, Lenovo are showing great support so far but then Intel are releasing one soon with Ark 5 graphics so it's probably best to wait a wee bit longer before buying any of them.

  5. @bluntex1

    This is a unfair comparison why the steam deck is a different league from the legion go vs rog ally. The legion go and ally have the same processor which is newer from the same company as steam deck have older processor.

  6. @alexguitar841

    The fact that you can stick a full size SSD on the rog ally is a huge plus. But I still love the feel of the steam deck and the OS.

  7. IMO best option for people coming from console gaming is the steam deck oled or rog ally. For people who are PC Gamers the Lenovo Legion Go is a no brainer.

  8. @jefferrrson1x

    Steam Deck. The whole point of having a handheld is picking it up and playing. The fact that Steam has it so player friendly where you can just play a game without having to go thru the oc stuff is convenient.

    Got my Steam Deck OLED last week and have been playing it everyday. Loving it so far.

    If I wanted higher graphics and more ability to play AAA games with the Ally and LG, I’d just get a PC. That simple.

    Can’t wait for the future of gaming handhelds. Literally game changers. Don’t even need my consoles anymore PS5/XSX.

  9. @DraZtheProbleM

    I still fail to see why someone would pick Steam Deck over a ROG Ally. Ally has better specs and can use Game Pass without issues.

  10. @LilyScott199

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