Steam Deck – REAL PS3 Performance Test (Not what I Expected)

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PS3 Performance on Steam Deck (Not what I Expected)
Testing out PS3 performance on Steam Deck, this is what you can expect.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Soul Calibur IV
00:22 Fight Night Champion
00:29 Grand Slam Tennis 2
00:41 GTA V
00:50 Mortal Kombat vs DC
01:03 Rainbow Six Vegas 2
01:26 Thoughts


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  1. Abam Long

    This is dispointed me…steam deck should running smooth all PS3 games.maybe in the future they fix PS3 emulator with new update..

  2. GarethRossUK

    why not just run those already on pc native on steam os. fact is steam deck cpu isnt up to the demands of ps3 emulation until further optimization happens.

  3. Kobirul Ali

    Only now are APUs coming out with enough power to emulate PS3 games, remember it has a very complex architecture and requires a lot of CPU power.

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