Step by Step Performance Build: Enter to Win a PC Giveaway + Intel Mod Workshop valued at $4000 (Part 1)

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[Music] what is going on everybody Welcome to a brand new revitalized mod Workshop it is so good to see you welcome uh I’m very very excited um to actually have this show back and to be live here uh from a different Studio a different location obviously this doesn’t look like the old mod Workshop location but yeah Blue Room uh all Intel all the time and hopefully you guys are looking forward to what to a really really cool show today uh I am very excited to have you here guys a lot of Technology going into this one uh as we continue to evolve um the shows that we run between this and then of course we got Tech Challenge at Intel live and uh now we are here with Intel mod workshop and I am so glad that Intel gave us the opportunity to bring this back to you guys the thing that’s so fun is as we looked and we and we we talked about um what what this show was going to become what you guys really really liked was just the building and having I don’t know very specific builds for us to basically take a look at and so I I’m really excited about some of the ones that we have coming up because we have really really cool ones that are of course themed working with folks like Ron Christensen from blueh horse Studios we have stuff that’s like how do we make a 14900 K perform better which we’re partnering with Corsair and MSI to do that with in this show and then we’re also looking at like basically all sorts of just really neat themed builds that are both custom and then at the same time have very specific purposes so we can show you a little bit more and then this is your opportunity to kind of learn from it so these are like step by step and by doing that what we have is we have a really amazing obviously roaming camera now that uh you can do and then they have complete control we’re obviously here uh with a live producer who is uh basically running this show unlike any of the other stuff so the thing is we can get in uh get personal and you guys are really going to get what is essentially uh the best experience now just so you guys are used to how I’m looking at stuff right if I’m looking over here I’m looking at chat right I got chat over here we obviously have our camera here we’ve got our top down camera of course which we which we always have so you guys are going to get to see the full view here uh really really clearing and then at the same time we’ve got the roaming camera which you guys already saw and then lastly but not leastly we obviously have our parts list as well which let’s go and go through that and talk about what we have for parts in today’s build this is a blackout performance build it’s minimal RGB this is all about performance of course Sarah said you know what Roby if we’re going to do this mod Workshop we should really show how to cool a 14900 K very very well and so that was with their brand new uh RS Max fans so this is going to be a core I9 14900 K system we’re going to be using the MSI MPG z790 carbon Max Wi-Fi 2 motherboard so partnering with uh MSI for their beautiful GPU their beautiful motherboard there we have the Corsair mp700 Pro Se this is a 4 TB nvme drive we have the MSI expert G Force RTX 480 super love how this card looks uh we have Corsair ddr5 Vengeance Ram this is 6,000 Mega transfer uh we’re looking at 32 gigs so sorry it’s 32 gigs at 7800 megat transfer my bad uh and then we have uh the Corsair 7000d uh airflow we have the corser h170 I Elite XT uh this is a 420 mm no sorry yeah 420 mm AIO but we’re going replacing this with those RS Max fans and then of course we’re using the Corsair hx1000i PSU so uh and you might be asking well Ruby what are you going to do with this build afterwards well if you are here chilling with us here at mod Workshop that means that you if you’re us only are going to get a chance to basically walk away with this system we’re going to be giving that well away over at inel that’s where we’re going to be doing that and giving all that stuff away and of course you know what we might have some other surprises and all that sort of stuff but not only that the other thing that is a little bit different than the mod workshops you’ve seen in the past is once we’re done building it we’re of course going to Benchmark it you know I mean I know some folks have seen some some uh some things about this show that’s some of the stuff that we’ve changed so when you know that you want it you know that hey I’ve taken the cover off of the AI uh we know that the cooling is good and at the same time that it is going to perform in a beautiful Manner and of course whoever that lucky winner is um they’re going to have a system that they’ve seen working live here on the show but what do you guys think it’s uh what do you guys think of the build what do you guys think the new studio what do you think everything we’d love to see uh we’d love to see what you guys go don’t yes we’ll make sure we get the Peels and all that sort of sounds like a great can I have it maybe you might be one of the people to win it as well and hope everyone’s day is going well it is so good to have you guys here uh super huge shout out obviously to Intel to Corsair and everybody uh for being here and uh supporting the show um and of course obviously a new show so this will be a lot a lot of fun I’m glad I’m like I’m glad you guys like the show and like the studio um um missing a royat well of course I mean we we can’t have everything right guys this is this is an Intel show right like we’re we’re like you know now when we do these shows we’re making sure and by the way can we just say how cool this is to have basically that cougar up here with the spinning Intel uh CPU inside of it right like doesn’t that look super cool I mean this is the fun stuff that we get to do when we get to do a show like this which is actually super cool so again we’re uh we’re having some fun in here and again this this PC will probably end up changing out a number of times um just to kind of show off some of the cool stuff that you guys get to see so I’m glad you guys are liking it and uh thanks so much for uh joining us and stuff like that uh people are asking about the giveaway uh te’s and C’s I believe are on the uh Intel site if you go to inel all the t’s and C’s are there and then of course you can always ask ask ask questions over at inel if you have other questions uh let’s see what else is going Intel’s amazing thanks all really cool the build looks like it’s going to be super well I I think so that’s the whole point and guys I think what better way than let’s just go ahead and get right into the build that feels like the right thing to do um so kicking things off at the center of this is right here this is the Intel Core I9 14900 K this is the CPU we’re going to be using in this build today so uh we’re going to be basically using that and then let’s go ahead and grab our motherboard um and then uh we’re going to grab all of the other little parts that they kind of go inside of this already and then uh yeah uh let’s kick it off with a little open box of the CPU what do you guys say this is always this is always a lot of fun to do here so here we go popping this open for those for folks who don’t know the thing about the Intel Core I9 14900 K is that for a while um we’ve basically uh they’ve got this really neat packaging and one of the things you may not know about this packaging is just things like for instance this uh this is actually a uh basically a a what’s the word wafer so this is a replica of a wafer now on the 12th gen and 13th gen it was actually gold and then this one it’s silver so when you open this up it’s almost like you’re opening a wafer and then inside of course your Intel Core I9 uh 14 i00 k uh CPU is what we actually basically have right there so there it is little bit of zoom in there so this is what we’re putting inside of it uh right there it’s not an edible wafer no it is not an edible wafer we’re using a non-edible wafer I would definitely suggest not trying to eat your I feel like that just seems like a given but you know the more I see sometimes on the Tik Tok and on the Instagram is things that just seem like common sense don’t seem to be for everybody you know what I mean but I love a tasty CPU you know what honestly you I if if if it does okay if you guys were going to make a guess Roby what does a CPU taste like what do you guys think like what would the flavor be not going to lie what what do you think the flavor would be I’m I’m trying to think if I was going to make like a a tasty CPU what I like I’d probably do like um I don’t know like a like a mint chocolate chip maybe and maybe there’s like I don’t know mint chocolate chip a penny metallic no guys those are terrible flavors I mean we want Mercury wow WD40 and nickels somebody’s got a very very flavor flavorful blue raspberry see I like that that see that was actually a pretty good one right there blue raspberry actually makes like some amount of sense uh yeah let see yes um um um cool yeah wow that’s that’s okay so we got a couple ideas okay so let’s go and pop open our motherboard here and begin the process so the motorboard that we’re using here uh is uh like I said it is the MSI MPG z790 carbon WiFi 2 uh it’s a Max Wi-Fi which is their new one right so we actually have their refresh this came with uh 14th gen uh part of their Max refreshes that we’ve seen before and uh I really do like this motherboard a lot the thing that’s actually super important about it though and the thing I actually really kind of enjoy is um that uh it has all the bells and whistles things like Wi-Fi 7 so when we talk about getting like that Max performance and all that sort of stuff you are literally getting like kind of everything that you’d want specifically with um this particular mobo for sure you know what I mean so okay here we go guys you guys ready to you guys ready to socket this bad boy in now the question is do you think the vrm will actually pop a a little bit I mean that’s that’s one of those things that we we seem to never know here let’s zoom in a little bit and let’s uh let’s get it okay we got to find where the zoom okay look at oh now we’re going to get close oh look at how close we are oh you know before we do that though Brian we got a peel we got to we haven’t done all the peels right so let’s let’s before we get into that let’s go in and do some peeling here okay so here we go we got we got a couple peels here everybody loves the peels oh so good right there there we go and then here we have we have our peel no no peels there okay we got a peel right here there we go and then we have a peel right here as well boom there are all those peels okay cool let’s go ahead and uh put in our CPU here so we’ll go to we’ll go to oh let’s move it in there from there okay here we go the giveaway will run at the end of the stream guys okay there we go CPU is inside side popping that down and then here we go doing a little bit of oh it didn’t pop off there we go oh we got ufd Tech in the house it’s always good to have uh Brett joining us okay let’s get next thing up what we’re going to work on here is we’re going to work on our envme SSD let’s grab our little small iix it kit here and we need to open up our inme socket oh you know what I’m looking at it upside down and it’s completely messing with my mind nope it’s it’s just I got to find the right there it is got to get the right cable what’s up the pawn shop good to see you too we got all sorts of people chilling today oh really why is it so bad okay oh that’s right I don’t even need this I just push this button right here there we go look at that and then we got a little bit of a peel here there we go and then we’ll do another peel right here I like the people who are like who are like starting to like get the Good Karma they need to try and win this PC they’re like oh I need I need to win it okay so clicking off starting with here we have our 4 tbte mp700 Pro uh our Pro Se so this is a gen 4 pci5 by the way in vme drive not your sorry not I said Gen 4 and Gen 5 in the same sense sorry this is a gen5 4 tbyte this is not an inexpensive this is not an inexpensive drive at all oh really somebody just said the t’s and C’s say it’s just supposed to go to them so I like I like that a lot they’re like the t’s and C’s just say it goes to me can’t wait for Jen wow skul’s just like you know what I’m just going to go to the furthest one uh ever right and just jump right to the end now because this is so thick one thing you guys are going to notice is it’s not going to clip into this it’s like it’s so high like getting this to get hold so we’re going to actually use the little clip to basically um hold it down obviously so I’m going to zoom in a little bit here oops this way it’s like unique okay cool there we go okay so now what I’m going to do is this is all to this so I got to do is just run this in like this there we go and then that will hold it nice and down and we are basically good to go right there it’s so it’s so odd to have a camera coin at a motherboard upside down uh we could I mean I guess we could rotate it if we wanted to that’s feedback for the next time so we’re just like again there’s a little bit of learning but at the same time you know we’re we’re we’re uh we’re still playing and all that sort of stuff so it’s it’s actually one of those things that we’ll make sure that we’ll uh we’ll uh we’ll have for the next one where we rotate it around so it looks normal it’s just it’s little things right like it’s it’s new studio guys it’s I can’t get everything right we can all read upside down luckily we also have the roaming camera which is upside down so it’s like they’re all but it’s it’s still it’s still very good I can do a 3D spin yeah he’ll just yeah he’ll just do a he’ll do a 3D spin on that if he wants to yeah right there we go Okay cool so there is our Ram clicks now we’re not doing anything like Ram clicks or anything like that those are those are unique to the other show again we’re trying to keep some of that I don’t know that that history of what we used to do at mod Workshop so this is more about education and all that sort of stuff too now again one thing you’re probably noticing when you’re looking at the camera right there is that there’s no RGB guys we’re doing a lot you know the only RGB that we’ll really kind of have on this is really just going to be on um the uh motherboard itself not necessarily on the ram specifically and this is 7800 megat transfer Ram so this is actually very very fast Ram we had 32 gigs of actually almost 8,000 megga transfer which is actually pretty crazy so um some of the fastest Ram I’ve probably ever installed and I I feel like it’s going to have a good click oh yeah that was that was solid that was a very solid click yeah that was that was a very solid click we do we do have it’s not completely stealth there will be a little bit of RGB but it’s it’s minable in terms of the overall RGB oh my gosh I almost need a break guys almost need a moment that was so good right there uh so the CL on this um you know what I don’t actually have it off of the top of my head I’m guessing it I mean for five for I mean given how fast it is right that’s actually a good question I don’t know if we have that right off the thing so uh there are links to all of these parts down in the YouTube description for Roby Tech and I think we have links as well that uh Blondie and the team have so if we can do that you’ll actually be able to find the CL there if you want to get a little bit more CL 36 okay there’s hidden attribute right there so it’s CL 36 7800 megat transfer there you go oh dude he did a he did a coordinated knuckle popping at the same time so like he was like waiting for the ram clicks and then going through there and uh basically getting from that or to to just to just enhance uh his his experience as he’s doing this stuff so uh I I do my I we do our best it should be oh that’s a good point bck but we already we already said what it was I didn’t even bother that’s a good co I’ll look on the sticks it’s 30 seal 36 yep 36 46 46 86 there you go oh that I just really wanted to get a second click in anyway you know what I mean so you’re a junkie I’m a junkie I’m a junkie when it comes to that stuff okay now guys we’re just going to grab our cooler only because we want to get the um we want to get the uh the bracket installed we’re going to be removing the fans and all that sort of stuff from here but we just want to make sure the motherboard is basically 100% ready to go yeah so yeah no Autumn dude no don’t don’t don’t don’t get nervous about the clicks and the power that’s that’s a moment when you’re doing a PC build that is a that is a fill your soul like a click is literally it’s almost like when you when you uh it’s like when you emotionally connect with your build so if you don’t have any power and I know that there I know like MSI and uh those guys are looking at new versions of ram that basically sit on the board which are going to make it easier for water cooling but I will be sad when you don’t click in dims anymore you know what I mean yeah yeah you hear the clicks not the brake you shouldn’t break the system that is that is for sure true okay so I’m just looking for our wow it’s been so long since I’ve done like a more traditional non IQ link build here just going to look for our where did they put our bracket guys the brackets in here we don’t need these fans anyway we’re not going to be using these anyway so we’ll just put these back over here in the corner here oh hey hey there it is right there that’s what we want wear our LGA 1700 here that’s all stuff we don’t need probably just put these back inside here yeah I know it’s funny some people are mixed on the whole new Ram standard I don’t know where people are but um I’m I I like I for one uh I’m here to greet our new overlords you know whatever you know I always like Innovation kind of like back connect right it’s like it’ll be something I don’t know if it’ll be something that’ll completely replace but you know you never it it I like options when it comes to DIY right and so for us to get new options for a new look right whether you’re going to use like traditional dims or you going to use the new the I think they’re they it’s like called sodm or whatever with like Mobo sodm or something like that I don’t remember right off the top of my head but I think it’s always good to have solid options right to to make builds more unique right yeah guys there’s no active giveaway the giveaway will be near the end now when that is it’s just oh yeah cams thank you very much um I mean when that is you never know right like again that’s that’s the joy I might just rush through this and get this done in 45 minutes and all the people come back in two hours hey the oh there’s nobody here you’ll never know yeah sodum is the the laptop stuff but I didn’t know if it was like if I mean it it acts a little bit like the clickin and stuff like that is a little bit unique it so I didn’t know so I didn’t remember I can’t remember everything I’m sorry guys I don’t remember everything yeah sodium is the type of uh laptop Rim okay here we go going to flip this over let’s get our let’s get our little bracket on here I’m going to have to do traditional Cable Management guys are you guys prepared this Show’s going to be over five hours long just doing cable management by the way we do have the overlord here she’s not in my ear today but she is here and I heard she’s well rested so okay we just got to get this all lined up there we go there okay we’re good the good thing is is because this is a permanent build we actually get to uh we actually get to uh have it sticky so it’s like I don’t have to like try and hold it yeah she’s always watching guys always watching wasn’t that Monster’s Inc I think it was yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m watching you wasowski oh the steam uh I’m watching it it seems like the Ste seems nice and I it looks steady here like I I I’m like watching on a preview so I don’t see any non steadiness what a pretty little board the blind counsil is what is even happening I don’t even know what that means yeah seems steady yeah H I wonder what it is uh you might want to try going down we do try we do we are using a little bit of a higher bit rate so just be aware but you should be able to switch the cameras maybe settings down a little bit like that but again we did go a little bit of a higher bit rate on this what do you guys think of the what do you guys think of the studio you guys like the look something a little bit different for mod Workshop yeah it’s good okay people are enjoying it looks good okay good as soon as I said that it stabilized that’s how we do it guys we have little gremlins that are out fixing it right now I’m glad people are digging it good it doesn’t look very roomy well I mean it’s just me wow people are like you need more room for you to be have more people Roby don’t steal all the PC builds just for yourself that’s what they’re saying more Brian on camera please that was Brett it is in a different location it is in a different Lo it is in a different location than where the normal studio is so looks really professionally casual which isn’t easy to pull off but looks great hey there we go that’s what we were looking for I was like how can we make it look professionally casual with a little hint of [Laughter] spring uh I think the sh right shelf could use more shelves for product okay they’re saying more products here I think oh that one oh we need to do like the more it’s funny cuz I think feel like sometimes we’re going to put statues in there and stuff like that add a little bit of spice it’s giving homey Vibes and chill hey I I like it yeah we’re just going to put Roby cat everywhere postmodern office CH wow guys we have some we have some like we have some true like artists here in the channel right like that real question are the plants real they are for now uh they will probably change on a consistent basis because they’ll die cuz we’re terrible at taking care of plants no they’re not real we did not we did not use real plants no real plants were harmed during the filming of this if they can’t tell yeah if they can’t tell then we did really good on choosing good good plants oh yeah guys the motherboard is essentially ready I’m going to have to like stretch out my back a little bit because we’re going to yeah yeah but I still got to stretch my back I mean like this case I mean Andrew is like a and for those who don’t know Andrew is uh one of the pr guys amazing dude works for Corsair but he’s like yeah we’re going to do it in the 7,000 D I was like I don’t know if my back can take it so we’re going to put this off to the side here and then uh let’s get the case and just so you guys know so I for those who don’t know I’ve been training for a half marathon now for for like uh for uh since January and then now I’m on the 10 week like now the 10 week to like really get up there and so I did the I did um um uh basically uh it was wind Sprints for training today and it’s just like so that that plus this heavy case it’s just it’s too much it’s too much physical activity only human I’m only human okay okay I did it guys I made it I made it up thanks for watching oh wait no I got to building it I guess right so let’s go and strip this down okay so first thing first we got to take off the oh here’s our here’s our big screwdriver come over here and get our big we got a little screw right here in the back so we’re taking off the screws that protect you from dropping the very large tempered glass now the crazy thing about this build and I just realized that is that this build has also we’re going to put out our screw thing right there this build has also got very big tempered glass so there we go I’m just Fanning Brian where’s the grapes where’s the grapes okay okay there’s one giant panel off okay there’s our box of fun stuff okay we got our some tape or as they call it in someplace else Tope they don’t actually call it that it’s not called top a I’m lost behind the yeah I know I’m lost behind the monster case okay let’s take this other screw back here in the back off there’s one at each of these just to hold these massive doors on and we’ll do it’s cuz I’m so strong I was able to just lift that one up my mus my Muses okay so we’re good there um now what we’re going to do it’s a little bit lighter let’s go and take off our front here here we go I remember on one mod Workshop I thought I knew how to take like a front panel off guys and then I totally broke the case on the stream see this is the thing is like people like just you know like do people make mistakes absolutely make mistakes but I just remember that one in particular and then we had to go get him a new case cuz I like oh yeah I know dude that was like and I was like oh that was not how you do that so sometimes Mount that right into the window sill does a table raise up yes it does of course we do have a raising table and all that sort of stuff dude there’s hair on this like whose hair is this Andrew is there something you need to tell me uh about like like we got like we need to get DNA yeah somebody’s got some uh somebody loves some hair there we go okay okay so we [Laughter] have okay we are going to switch out so we can do the more airflow mode so we’ll switch this out here in a minute um I am going to remove the dri trays because they just add a lot of weight so we’re going to go down here move these little dri trays let we have one more here we’re going for Max performance guys there we go there we go okay okay that takes care of that okay and then I have a little look at this this is like I now have a little garbage bag so I could look that’s what I really wanted is just a there we go okay keep an I I’m all about I’m one of those people who likes to keep my my workpace clean you know oh okay well apparently so I like she’s like we have our producer here and she’s like I put a garbage bin for you so yeah you could you could just throw it in there dang it I didn’t they took care of it okay okay so now what we’re going to do guys we’re going to strip all of the fans and get ready for the RS Max fans uh these fans are actually pretty ludicrous um and so these are their the new thicker fans um from Corsair also the other thing I really like about these is actually uh their cooling capacity at specific noise levels as well so they’re actually also very very quiet um for um their size as well so we’re using the RS Max 140 uh in this particular build I’m going to try not to drop the there we go so those are what we’re going to put in there and then we’re removing the older fans now the question is I wonder if the RS the new fans I don’t know if I don’t know if this is true I guess we’re going to find out when we open them if they actually include corsair’s new screws because those fan those screws are awesome okay so get rid of fan number one man I’m so happy about this I’m so happy about this bin down here like I was just like oh what am I going to do with all this it’s like the little things that that bring me joy okay guys one of the things we are going to do real quick is we’re going to remove this just to create more air flow oh might be one on the other side no okay there it goes okay cool there’s that and then we’re going to grab our regular one and this is just going to sit up here at the front so we’re just going to make sure get much more optimal air flow get rid of the get rid of the extra cage and then just be able to use those fans a little bit more effectively there we go somebody says there’s a small Buzz we’ll have to look into that is the oh uh Jasmine can you unplug the receiver for the mic see the mic it’s plugged the top there yeah plug unplug that yeah yeah let me know if the buzz goes away guys okay does the buzz go away there we go let me know if the B if that fixed the buzz all gone hey look at that fixing things real time guys okay we’re just removing the other screws here okay just getting all of our other fans out here okay we want to make sure this thing is like set for Optimal Performance so we’re going to have very good airflow fans in this I’m actually excited to see what temps are like shouldn’t it be all about the buzz I think there’s there’s good buzz and then there’s bad Buzz I don’t think we want the bad Buzz there’s no ringing Sergeant Sergeant nobody that is you that’s not us it’s in it’s a music game oh you guys are which ones were you guys talking about me playing the Elden ring DLC okay we got one more to get here then we’re going to look at these these new fans we’ll show those off here in a minute oh I don’t know who that is oh okay oh okay there we go okay there we go okay so we got everything here now what we’re going to do is we’re going to work on getting the fans disconnected over here so we’re going to open this up up get all the stuff out okay there we go we’re just going to basically pull these and then they actually have these really nice extensions which is actually pretty cool question is there’s that one okay so these we might need again once we kind of figure this out here this like very secure here okay give me the give me the fan cable okay we got one wonder if I’m going to oh I should go ahead and I’m going to go and take this off make it even lighter we want all the lightness we want it as light as possible CU we’ll need to get to that anyway there we go more dust filters here we go okay and this one that’s for that just trying to find our other fan header there it is there we go okay there’s that one and then this one also comes out but the question is what is this stuck on guess we’re going to have to uh just uh kind of find out we’re going we’re going extra challenging here today guys extra challenging okay there’s that let’s get into all of the there we go one more going try and see where this cable is real quick oh wait hold on oh they zip tied it well that’s why they zip tied it okay zip tie snippers I have you there must be there there okay well that makes way more sense now wow that looks there hey wow that’s amazing now they just kind of come out Okay cool so you got that unzip tied now well that was actually very clean good job okay guys here is oh okay guess we’re using 120s and not 140s I thought we were using 140s but I guess we’re using 120s which is fine okay so we have rs20 Maxes these are their new thicker fans again so these are thicker like more like the t30s if you want to look about them they’re made with the same kind of material at the same time right again also very very quiet so high performance fans so we’re just going to get all these out the question is what screws did we get I I want I’m curious okay we get to be surprised what screws do we get guys here we go oh we got them oh we got them these are so amazing okay cool well these are going to be fast to install and they also give you they also give you longer radiator screws which we’ll we’ll need for the uh when we do the uh other part of the build later but I’m actually just very happy that we actually got the new screws cuz they’re so quick to install okay there we go guys I got a lot of screws here and some are loose just so you know okay here’s our last fan and I like the bo like they have qu like I really like these are like ever since Corsair kind of went to this new kind of uh setup for uh for the um for install for packaging their fans I’ve actually always really kind of liked it so it’s kind of a nice little uh way to do it okay so there’s three we have a total of 369 so we have four five and then three so that’s okay so we have enough for we’re not putting any in the side just making sure seeing what they got us from a number standpoint okay there we go just making sure we have all of our our screws here okay so now going to do our little peels there we go there we go I’m actually like like I said h there we go there we go boom okay we need one more fan there it is here we go open that up okay so we just need one more for this cuz we’ll be four at the front instead of just three cool there we go then we’ll use these for one of these for the rear which is great and that’s all of our fans that we need so far there we go and we’ll be using the the fans from the h170 those will be those will be to kind of like show like they’ll they’ll kind of shine down so you’ll still get some illumination inside of the inside of the the build for sure making sure I get all of the fans out here you guys are like oh Roby fans so many fans the case is huge yeah there we go okay there’s all of the fans that we need so far we have a lot of screws guys so many screws okay we put this stuff away for now perfect put that back right there okay black there we go fans are good all kport low volume with massive air flow exactly bll of ramen that’s what we’re that’s what we’re going for here now we are going to show as I I know I’m still in the unpacking of fans this has been over an hour of the show has just been me unpacking the fans we’re I promise we’re actually going to start installing stuff here pretty quick um but I did I one of the things I do want to show is just how quick and easy this installation is when you have these particular screws um because it’s pretty dang magical actually okay I’m just at the luckily because there’s no RGB on these fans it does take the number of cables I need to manage down by 50% the case is a size of an old CRV wow you guys had really small CRVs there’s more fans in chat more fans they say we need more fans more we’re working on it guys okay here we go so I wonder is there feels like there should be I’m seeing feels like this it feels like it should come out but maybe oh okay wait wait wait wait okay cool that’s what I was looking for okay so here we go so you guys can see what I’m doing here right there and right here there we go it’s been a while since I built in a Corsair there we go see and then that just slips out which is what we want makes it way easier to do work in the case so much lighter now okay so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to be doing four intake so we’re just going to loosen all these up then I’ll get them all straightened here in a minute well these are not long cables but that might I mean we probably be okay I’m not overly worried about we’ll make it work okay okay there we go four fans now check this out here we go ready when you do look at how easy this is you ready that’s it it’s so it’s just so fast that’s it that’s all it takes to actually screw these in because of these cable these these fan two twists it’s one twist one whole full twist is all it takes to basically put in one of these screws versus like and I’ll show you here here we’ll take here’s a normal here’s this and then here is a standard if I did it right yeah see big difference in terms of the amount of twists and then these are much longer so you’re like even that like it’s just like one twist it’s in very easy and it’s like so in terms of you know how like used to be like not looking forward to installing seven fans or nine fans when you have like one little half twist to basically get it in it’s actually saves like a ton of time there we go and then last cable so like I spent more time basically unpacking them than I did actually doing the work here to to get them set up here we go okay so there’s all of our fans okay so there there you go right there there it is all the fans basically in and installed I mean not installed yet but I mean I mean like at least in the ready for put inside of the case okay so we do have spaces to run all of these so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to run them like in a we’ll have to figure this out I don’t I’m not installing the side fan so it should be fine there we go if I had like four of those extensions it’d be a little bit different but I only have two so there we go pull these ones in here too this is where things like IQ link actually are really nice because they just kind of Daisy change together so you only have like one cable that you have to worry about but not everybody wants to pay for those and you know it keeps the obviously there’s some fan cost that go with that so okay there we go okay just going to get this in here okay let’s pull that through okay there we go okay so there’s all of our fan so there we go now we have our good intake fans in we’re just going to put our make sure our thing is secure and put that in all the way there that would help would help if I actually put it down all the way get that screwed in okay maybe I grabb the wrong there we go there we go one more go there so there’s four okay there we go Okay cool so that’s all in we have all this so we can put these back on let’s get this back in here so we don’t need to just want to be able to get to that one cable there we go let me also have this one and we also have this one okay so we have our case back together let’s go and get our mobo in run these through we’re going to run these across right for now there it is running these STP straight through then we’re run to do the same thing with these and these are actually how we’re going to run our our fan cables just in the short term there we go okay there we go so we have all of our cables run now we can put our motherboard in guys finally we’re actually going to get into putting the build but at least we have our beautiful RS our beautiful rs120 fans in so we got four and we got one we’re going to put in the back and then of course we’ll have the co the cooling from the HS the H the IQ uh h170 I Elite um so let’s go and pop this down okay so we got everything here let’s go and grab our mobo let’s put our our thing down a little bit here oh okay we’re going to put it down a little bit so I can get to it there we go okay uh let’s grab our thing here look at that that looks so good in there guys does it not it looks really good yeah you guys can still hear me yeahuh the mobile looks really good yeah oh we got some smaller look at this they gave me some extra thinner uh zip ties it’s always it’s like for me it feels like the free gift when you get all the zip ties okay so let’s find our okay good yeah I uh I muted it because we were uh trying to figure out something so that one time it was me muting myself so I could ask a question so sometimes I’m doing it on purpose but sometimes I’m not so it’s always good when somebody says oh why is Roby muted then I’m then I get a little nervous but this time a couple times I did it on my own okay I think these are the right ones this is always the this is always the guessing game time guys glad you guys are enjoying the build so far just going to get our mobo screwed in here there we go okay I think these are the right screws sometimes you never know you’re going to guess but I think feels like it yep okay that feels right that feels right I like it when we make a good choice solid solid so far it’s it’s all working out the way it should there we go so when you feel like it it feels like it’s going to catch a little bit I’ll switch up to a different hole there we go just so I don’t want to cross thread sometimes some are a little bit challenged there we go there we go perfect one right there there we go got one more screw guys there we go okay believe all the screws are in I see them so far it looks great trying to keep it simple and clean and elegant okay so next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead we’re going to install our second um our sorry our rear exhaust fan so yeah the Stu the the standoffs were already in there yes guys we’re stand ups we good thank you for this is one of the things I like about building things live is that they’re always there to make sure that you’re doing it all right they’re like oh Roby did you remember yes I this time I did yes I did so we’re going to throw in our our rear exhaust fan real quick and then from there we’re going to go ahead and move to our C our our uh front panel headers and all that sort of stuff so which is always fun and then you guys will be able to see them get plugged in nicely feel like the lighting is really good so you guys can see a good do there’s a lot of lighting so you guys can actually see the black build and how it’s coming together so really appreciate my team and the work that they do to make sure that you guys can have an enjoyable experience yeah we don’t I thought we got 140s but we only got 120s but I mean this is like these are very powerful 120 mm fans so yeah so I want to show off the RS the the max fans right and you guys will hear them now we will have some different fans that uh with some RGB that’ll be the top mount ones there we go okay cool see that’s how fast those how easy and fast it is to install those fans okay so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to work on front panel connectors guys so that’s the next step in here so yeah that’s I’m going to go and start putting this down and start routing them [Music] okay okay so let’s see we got everything here I’m going to okay here we go so these are the cables that we have for front panels right now I’ll call it Batman Okay so the first one we have we actually have two USB 3 connections so here’s our first one we’re going to do is let’s see where our USB 3.2 connections are we got one here do we have another one we have one so we have one okay so we we’re only going to Route One so r that right there it’s going to come out right here okay and then we’ll ratee this around like that luckily it’s very clean just going to plug that in right like this trying not to bend pins there we go and that’s going to that’s going to be a nice clean look because of how these are connected which is always really nice there’s that next thing up is we’re going to grab our USBC there’s our USBC connection right there so we’re going to and that’s should be right above this it’s right there so you’re going to see me route that now this is just going to come out right here there we go and there we go nope did we put it in backwards there’s always a 50/50 chance nope I put it in right I should have trusted my gut there we go okay that’s in so there’s USBC okay let’s see what other connections we have unfortunately this is kind of one of their corsair’s older cases so we do not have an integrated front panel here so we have front we have the small separated front panel connectors so we have power switch we got power plus and minus looks like we got reset switch trying to see if there’s anything else I do not see anything else okay so we’re going these are our cables here these are going to come down right here okay and then we’re going to take power switch is kind of the first one that’s going to go right there power plus and minus are next so we’ll turn those into like a little pair it doesn’t oh it didn’t pair quite the way I needed it okay there we go there you go power plus and minus there we go and then right underneath that is our reset switch okay so there’s those those are all plugged in now okay the last thing I have is right here this is our HD audio connection it’s you always can tell it from the C the ketchup and mustard cables right here so we have our HD audio connection and then this is going to come in right here we just going to plug it in right there in the corner okay so all of our front panels are plugged in and then now I’m a couple things I’m just going to go and Route so I’m going to grab my exhaust fan my exhaust fan right here I’m going to probably just route that I could let’s see what makes the most sense they’re both the side it looks like the side might be the best place don’t have another one down here below so there’s three here so you have your CPU fan and then you have three fans over here so we’ll probably just route it over here and we’ll route it into this spot here right into one of these there we go okay now one thing we’re going to have to do is okay we’ll pull that tot doz we do not yeah that looks like that’s just too long okay so you just do a little bit of loosening here okay not fun okay there we go so we got to get this off because nobody wants that showing okay let me do this I’ll do I’ll do it this way I mean I love I love me some Corsair labels but there we go you got it it’s all for the beauty of the build guys okay you can’t see that cool there we go cool okay cable build done hidden okay so that’s that the other cables we’re actually going to run into uh we’ll actually run into the core Commander but we are going to run the the exhaust fan off of the motherboard you don’t have to do that but I’m going to use the control for that in there so okay so there’s everything now we got to do is we got to do some cable management guys get a little Cable Management done yeah this is where the zip ties come in handy for sure okay I’m going to put these away okay let’s put this down it’s time to get this under control okay so these are our side fans and these are going to run in the commander core and this is actually if I was going to use this but I don’t think I’m going to so I’m going to go ahead and just remove the here going to remove this I don’t need it and you don’t if I don’t need extra I want have extra stuff if I don’t if I’m not going to use it okay cool so now what I’m going to do so I need to get this recable managed to make make sure the stays nice and hidden so now we’re going to take some of those zip ties they gave us the first we’re going to do is re tie this back into the corner here wonder if they gave me a tie down back there didn’t they oh there is okay there’s a tie down back there how very cool that they actually gave you a tie down there it is having to feel blind here there we go got it I’m actually just doing this to see if Brian can hold his his thing the whole time okay it’s getting hard to strong bro he is sorry I know you guys want to be able to see that but I need to be able to see too there’s a little zip tie in the corner here I just got to get it in that little hole here oh there you go oh there’s chippy look at chippy looking good option thank you perfect okay guys apparently you have to have like superum skill to get into that it’s like the okay oh maybe not okay I just have to use a light so I can actually just see what I’m doing here and then I’ll show you guys in the camera once we get it in there it’s like they gave you you have to like bend it so I’m going to bend this so like when I get it through the hole it’ll it’s folding back into it but I want this to okay I got it that was a lot of work youever wow Brian just said to me he’s like have you ever built PCS before first time yeah first time for sure and I don’t want to lose it because this will hold all of these cables and the back it’s like when you struggle with like one piece of cable management and immediately regret that you’re cable managing something but you know that you have to because the build requires it this is like the Elden ring DLC of cable management right here guys I’m might have to use a longer one sorry it’s too short I tried to do it with the small one and it’s not working for me okay okay let me show you what I was working with okay let me show you what I was working with guys okay so you guys can see what I was struggling with here I’m going to zip tie this little okay got it okay so in this corner you see in the back there I’ll give you a light in the back back there see I had to get it into the back hole back there in the back so that’s what I was like trying to get it in and then in order to do that so when you zip tie it which we’re going to see now see it’ll push it to the back so it’ll keep these cables way in the back right but you if you couldn’t hit it if you didn’t do that like you wouldn’t be able to zip tie those back and have them held versus just zip tying so there is a there actually is a zip tie holder back there but that’s what I was trying to hit and it was being rude but it’s not now we’ll just zip this this and then you do that and then you can’t see it right but then that holds those cables nice and firmly in the back and that was actually zip tied before but I had to undo it to get to the fans so by the way I just love how clean the the remote camera does the remote camera looks it’s just you know it’s there’s just something about those prime lenses I’m just going to say that good glass man really just makes a good show okay guys so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to start zip tiing these together get these nice and clean here okay okay get this nice and cleaned up here these are not quite the way that I want them yet but top yeah yeah okay we’re going to zoom out a bit guys so you guys can see a little bit better there we go you guys want you guys want the full the full view right and what I do with these is basically zip tie you want to just have these go into the larger Clump so they’re nice and straight there we go there you go there we go just want everything nice and solidly clean we can just put that nicely there we have like a nice and then we’ll we’ll use the velcro to to like tighten it down as well but this is just to make sure that we get like most the majority of the the main cables just kind of out of the way there we go just want this nice and of course whoever was to win this right we want it to look fan freaking tastic so we’ll just make sure that the cables are appropriately cleaned up okay and then we’ll take one more small one there we go okay so that takes care of that they’re nice and clean cleaned up then let’s just zip them let’s get this up okay put those underneath oops forgot one okay nice clean look there then we can just use these extra cables I mean these to kind of hold these down there we go those are whole those are like strong velcro which I mean I guess you want strong velcro for sure there we go there we go we have one more okay care takes care of these oops okay we do have some extensions here for these I want to see how far these go they may be fine but I could actually run them with the extensions up and around which would be kind of cool and then that just keeps it a little bit cleaner there we go there we go and these are all going to run to a commander core or well actually I might see if they can actually run them off of the uh h170 CU it that one actually has a lot of even if you’re not using all RGB you still have a number a number of fan controls and so it’ll all be tied to the CPU there we go there’s one do these one at a time here it’s like almost big enough here we go two get in there okay two I feel like I don’t know why this is I’m going to get it done guys this is all for see that one went quick what the heck why the other one not go quick it’s ever since ever since Brian asked if I’d ever built a PC before things have just not been going as smooth there we go okay definitely not we want to make sure that we only pull through the ones that we know need to go through here okay so that’s that one these are okay we should have enough room for all of them to go through actually [Applause] okay there’s that one and one more ow it actually hurt my finger me get in there okay okay okay we just need to make sure that we have enough okay so I’m going to flip this over make sure that we have okay going to some top down here okay this is just to make sure that we have all of our fan cables in a great location use the bigger ones just to make it a little bit easier oh ow I died everything’s fine I died sacrif one of his thanks I’ve only got eight Roby cat lives left man come on trying to find the best way to get this to do what I need it to do there we go okay what the okay cool got it and then we want to push this as far over here as possible okay guys see and again we just have a very very clean looking build that’s what we want clean build that’s what we want oh the air shut off I fixed that I was like all of a sudden guys it got really hot I was like what is going on okay okay those are all nice and clean now and then I’m going to do is just put one small one there and then we are cleaned up oh Alex is on there he is what’s up Alex Alex we’re doing a we’re actually we’re doing a challenging build today it’s been a while since I’ve had to do like this level of you know I’ve been you know with United fans and or like unified fan systems and stuff like that this one is like actually like like real level cleanliness and cable management and but we’re through kind of the hard part now look at that see let me just show you like look at when you this is the stuff that you just want to fix right when you go in and you zoom uh sorry I want over okay that’s I was like trying to figure out what I’m trying to show here see it’s up here see that you see you don’t want you don’t want to see like you want that to look clean from the front right you can actually see that so when you actually have that plus we have the AIO there you won’t see any of that and you want it to look nice right so just getting it got to make it look good just takes some time okay we’re going okay so we’re good there I think I think we’re done build’s done thanks for tuning I’m just kidding no it’s not even close to done well I mean it’s actually it actually is pretty close to done we’re just going to uh now what we’re going to do we have all of our front panels in we have all of our other stuff in now we’re going to do and we have all of our cables look good and tight and nice and taut so what we’re going to work on now is we’re actually going to work on doing our AO which will be the next step and then from there once the AO is in then we’ll hook up all of our fans and all that sort of stuff okay but there is the build thus far looking nice and clean right which I think looks looks good what I’m going to do real quick is just zip do a temp zip tie and just zip tie this stuff up there we go then we’ll get to this after we do the AI okay so we got all of our cables kind of managed and the back all I did is I basically just did a temporary zip tie on the on the um AO like the fan stuff just to make sure that so our fans look nice and clean and tight right now and then once we get everything else installed we’ll finish cleaning up but the back looks actually really really clean at this point so just trying to get just trying to make sure it all looks nice and straightforward uh I don’t know I don’t actually know when the new I don’t know if they will be mainstream I don’t know if it’ll be like back connect where it’ll just be a choice but I don’t know if they’ll be I don’t know if it’ll be mainstream specifically like if that’s going to be something that’s going to replace dims in general um or the better question is is like do you end up with something kind of like lunar Lake where you end up with like RAM on chip or something like that yeah I have the CPU installed Mike B the CPU is in it’s right there look at that I mean the CPUs I was at the very beginning there’s your CPU right there might be what are you looking at are you watching this show it’s on it’s in there already it’s it’s installed oh my gosh just everybody left and right everybody’s a Critic everybody telling me what I’m doing and what I’m not doing just going to hide the build and then you tell me what I install I’m just installing stuff you guys can’t see ah take that that’d be the best show ever the secret build yeah all right let’s get our speaking of that let’s go ah and install our this is this I think this I don’t think I’m going to need this because just going to do our AIO by the way Mike B this is an AIO I’m going to put it together now just so you know I’m going to put the aiio together now so oh you want to see a parts list yeah let’s go and do parts list let’s go and do it real quick here’s the parts list for what we are putting inside of today’s build we’re using the Intel Core i 9 14900 K the MSI MPG z790 carbon Max Wi-Fi 2 we have the MSI expert RTX 480 super we have the Corsair mp700 Pro Se this is a pcie Gen 5 4 TB in vme drive by the way we have 7800 megga transfers 32 gigs of Corsair ddr5 Vengeance Ram we have the Corsair 7000d airf flow we have the h170 I Elite XT 420 mm AIO and then we have the hx1000i okay so we have some pretty good parts and then the best thing about those parts is that one of you guys will be the lucky person who gets to win them uh if you are in the US and you can actually walk away with this build we’re going to be giving it away live here on the stream over at Intel uh dis sorry inel that’s where you you can actually go and win this uh system if you want now we’re going to install the more traditional AO everybody sings the song AI aiio it’s a beast yeah it is a beast of a PC but we’re installing the uh the AIO now so that’s what we are working on so as might be so clearly put out I have not installed yet but we install right now Mike B just so you know okay Mike B don’t you worry okay Pig radio in the house at least you’re reading the comments mik be is like hey it was just a test yes I am reading the comments it might be it’s totally fine I think I love it that people react and I’m just having fun Justin Roby had a farm AI a IO and on his farm he had some people name Brian a i IO this is a giveaway PC we are giving this PC away to one lucky winner here on the show Justin Roby had some Ram a i a IO and on this Ram he had some more RAM a i it’s a very good song what sound does a Brian make that’s what it sounds like it’s very it’s very weird it’s a very weird sound the sound that Brian makes if you’ve never heard it [Laughter] before okay so we are going to be making the the the lights on this white and the main reason is is it’s not so it can have RGB it’s so it can uh it’s so we have some down like lighting right it’s like we’re Illuminating the out the inside of the case with beautiful RGB set to maximum so it basically ends up white yeah so that is what we’re doing just so you know okay so we’re going to do this this way okay and then if I do I’m just going to do the spatial stuff first just to make sure I’m installing it the direction I want so we’ll do the front hoses so we’ll want the so when I install this in here nope I want it the other way okay cool okay 420 mm AIO which we have a great video on 420 mm doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better obviously you have to remember that the fans are spin spinning slower um so there’s a little bit more to it than just thinking oh it’s it’s it’s going to be uh better you know in terms of uh performance it’s not always necessarily true I think I forgot some Hardware in here because I don’t see the mounting screws see some of this stuff here okay well you’ll know you’ll it’ll be very clear when it’s time to to enter the giveaway don’t worry we make it straightforward we don’t just it’s Intel’s twitch yeah yeah it’s Intel’s twitch inel and I believe that I think Sarah can confirm that I believe that is true correct Intel yeah we’re doing up top mounting we call it the high five Mount like give it up tot you know yeah yeah we’re just going to put zip that’s right Chris we’re just going to just going to do zip ties for all of it just going to zip tie them all everywhere okay here we go you know what’s not in the studio guys the wow stick and I will definitely tell you guys when it’s almost time to to get in on the the giveaway guys okay don’t worry if you guys let’s actually it’s a good question if you won if you won this PC what would you do with it what would you do what would you do if you won this PC would you uh like what would you like start a new career would you uh I would play Elden ring okay there’s Alex who’s already playing Elder ring he just wants more excuses to play Elden ring well game duh play crisis hard gaming what is hard gaming is hard gaming like what what do we consider game and stream play Elden ring okay play F1 destroy it wow okay that can we just go and take that person’s name out dolate my old PC for a stream 3D artist workstation that would be actually a pretty good option for this hey BBM thank you very much my my friend gaming give it to my wife a he’s just playing at the heartstrings right there is that your husband Jasmine uh fans fans down pointing up so they do you get maximum mmh2o i’ give it to my husband so he stops using mine I like that one oh PC curls that dude you could you could get ripped with this system you could get so ripped because it’s so heavy Alex with’s other bicep yeah Alex with’s other bicep yeah that’s why Alex is so swole you’re right P you’re right Mr Damian I love I love all the ideas it looks like a lot of people are are hopeful they’re hoping they’re going to walk away as winners here in a bit uh there if you want to see all of the information all of the Discord information sorry all of the t’s and C’s are over on inel and then they have all of the information you could possibly want right there so oh learn how to edit oh snap Greg dedu says I’m I’d give it to my son who’s going into Middle School that would be like dude if I gave this well my son has a pretty nice PC but if I gave this to my son he’d be like Yes actually my son really uses his system like really uses it like he is you know so it’s like if I gave it to my son my who’s middle who just who’s just now going into high school um yeah like so I can understand that right like it it definitely change changes the trajectory of their gaming for sure and also what they spend their money on my son all of a sudden started buying like not just Roblox but like all of a sudden I’m like dud my son’s like oh I just got this great Cod thing I’m like wow really if I had this PC in middle school I would have made way so many so many videos If I had this PC in Middle School people would be like are you from the future [Laughter] he’d be like what is this Wizardry how did you get this just playing organ trailer yeah it’s like oh my gosh Wing Commander runs I can’t even run Wing Commander what is this Windows 11 I’m on dos 5.1 oh man I mean I don’t even there’s not even a way to hook this up to a CRT monitor I’d be like a I don’t even know dude could you imagine going back in the day and being like Oh I connected to like coming with like you show up in the past you have an OLED monitor in this system oh man okay so this I mean people are pretty happy with this Oregon Trail oh man I always died of dissenter or you know rated okay well I hope many I hope I hope I’m very excited about whoever wins this I hope it goes to somebody who really like gets great use out of it that always makes me happy HDMI to S video I mean dude you like it like yeah I don’t I don’t know what you have like we’d have to do like composite I mean is there like a HDMI to composite connection dude could we do it on like red like you like you’d have to like I I don’t even know and plus you need htcp right where in the World is Carmen San Diego dude we’d be playing like old school like OG missed on this right like uh we’d have to we’d be playing games like dude could you imagine running like king’s quest or space Quest or uh or you know like even even modern like more modern stuff like uh uh like uh Rifts or you know return to zorc battle chess oh my gosh I love the game I was terrible at chess I just liked watching people get murdered I was just like dude just need to watch him die okay Che Quest I don’t know what that was what about that was the one that you got in the series oh really I mean what about like the other one too is who remembers like Commander King Monkey Island yeah there you go Loom dig um uh what was that uh seventh guest 11th Hour Diablo came out then right oh yeah well that was actually quite a bit later OG Diablo yeah so maybe like somebody said they still have a copy of check’s Quest that’s funny it play on a city yeah it also it also installed ransomware and that’s where I don’t have no idea Adventure Quest Ultima EverQuest I know some people who still like play like OG EverQuest like OG EverQuest like we’re not even talking World of Warcraft right we’re talking like OG EverQuest yeah yeah Alex’s Alex’s boss okay getting our 420 mm aiio in here okay okay just making sure we have enough to get this to hold in here wow somebody said I I still play OG EverQuest but can it run Doom of course it can Math Blaster do you guys remember Blaster master that one was like hard Bionic Commando like games when that were like you guys think Elder Ring’s hard play play Blaster [Laughter] Master thank you eigor I mean I like what was it was Smash TV I don’t think anybody’s actually ever beaten like or they have like there was an achievement in Xbox for Smash TV that was like finished the game without dying oh OG Ninja Turtles yeah dude remember that I actually beat that thank you Loki SMS just saying Stellar 7 Battle of br Britain I mean like think about all these old classic games oh yeah when you got to the Second City I mean like what okay let me here’s a here’s a here’s a question for you guys you know that we’re getting closer to getting the system built what is your favorite classic like your classic most proud gaming moment any it could be any game oh dude alone in the dark was great um what was the other one um oh man it was alone what alone in the dark was one of them but there was another game that I used to play that like you went like you got struck by lightning in a particle accelerator and then you went to an alien planet and it was like all pixl and actually the sound effects were so good on my sound blaster um start playing around with large language models okay that is not a gaming moment but it’s something no it wasn’t halflife um I’m trying to remember what it was it was they actually did a remake of it I know somebody’s going to remember what I’m talking about not no not tur tur’s great game too but um another world thank you that was it dude that game was so good I be I remember beating that back in the OG 286 sx12 you had to have like remember when the the copy protection was like you had to have like a physical wheel and it show a thing and you had to match the wheel so like you couldn’t like that was their way of fighting piracy was actually like you had like or you had like the red thing where you had to go and find a certain code and put that in oh out of this world was the other one yeah yeah yeah the old anti-piracy days okay okay somebody fin yeah that was a dude I remember that I remember doing that Co-op too it was turog they this is back when developers just were like thinking nobody will do that and then Xerox machines came out people were like dang it game shark oh my gosh Game Genie uh there is a there’s going to be a total of four seven eight fans in this PC but there’s way more fans out there okay guys I put in all the screws so just so you know I did I did take the time to put in all the screws I know that makes you happy okay next up guys we’re going to mount the AIO and then we just have to all we have really left is we have to we have to do some we have to hook up all the fans and stuff which is not a insignificant amount of work I’m not going to lie but uh we’re going to get it all in [Music] okay okay so let’s get this AIO installed and on this you just want to make sure that you make sure it’s very very tight okay so first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to do our peels here quality there we go there’s one peel how appealing next peel oh no that’s stuck on something there okay there we go let’s not pull that it’s like coming off okay everything’s fine everything’s fine everything’s a okay yeah okay there we go okay so now let’s take our okay we’re we’re going to just so you guys know you are watching me take off the plastic off of the Bottom now that you could put it on with this but I just need to make sure that that’s specifically called out okay now we’re just going to get this screwed on here there we go we’re just going to make sure These are nice and tight the way they need to be there we go there we go and then we’ll make them we’ll we’ll make once we get them on okay there we go okay so we’ll do this one tight switch to the other side just to keep pressure even switch to the corner and then we’ll tighten them from here there we go okay now we’ll finish tightening it all the way down you want to make sure it’s very tight you want this to be secure no room for here we go okay cool okay so that’s all done what we’re going to do is we’re going just going to run run straight up and over for this one and then this we’ll put right here okay so let’s run this up so heavy all right okay here we go then we’re going to pull this one in just want this like we’re going to put one little zip tie right here at the top just to make sure that this stays straight and hidden this is to keep this cable there we go I’ll keep that cable nice and hidden okay okay cool and then that is all of our that’s our aiio basically all we have to do now is just power things in but everything else is nice and hooked up and ready to go thank you Mike B so you know the AIO is now on I knew he’s a little panicked about that okay so now it’s just time to get some uh some cable some cable management done oh the thermal paste was actually pre-applied guys the Corsair stuff was already on there so I did I did there is already pre-applied thermal paste their thermal paste is actually pretty good so I just use the traditional use the io when we we do a a mod Workshop a lot of times we’re showcasing Brands to you guys so I want to when we do the testing and everything like that I want it to be stock right so you guys are you guys will see how it it does it stock so there there is thermal paast on there okay thank you for thank you for asking right like I appreciate that you guys ask these questions because I think that’s good that I think these are the kind of questions you guys want to be able to ask right people want to know it’s like hey what what about the thermop paste okay so this is this is the time guys this is where all the time goes did they give me like no pads okay I’m thinking they gave me some in here oh there they are looking for this time to get this stuff kind of cleaned up and always the fun part guys this is where you’re like oh man I really wish I had an a unified fan system but we do not on this one so hey thank you rck appreciate it there we go okay cool there’s that I’m going to try and run this down but first thing I want to do oops is make sure I don’t pull that that out oops I’m not supposed to do that and you got to make sure that this is the white there we go okay oh did the screen come off I was like something felt weird about this and now I was like I was like wait that’s not supposed to like it felt wrong okay so I’m going to keep the screen so I can zip tight while the so I’m going to put it up so I’m going to show you guys so I can show you still but the main reason I’m doing this is because I don’t want the screen to fall off so if it falls off we’re actually cable managing it at the right distance here okay cool there we go there we go there we go okay we’re just going to do one more right there it’s been close but I’ve never had something that there there’s like times when I’m just like oh man I don’t know if people want to watch this but I’ve actually had some ones that like we’ve had like hours of cable management and people like the viewers goes up like it’s just like I’m just like you guys are you guys are sick like me you know what I mean so I’ve never had something that’s so bad um and I think I think that probably earlier on I had some ones that were like way more challenging but now I’ve done so many different builds that um it always feels like like there’s nothing that I I know I can’t figure out um so uh no not yet the answer sure to that is no um I could have answered that way easier but I decided I was going to go into a diet tribe and I did so so what I’m going to do here actually going to run this USB you’re going see kind of a cool little trick here there’s actually these little places these little channels along here that you can run these cables what the heck I like go in your hole thank you okay so that takes care of that there’s actually another one right here kind of the same thing loosen it up and then kind of the same thing where we R this one behind there we go I just keep kind of kind of hiding some cables within some realm of possibility there we go okay so that takes care of those so that so our USB is down here we’ll run this and route that correctly now comes the fun part of actually connecting all the fun cables so so this one’s one there we go and we just need the other three two and then we have three here there we go there’s three okay now what what seems to work really well here guys if you want like there’s two kind of methods about it one the one that I like is just to basically make them taut and then kind of CA cable manage them individually so they’re they’re a little bit easier to just kind of work on this way you can do you can get way more way more crazy than this but the only two is like something it’s like if I know somebody’s going to win this system like if they’re like oh this one fan there’s one fan that’s not working I want to be able to have them easily find that one fan and pull that cable but still have it look good when you look at the back so so that’s what we’re going to work on here takes a little bit of time but nothing too crazy and you can find where the length is and then kind of shorten your other cables to match it there you go just like that okay let’s throw one on that so it takes it it’s a little bit of it’s there’s some extra zip ties involved for sure but it just it makes it easier so it’s like hey it’s still not they’re not just dangling in a giant mess but they’re kind of they’re kind of cleaned up and in a neat way there we go one more so we’re just zip tiing we’re going to clean this up just like that my dad’s on a yoga ball and he’s moving and it’s pretty funny sounds like he’s passing gas but he’s not he’s just moving on a yoga ball you got a whole the thing is is that when you run a show like this you got a whole team behind you you know I’m actually not even running the cameras today it’s all run by other people so I actually just focus on Mak making content yeah I mean it’s still got to look organized right okay so now we’ll just pull our we’ll pull cut all our zip ties here there we go and then when we what we’ll do is up here still get zip tied together right but ends up being nice and clean so let me just run these three and then we’ll finish zip tying them all up there we go there we go are you okay you going to be you going to be okay he died we lost somebody guys can somebody just can we get a press F in the chat for uh for Brian okay so now you have those actually going to run these behind here there we go there we go yeah still dying it’s it’s okay guys we missed Brian he did good work even though he’s secretly also from the grave running the running the uh running the cameras so he’s got mad skills that dude is very talented okay okay that’s all our AIO stuff I’m glad that you guys really care about Brian okay and what we’re going to do here is move these out of the way then you do is you just basically pull this one okay right there that should be dedicated this zip tie is dedicated to Brian that one right there that was Brian zip tie remember it oh I got to cut it never mind that wasn’t Brian just kidding okay and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to hide this underneath the underneath our velcro just stays nice and clean I miss Brian guys he died so young okay cool let’s get these cut okay almost done guys that was like a big part of this whole thing was getting the AI installed now the aio’s in all we got to do is deal with these last four fans last four fans and then we’re done duny huh G yeah but those are fast that’s the fast stuff okay so last little bit these these these poor zip ties That sacrifice their lives for nothing there we go okay is good I want to actually figure out what I’m going to do here this one is going to run up and in here okay so we’re going to hook up one more cable here get all this trash out of the way luckily I have a bin so proud of the bin okay this one’s going to go right here okay there we go okay so now need to hook up these are our front fans get these zip tied together they’re in the third they’re it’s like kind of the third last group fans that have to that are getting controlled again we’ll hide these inside of this this little bit right here and by the way just so you guys know today’s zip ties were brought to you by zot and there they sent me a care package and it was just zip ties there was also 480 super in it that’s not completely true but it was still pretty awesome they sent me a bunch of zip ties so thank you thank you Zotac for the uh the zip tide drop the Roby body cam all right here we go let’s kit this one there we go guys that is we’re at the very end of the cable management here the very end this is a big this a big time in a build when the cable Management’s almost done especially when it’s especially when it’s like legit Cable Management like like there’s no there’s no cheating with like IQ link or anything like that this is like this is like I had to cable manage this like this this was not there was no there was no there was no cheating it this time no like hey let’s make it faster with some uh with some uh unified fans or anything they were like no we’re going to show you these RSX fans say don’t put the panel on your boot yeah like the good old days back in my day we used to have to Cable manage builds we used to have to take our time and make all the wires look nice man I didn’t know I didn’t know my day had gone by so fast okay cables are relatively managed now you need to do is just plug plug in our two we have two USB to plug in and then we have and then that’s a SAT and then we everything is good to go so we have two USB one goes here here we go and the other goes right here okay so there’s our our two Corsair devices are now hooked up okay we’re just going to Cable manage that right there and then that’ll be the last of the the bigger cable management until we we all we have left is we’re going to throw in our we have our cable extensions then GPU and then that’s kind of it guys now one thing you can do a little bit nier we go kind of hides that cable a little bit better the same thing with this one music sounds like I just got some boss level you did the boss level of cable management there you go kind of hide those down there there we go okay so we got our power the other cables are nice and hidden you can’t really see them all right guys let’s go ahead and uh let’s goe and put in our we’ll run our we’ll run our EPs and our our um actually I’ll probably end up running yeah I’ll run our EPs and I’ll run our 24 pin real quick and then we’ll be basically be good so that’s just done and then you guys don’t have to see any more cable management which is always a good thing yeah shipping CA shipping custom cable uh sh shipping cable sorry custom water cooled systems are not an easy feat we this is something that we have experience with and uh they like especially like when you look at companies like origin or uh you know like uh main gear or those guys when you’re shipping custom water cooled usually they’re crated right so they’re not they’re not just out in the open and they and you have to drain them and you have to do all sorts of there’s just a lot that goes into doing those kind of builds all right throw our extensions on here we only got a couple for this there we go build looks good oh I I decided to wear the the the shirt today I’ll wear the jacket next time I know you guys like the jacket too those ja so we keeps turning up the the heat go spank them go tell them to keep the heat keep the Keat off we’re dying uh that is actually a um what’s somebody asked what’s spinning around in the left up there that is actually an Intel box inside of a build right so we actually did that that’s inside of the cougar FV 170 and then we actually have an Intel box spinning inside of there which is I so I thought that was actually kind of cool it sparkles right like having a little bit of fun yeah people are digging it there we go guys the build is almost done like not going to lie almost finished these are like the we’re like we’re at polish at this point in time like okay they lie and there will be consequences when I get down yeah we chose a box that like we chose I think it was the 11th gen I think that’s what it was yeah chose something that would look nice the other one I thought about was putting the uh the uh Destiny Ingram the the night gen one I think is what it was I thought about putting that in there but I it was like it’s a little big so that’s why I chose this one it’s like a little bit more moderately size you know okay okay guys let’s just throw we got couple one more little thing to get in there okay making sure I have it put the make sure I put the cable Combs on the right side there we [Music] go you guys have seen a whole build the CPU yes right now it has plastic over the LCD screen I’ll peel that I could actually peel it now here we go here we go there’s a little peel for it there we go screen is in when you just just guys you got to admit man that that camera makes it look so good it does it just looks so pretty okay there we go okay just getting our little bit of cable comb still done it’s the last should we should only need two for this I’m not mistaken they did put them in right my biggest fear not putting him in right that look nice and there we go there we go okay there we go nice and clean okay okay so now we got to do guys GPU PSU turn on that’s it it’s all we got left GPU time and I you got I got to say man this P this particular GPU very attractive so just making sure everything is straight you know when you get to put it down going to make sure all the parts look idelic okay now to put in that GPU it’s actually the first time I’ve put so we’ve actually put this inside of builds but I’ve actually never got to use this GPU before so actually pretty excited about it this is the GeForce RTX this is the MSI expert so this one is a new one that was announced at um computex and it is a very goodlooking GPU okay and this does have a sag bracket nobody wants a saggy GPU you guys miss ran remember when he was alive just kidding this this is just it’s just look I mean look at this thing I mean that is that is a stunning stunning looking card right look at that that is going to look really good inside of this inside of this build there we go off to the side right now yeah single shot would be cool and the thing is on these boards the gpus they actually sit they actually sit a little bit lower so they’re they’re it’s actually a little bit lower than typical you got three slots we go one more there we go okay you guys ready see how the beauty looks inside of it do that more time there we go that sounded better okay beautiful boom boom boom okay now we’ll tighten it up okay last thing we got to do guys grab our repl our beautiful cable and we got to plug it in very securely and then run that down and through then you use the cable Combs to start evening it out got to train the cables a little bit there we go we go how’s that look and then guys if we do this and we set it up that is how the build is going to look all finished there is our build from the front basically how it looks done now we just got to put our PSU in which luckily is not a ton of cables and then we are finished dunzo guys looks great right okay let’s get our PSU in and then we’ll call it a day turn this on see what temps are like and then that is it for today’s stream our power supply right here the the H oh it’s an hx1200 okay it’s hx200 it’s more powerful there is of course our hx200 so a little bit of a little bit of a jump up there they’re making sure you have all the power you could possibly need versus the hx1000 but it’s all good and this is a certified platinum PSU by the way so it is a very yeah this is a oh my gosh so big so big this is going to be a big PSU guys this is why we took out the uh why we took out the there it is right there see it’s a bigger definitely a bigger PSU for sure which is going to make it nice and Hefty that’s what we want we really want you to be able to feel those curves yeah so if you wanted to go to a 4090 or 5090 in the future or whatever you absolutely can do so and not have much of an issue okay so cable wise what we need from this is not a whole lot we need we don’t need this we need that right there we need our CPU cable and then we need one SATA and then that is it it’s one of the things I do actually appreciate about ATX 3.0 is just how few cables you actually do need for uh your connecting your power and stuff okay okay okay here we go let’s get rid of the Twisted ties big everything yeah Corsair went all out to make sure that this was going to be an epic system as did MSI with that beautiful motherboard and the Beautiful GPU right think we can all agree the partners did a good job selecting Parts working with m and Intel to make sure it was guys by the way we’re getting close to uh the giveaway time so uh again we’re going to be doing the giveaway we’re going to be giving away this PC uh it’s going to be over on Intel’s twitch Channel I think right is that what we got confirmation uh uh Jasmine Intel’s twitch if you want to head over there T’s and C’s are up for you guys want to do if you want to get in on that that’s going to be happening it’s not yet you got some time um but T’s and C’s are all there if you want to get some information on that and uh we hope that whoever wins enjoys they not give me a maybe they wanted us to run something different okay oh they did this okay okay so I have to use this cable okay little bit of a change not a big deal though so luckily it’s a pretty cable so this won’t be so not a big deal not going to be able to use the cable model one it’s too bad but still okay okay so we got that that that we a parata where oh no no I’m Miss oh I was like there’s more cables I know there are okay there we go your CPU okay and then we have a small SATA and then that that is the last of the cables for this PSU okay so I really like the way that that cable looked but unfortunately have to remove it R the should we grab the B and stuff for that okay cool now time to throw this bad boy in here luckily there’s a ton of room look at that good things come together you know what I’m saying yeah that’s a huge case lots of cooling whoa which again we got seven you know four of those RSX fans on here four of 120s in the front there we go boom one more okay perfect so that’s all in let’s go and run our home run let’s run our home run GPU here still pretty cable which is nice there we go okay cool let us get the rest of these hooked up and then the build is done guys dunzo for gunzo I don’t know what that meant but hey it sounded really good at the time I said it okay CPU cable let’s do a little bit of cable management on these just to keep things clean go there we go there we go that’s that CPU Cable in here we go okay next one is we have our PSU cable which we’re going to run into a kind of a weird spot but the main reason being is is that I want it to run up here so it doesn’t interfere so going to run it up instead of over okay cable tame that one let going to Cable tame this real quick cable manage cable tame however you want to put it just want to make sure that the cables look good even from the back there you go okay last cable guys this is it that is everything dunzo okay let’s do one more then we have all of our cables managed okay nice clean build okay there we go guys build is finished okay just going to do the polite thing real quick make sure that let’s not lose Brian dang it he’s back you guys know I didn’t want to I didn’t want to I didn’t want to reveal his superpower of being able to revive himself he’s really Master Chief okay there we go this is all the extra stuff so we have that for the person who’s going to win the PC oh one another thing okay one thing we will need in this studio the wireless not that we’re doing any gaming or anything but it’s just so we can if we need to connect to something we can right okay all the extra Hardware is put away almost keep looking and finding more all right guys time to get this turned on there we go so when that does that that should not do that there we go okay cool okay time to put the case back together there we go there we go time to put the there we go the question is will the door close we’re going to find out oh snap okay I just got to put this on so now you can’t even see the cable manager I works so hard on great oh okay back is [Music] on there we go is the is the GPU sagging does it look like it’s sagging no we do have the SAG bracket if we need it guys but doesn’t look like it’s actually sagging look at this a monitor magically appears okay okay here we go power GPU okay get that out of the way I’m just gonna just in case we need it I’m going to go ahead and hook up our Wireless okay then we just need our keyboard wait that’s the wrong didn’t you give me a dad is this the mouse that he gave you hey Dad I need the wire oh actually there’s a wired one downstairs can you get the wired one downstairs this is not the right one everything’s good everything’s fine I panicked get it okay okay there we go deep breaths everybody Moment of Truth everything’s plugged in oh I see Power

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