Streaming vs. 4K Blu-Ray, Best Plasma TV Replacement | You Asked Ep. 13

On today’s episode of you asked. Is no Dolby Vision a no-go? Should you try for Dolby Atmos if you have funky ceilings? Is OLED the best replacement for an aging plasma? And streaming vs. 4K Blu-ray, which is better and why?

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Best OLED TVs to Consider
04:04 Room Setup for Dolby Atmos Sound
07:07 Best Way to Connect Console to Soundbar and TV
08:47 Best Replacement for Plasma TV
11:23 4K Blu-Ray Disc vs. Streaming



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  1. ACRBARF 2

    Have sony oleds not dropped in price in the US? The a80l in aus went down quite a lot and is now the cheapest oled at retail. The a80l is $3795 while the c3 and s90c are both $4295. Even the b3 before that started going on clearance wasn't that cheap in 65.

  2. Jesse

    The PS5 is a terrible way to play 4K Blu ray discs. No Dolby Vision, Atmos, or HDR10+. I highly recommend the Sony UBP-X800M2, worth the $200 for sure. The picture and quality audio is immensely superior.

  3. oopsorry

    Agree with samsung as dolby is an absolute monopoly that home theater would have been MUCH better off if they didnt exist! Yes every other brand does support it. BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO! They need more competition. Audio seems lightyears behind video.


    Movies streamed on Apple 4K sometimes doesn’t seem to display the correct resolution. Movies that come in HDR10+ only display HDR on my Samsung S90C. Any idea why?

  5. Wade Says

    4K Blu Ray and even Blu Ray are still king. No interruptions. No waiting on streams. Superior picture and sound quality.

  6. Gowtham k

    But now sony has come up with bravia core for 4k lossless video !?! Is tat feature makes consumers to go for tat TV!? The sony bravia XR!? Over LG n Samsung

  7. Mark T

    Thanks for the video, very interesting as it’s all relevant to my current experience having just purchased an LGC3 77” OLED To replace my almost 12 year Panasonic Plasma which was the flagship model at the time, the Plasma is still going strong in my spare room btw, the new LG is on the wall in the lounge in its place, the Plasma was always a really natural picture that didn’t require any messing around, it was perfect straight out of the box, unfortunately the same can’t be said for the C3, it’s taken 3 months of making adjustments to get it right, even now I don’t believe it is much better than the Panasonic Plasma, it is better but certainly not by much, there are scenes where it is too bright, scenes where it is too dark, and sometimes the colours look forced and unnatural, but this mostly depends on the source material, when fed with a good source the picture is very good, it’s just more fussy than the plasma that made anything look good!
    With respect to Dolby vision I personally feel it’s a lot of hype about nothing, so far I have not seen anything in Dolby vision that impresses me, HDR10 looks better to me, Dolby vision from Apple TV is quite terrible and much too dark to watch, although I have seen a lot of people on the net complaining of the same issue, it’s not the TV or settings as other streaming apps are much brighter than Apple TV with Dolby vision, but totally agree about physical media, when I feed this TV with a 4K disc from my Oppo 205 the picture quality is noticeably better than any of the streaming services, plus the sound quality is better too.
    Again thank you for the video, as I said very relevant to my current experiences 👍

  8. thepiecesfit

    This is simply not true Movies Anywhere being the best quality. It is missing Atmos on a lot of movies. You can easily confirm this by turning on Developer Mode on the Apple Tv. Spider Man Across the Universe is shown in HDR10 and DD5.1 The same movie in Itunes that propagates to MA is in DV and Atmos.

  9. bzdtemp

    I find the best streaming quality comes the with Bravia Core streaming service, however to take full advantage you must have something 130 Mbps or more downstream so not every internet connection is good enough.
    Also what is really annoying is that the service is one you get with select Sony products and not one you can buy – and you only get it for like 12 or 24 months. And the only way to expand it is buying another of those select Sony products.

  10. Mohammed Sayeed

    Why don't monitors have Dolby Vision or smart apps like netflx, prime etc. They are the same price as oleds now, but have a far smaller size and lack features. Only thing is they tend to have an extra 24HZ (have my ps5 connected to an 120hz capable oled , A80J, but want to move it into my room just cant find a monitor that can match it.

  11. Tim Floyd

    I’m not sure I understand if there is a better improvement over a PS5 bluray player vs a stand alone. How does this make such a difference to make it worth purchasing?

  12. ChaosMarine9118

    So so sad to see Best Buy will be doing away with in store physical media sales. I’ve been building my steelbook collection for about a year now. Gonna have to change up my game plan next year.

  13. MyJeffrey1970

    Great time to buy Blue ray player. Sony X800M2 4K Ultra HD is 100 bucks off. Buy for only $230😱

  14. Walking_Luggage

    Physical media is always better than streaming, not just in terms of video and audio quality, but also because when you buy the disc you own the movie. Whereas if you buy digital version of the movie you don't really own it, if the streaming service lose the right to distribute the movie then they will just remove it from your account.

  15. Moeru Acckkountu

    Steaming is better because your dumb own anything. You only rent things on a subscription basis

  16. I know Caleb mentioned that you can see banding when streaming, but I’ve been watching movies bought in iTunes for years, and I’ve never seen banding in 4K movies. I have seen it in other streaming apps, most noticeably in Prime Video, Hulu, and Peacock. But it’s unfair to lump those streaming apps in with iTunes/Apple TV.

  17. Joanie58

    Caleb any advice for a person with a limited budget of $500 looking for 65” tv? Thanks I’m new to your channel so if you already have a video covering that please let me know.

  18. Tanfo

    Dolby vision loses details in dark scenes. That's my hot take. I'm happy w/ HDR10.

  19. GregoriusM

    Please please please turn off the background music in your videos when you are talking and providing information. It causes a lot of us great anxiety. It is an actual thing, yes. I can’t watch your videos for more than 5 minutes at a sitting. Thanks for considering this.

  20. Shane 77

    I own a few hundred 4k disc and a few hundred digital movie. The picture and sound from the disc blows digital away. The money I have invested into my theater I want the best media 👍

  21. mike sixel

    IF I had to guess, the vast majority don't have hard copies. And so I often wonder how much reviews here and elsewhere take into account that most viewing is streaming (or OTA).

  22. pete49327

    Excellent points, especially the real advantages of physical disc vs streaming. I owned my nice big screen 4k tv for three years before it finally dawned on me that I wasn't taking advantage of its inherent quality. I still stream but have gradually built up a nice little library of my favorite movies on 4k blu-rays and also hd blu-rays. Owning your favorite titles on physical discs is so satisfying.

  23. JL Montague

    I'm sure I'm not the 1st or last to bring this up but…Movies Anywhere does not consolidate ALL of your movies. Most movies from Disney (and Fox), Universal, Sony and WB are MA compatible. Likewise those movies need to have been purchased from a MA cooperating streamer like ITunes, Amazon, Google/YouTube, vudu, Verizon, Comcast, Microsoft, DirecTv or Fios.

  24. Herman Jackson

    I own 4K blu Ray discs and I also have a digital movie library where I have purchased 4K and Blu Ray movies through iTunes Movies. And frankly…I can't tell the difference in video quality or sound. Where digital has the advantages are: 1)You get the new releases quicker, 2) cheaper don't pay taxes. I purchased Equalizer 3 -4K through I tunes Movie for 24.99(no taxes) Amazon wanted 29.99 plus tax 3) You get plenty of extras that are sometimes not available on the disc, or it's on a separate disc and those extras will NOT be in 4K 4) You don't have to worry about scratches or fingerprints that you have to clean off, 5) You save money on purchasing a 4k blu ray player and cables…that all going to be obsolete within the next 5 years…I have an Oppo UHD 205(excellent player) that I love..but once it goes out …I will not buy another player. 6) when you are done with the movie…you just turn it off. You don't have to get up and take it out of the player 7) it SAVES space. So it's all about convenience. Best Buy has already announced that they will STOP selling movies as of Jan 2024. …And I'm willing to bet that Amazon will follow suit within the coming years. Purchasing digital movies is the future. 8) you get to take the movies with you everywhere you go. It's going to do to the physical disc what streaming music has done to CD's. No one buys CD's anymore. 

    Buying physical Blu Disc is going to be gone as well. And YES…the movies that you purchase through iTunes Movies….you own them. If you just watch them …without purchasing…then you don't own them. To purchase means that you OWN….So you're wrong on that one. It's NOT like Apple music where you don't own the music that you purchase because you are paying a monthly subscription in order to listen to the music. The movies are different…you're not paying a subscription service. And here is a BIG advantage…If you purchase a movie on iTunes Movies and that movie was NOT in 4K at the time of purchase and it gets rereleased in 4K…Apple updates that movie to the 4K version FREE!!!! But that's only with iTunes Movies. If you bought a physical disc in Blu Ray and it get updated to 4K…you have to re-buy that movie. I know a guy on youtube that has built his digital movie Library through iTunes Movies to over 1,500 movies. Do you think he would have done that if he didn't OWN them. In the next 10 years or so..everything is going to be streaming. That's the future!

  25. 1v1 GoD

    Could you do a video comparing ps5 and dedicated 4k player cause I have a ps5 but wanna see if that 400-500 extra is worth spending instead of just using the ps5

  26. Todd Erwin

    Two questions for you:
    1. Why do Sony 4K Blu-ray players require Dolby Vision be turned on manually when other players (from Panasonic, for example) can detect it automatically?

    2. You recommended Movies Anywhere for better performance, but all Sony movies on MA are limited to 5.1 audio and HDR10. Is there a reason for this?

  27. JS

    In response to the Blu-ray question, one important distinction with the PS5 is that it does NOT support Dolby Vision. Since their tv, the LG G1 does support DV, in order to get the best picture out of 4K Blu-ray they should get a standalone player that supports DV (not all do). For my money, I would consider the Panasonic UB820

  28. Korean Potato

    Comming from a good Panasonic Plasma I've got my Panasonic Master OLED Panel 2 years ago and since then I've additionally bought an Panasonic Master Plasma and a Pioneer Kuro. In winter I use the Plasmas 🙂in sommer the OLED. I dont like HDR. I like to watch TV in the evening and HDR is cancer for my eyes. So if I wouldnt already have the OLED, I would be more than happy going with those Plasmas.Before the OLED I've tried a bunch of LCD TV's and a LG C1 OLED. They were not even close to my old Plasma.

  29. Kelly Williamson

    My Sony OLED which is highly lauded and which I paid $8000 for when it was released in June of 2021 (Sony 83A90J) can not successfully display Dolby Vision . . .

  30. Richard Vacanti

    Hi Caleb how much difference would it notice going from the Hisense u8h to a top of the line oled. What do you think

  31. TriMuXx

    Between "Cancel Culture" and companies losing contracts with movie studios which results in my purchased digital movies not being accessible to me anymore to watch and play back, I'm now going back to buying BluRay discs for my favorite movies. I'm tired of losing movies all the time to the dumb contracts and if Cancel Culture doesn't like a movie, good for them. Don't steal my movie from me. Thanks.

    Good video regardless. I can't relate to a lot of the soundbar talk because personally the extra effort for setup of a receiver and hiding wires for a surround sound speaker setup is more than worth it to me.

    I don't experience these issues with ARC and eARC not playing sound properly or having to "hook up my PS5 a certain way" JUST to get the sound I want. I literally just plug the HDMI cable from the Streaming Box/BluRay Player/Gaming Console into an HDMI in port on the back of my receiver, switch the input, and start playing right away with all the right sounds/video/etc as I should be getting.

    No need to finagle a physical cable connection to a specific way through multiple devices along the chain just to get the sound I want. It's so great just plugging in to HDMI on the back of the receiver and everything works without rewiring the whole setup.

    Anyways, thumbs up from me.

  32. Mike Littrell

    I bought the Criterion Walle disc and played it initially on the PS5. Gorgeous looking disc transfer. If you are a fan of the movie, suggest picking it up.

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