Street Fighter 6: Use Assist Combos in SF6 to bust out big moves


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  1. Mold-Monkey

    Capcom was like, “The D-Pad on PS5 and Xbox is trash so, take this.”

  2. Playstation needs to give us more controllers options! Designed new ones, or give us retro compatibility😊 I'm finicky with games like these 😅

  3. Soap

    Such a shame I had to learn it the hard way. why do this?

  4. Angel JR

    This is for the beginners who dont want to look at combos

  5. Joshua Meadows

    Remove assist combos from fighting games, if you can't figure out a basic combo then that's on you

  6. Cheis 987

    Как в это дерьмо можно играть вообще? Не понимаю.


    I really love the modern controls and have been liking Luke a lot.

  8. Altairix

    I thinks is pretty cool. Like, you don't have to use it so…

  9. low q

    Can use assist in competition?

  10. Zerato Lizardra

    As long as they are limited to single player nice still not getting it lol

  11. Jean Maldonado

    Si quiero jugar Street Fighter 6, no lo jugare en Playstation lo jugare en la consola que lo trajo al mundo. Lo jugare en la SÚPER Nintendo 😂

  12. ZxE_Totinos

    This cool, but shouldn’t be allowed in online play or at the very least ranked play

  13. Sov

    You might as well let the game play itself at this point by adding these features


    Love seeing people who don't play fighting games call this a journalist mode 😂

  15. CodedMike

    No more skill gap when it comes to mashing combos, lol, silly addition. If it's only available against A.I then that's fine

  16. Pepper Jack

    This looks really bad hope its not like 5 there was nothing to do in that game.

  17. SaltyMaltyMo

    I noticed this assist mode in Tekken 7 too. I don't like the way big games these days seem to be hand holding the gamer. Same on Tekken 7, Horizon Forbidden West, G.O.W Ragnarok. The sense of achievement is being lost.

    Back in my day etc etc etc…

  18. Aboody

    I never played street fighter so I will use modern controls

  19. Colphyyy

    Classic controls are a pain since I’m new to sf but when the game releases , ima practice because everyone who I play against on classic does amazing combos

  20. Ethan Beef'n

    Imma test out the modern controls for zangief when it comes out

  21. Whisper

    We’re living in this baby era where freedom of speech is hindered and video games are being dumbed down to cater to a lazy/skill-less audience

  22. asher

    Is this like a journalist mode?

  23. 9192631770 H

    Easy mode? Hahaha only kids play on easy mode 🤭🤭🤭

  24. julio cabral

    Wow bad decision, autopilot mashing, usf4 was the last hit from SF well see

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