Strength training with the Apple Watch

How good is the Apple Watch for tracking strength training?

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Startup Division

    He looks like the thinner version of Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts 😛

  2. Aaron Cooper

    "I did a lot of back exercises… I don't even know why… " Love it.

  3. savva

    You should try the strong app, it's really good for strength training

  4. Abe

    Between work out would you pause it?

  5. Max Jerome

    +Dave Lee Who would make fun of your lack of fitness? Jeez the internet is a scary place. Thanks for uploading your videos are motivating.

  6. riskybetz

    "Super boring cardio workouts" hahaha finally someone said it. thank you man.

  7. Dalgyal

    Right arm is veinier than the left

  8. Glo Tarzan

    What series is the apple watch that your using in this video?

  9. Josh perez

    I heard that when you flex the hand muscle the watch doesn't detect the heartbeat properly

  10. N9ne Lives

    Saying fitness it not a BIG DEAL is like saying Gamings is a waste of time 🤔

  11. mendel lopez

    have you consider the HIIT option which included in OS4 update?

  12. Barca_plays

    Thank you for making this video, I got my Apple Watch yesterday, worked out with it, but I'm a weight person more that a cardio person. This information was very useful

  13. Lev

    With strength training you want to track the weight and reps/sets, no one cares about the calories burned.

  14. Your heartrate is going up with legs because it is the biggest muscle and therefore take the most energy 👌🏼

  15. John H

    I have a personal trainer to help get to my goals. Let me just say when she says it’s time for lunges my first instinct is to fire her lol. So yeah they are just hard.

  16. Cindy Sosa

    Can I change my move goal daily? Something like on my active rest days hit 700 calories and training days 1,000 calories… or Is it recommended that it be weekly?

  17. darna francisco

    I do my indoor walk on a treadmill. Usually i do it for 45 min base on the treadmill clock, but when i compare it to my apple watch activity minutes I just walk for 3min. That is a great discrepancy! Any suggestion on how to correct it?

  18. Fit Doctor

    Because these are isolation movements, perhaps compound movements would have been great.

  19. Charlie Hale

    I am obsessed with SHRED on iOS. Totally changed the way I workout in the gym and is hands down the best workout app I've ever used! Way better than anything else I've tried.

  20. isabella z

    is the "other" workout in apple watch 4 same as the old versions of apple watch? (calorie equiv of brisk walk when readings are unavailable)

  21. Brianna Clark

    I think the reason you had low calories and heart rate during arm exercises is because you are cutting off some blood circulation to your arms so it picks up a lower heart rate @Dave lee

  22. Lucie McAdams

    Thank you so much for this video! And don't worry about the lighting, you explanted everything so well!

  23. MrViking

    Weight training with an 🍎 watch is like training with a pink skirt.

  24. Parth Soni

    Apple Watch is very uncomfortable during working out… especially during summer season

  25. Antonio Dominion

    Thank you for this very helpful video! The only critique that I have is that when you went to show your video gaming playing it got a little loud in the volume. But other than that very helpful video! Thank you! ~Antonio

  26. T-CATT

    I see you, you classify as fit.

  27. Jonathan Baker

    Great review. Question – I'm would like the Series 3, mainly for fitness. I'm debating on the 38mm vs 42mm (same price). I would prefer the 42mm but I'm worried at that size the watch may be a bit annoying while working out. Do you find the 42mm to get in the way? If you could pick a size simply for the gym, would you choose the 38 or 42mm watch?

  28. Stephen Oni

    Pretty informative, I did not know about this feature in the workout app!

  29. Gwen Milvar

    wait wtf dave actually exercises?!? I thought he's a nerd like us 😭

  30. Lyubomir Hristov

    I think mine Apple Watch 6 shows me more burned calories rather what I been burn during training

  31. Ellen Young

    Hi Dave, I have just come across this video when googling how to track strength training on my watch. Can I ask you if you paused between each rest and activity you do or do you just keep it running until you’ve finished all your workouts in the gym? Thanks

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