Sub $900 RX 7600 Gaming PC Build! πŸ˜„ [Testing AMD's Latest GPU in 15+ Titles!]

The new RX 7600 is here! But is AMD’s latest GPU worth buying? In this video, I’ll be building a Sub $900 RX 7600 PC build and testing AMD’s GPU in a wide range of titles to find out!

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Graphics Card | Gigabyte Radeon RX 7600
02:41 Processor | Intel Core i5 13400F
02:58 Motherboard | Gigabyte B760M Gaming X DDR4
03:25 AMD Alternatives
03:49 Memory | Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 32GB
04:04 Storage | Corsair MP600 GS
04:35 CPU Installation
05:01 RAM Installation
05:23 M.2 SSD Installation
05:50 CPU Cooler Installation
06:29 Case | Cooler Master CMP 320
06:55 Motherboard Installation
07:55 GPU Installation
08:49 Power Supply | Corsair CX650F RGB
10:34 Will it boot?
11:41 Montage!
11:55 Benchmarks
12:24 Apex Legends
13:32 Battlefield 2042
14:05 Fortnite
14:23 GTA 5
14:44 Hogwarts Legacy
15:00 Overwatch 2
15:42 Spider-Man: Miles Morales
15:57 COD Warzone 2.0
16:30 F1 2022
17:00 Final Thoughts


This Post Has 20 Comments


    Is 7600 good enough for video editing in comparision to rtx 3060 12gb? ? Plz reply anyone

  2. Another shit card, SERIOUSLY no less than 10gb of vram or its worthless. Oh but wait…"in 2 months the 10 and 12gb will drop" such a scam

  3. Maste4774

    Idea for a next video do a build but add in a bios update

  4. TazOMFS

    Why did you recommend 6750 XT over this at 1440p? Almost all the 2k benchmark shows better performance for the 7600 ?!!

  5. Vonklieve

    I think this is a 1080p GPU. As you state. But to me 1080p is a baseline res in 2023. We all want 4K capable cards. I am surprised that to get 4k cards we have to pay nearly five times more for PC.

    However, I think you have done a fair review of what this card does and for what resolution it works best at.

    Think I will stick with my RTX 3070 for at least another 12 months. It is solid, good RGB, and buying a 4060Ti/7600 GPU would be a side-grade, at best.

    Which is what many PC gamers are doing. They ain't buying this gen of GPU's. We want value for money and a decent uplift in performance, not a good enough to sell card.

  6. koreandude

    $270 for 7600 or $320 for a 6700xt, a 50 dollar difference, what do you think?

  7. Noob gamer

    Pc s are trash πŸ—‘ and pc gaming is dead now get a console instead of trash. ( pc )


    Sucks they didn’t make it in white for clean builds.

  9. NICKtheMAN2448

    So I recently got a 6700(non xt) and I’m now wondering if I should return and get the 7600??
    10gb vs 8gb?

  10. 1 HP GAMING

    Can anyone tell me if the Msi Mag B660m mortar wifi ddr5 motherboard supports Intel 13th gen processors?

  11. OcihEvE

    If I had one tip left for AMD and board partners? If you want this to be a launch success, make a white one. Don't double the price. Add a $20 premium but make a white one.

    I already bought my case and I went with a black case because I couldn't find parts to go with a White case. Asrock had a white variant for the 79000XTX but it was exclusive to Taichi models. They only wanted $20 more but Taichi XTX model is the flagship model. The Hellhound 7900XTX? $1050 more for the identical card… but white. I've never been to Taiwan.. maybe there is a tax on white paint. It's like Cuban cigars in the US or some shit but wow.. just wow..

    tl:dr make a white one..

  12. entz entz

    some one need to explain to me, why i5 13400f ?
    while it is a good cpu for the price, isnt it a bit to fast for the rx 7600 ?
    shouldnt be a ryzen 5600 be eough cpu horsepower ?
    so same performance for 100-dollars less ?

  13. roller

    Things are finally going in the right direction. Hopefully the 7600 XT will have more vram, if it's priced appropriately that will be the go to budget buy for mainstream buyers.

  14. Lorben

    This is a weird bunch of benchmarks. In every other review I've seen the 7600 usually didn't beat the 6700 non XT, never beat the 6700XT at any resolution and didn't come close to the 6750XT.

  15. tuphelo

    Some of yal just be putting out videos just to be the first one to post a video with the latest tech on the market.. no quality whatsoever.

  16. Doc 87

    Ugly brown motherboard, is it really that hard to make them black?

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