Subaru reduces EV prices while Toyota faces challenges | The CarExpert Podcast

good day I’m Sean and welcome to the car expert podcast we’re back for another week we’re trying this little setup again you guys you like this a little bit more don’t you we’re actually holding hands under the table as we speak so I’m personally a big fan of it yes we’ve gotten them each their own cameras this week so they feel a little bit more special James you want to say hi to the people down your camera this one’s my one right hello thanks for having me back if I lean across will I be in his camera a little bit yeah there you go all right scol setion yes now I’ve got the toys out of the way guys we got a bit of an interesting week we’re not doing a review as such this week we’re going to answer a couple of questions that people have sent in um but we’re going to talk about uh some interesting things that have happened in the industry this week first of all we’re going to kick straight off subu saltera it’s the first fully electric car to come out of Subaru and uh I don’t know whether they don’t have any confidence in it but they’ve already knocked eight grand off the price and it hasn’t even gone on sale yet it’s a pretty significant price drop isn’t it given people have been pre-ordering this car already based on what Subaru said none of them been delivered yet we haven’t driven it we’re driving it tomorrow as of the time of recording um it’s not the first time we’ve seen this though from an electric car in Australia yes there was a recent incident with Mustang Macky where I think they did was that was actually the exact same the same amount of money yeah it same amount of money pretty much the same amount of time before the car was available to the public um I I mean this is weird right like because it’s now down to $ 69990 before onroad costs for the base model which is still four or five G more than a model y I think it is more than a model y but it’s worth remembering that the base model Y is rear wheeel drive the base saltera is allhe drive so the range numbers and the power output numbers they don’t all quite cross over neatly um but yeah fundamentally you’re paying four grand more for the cheapest sutera than the cheapest model y um it’s going to be really interesting to see what the impact is on Toyota we’re also driving the bz 4X which is Toyota’s version of this car for those it’s the same car but with the Toyota badge basically it’s like the 86 and be exactly very similar collaboration probably less fun to drive than those two cars um but Toyota hasn’t released bz forx pricing yet we’re going to find out it’ll be live at 2 p.m. on Tuesday the 27th of February also my birthday incidentally um on the website um weather Toyota at head office is now scrambling to find a few coins under the couch cushions to see if they can cut the price of the bz forx as well or whether they had anticipated that they have some agreement with Subaru and they already knew this was coming so James curious and you may not know the answer to this but do you think there must be some meat in these electric cars that they’re able to just cut the price before even go on sale it’s an interesting question because I think we’ve sort of heard mixed reports from various ends of the industry where you know some manufacturers have had to inflate prices to make a profit because you know resources and materials are quite expensive and then trying to come into the market when you have Brands like the the Chinese Challengers and Tesla they’re very very shut with their pricing so a lot of these brands that you know the Japanese probably aren’t affected as much but the ones that produce cars in Europe Europe and it’s um subject to tariffs and things like that there’s a lot of factors in there um we just don’t know for a fact like what each manufacturer is dealing with from that perspective but being able to slash that much money off it you have to think that there might have been a little bit of wiggle room there and also it means that if they’re perhaps not making a lot of profit per unit they’re anticipating a lot more volume so then they can sort of offset that with these discounts I’m curious cuz I remember when they first announced pricing on the Altera wheel sort of our chins will hit the floor Grand what um do you feel like manufacturers are losing a bit of confidence in in EV sales at the moment that’s maybe why this is happening I think we’re more seeing the market come to where it really is electric car demand I don’t think is going to slow down I think it won’t grow at the same rate but we’re not going to see it fall off but what we’re seeing now is the fact that in Australia we’ve gone from having essentially one or two really good viable options to having in that sort of price range of the saltera the model y the saltera potentially the bz 4X the Mustang Marquee we’re expecting uh the Hyundai coner electric excuse me in there as well there’s a lot of choice there’s a lot of supply and also I think people are starting to tighten their belts a little bit given mortgages keep increasing groceries are really expensive etc etc uh there’s a lot of new reasons why maybe you won’t just spend whatever the price is on an electric car you’ll consider consider it more carefully than you otherwise would have previously so I don’t know that it’s about confidence so much I think it’s more just about the market kind of coming to where it really is in states without subsidies and in States where there’s now finally more competition and James what do you do you think that the like we’ve seen substantial growth in EVS in Australia over the last sort of year or two do you think that’s going to slow a little bit do you think that the Market’s becom a little flooded now that there’s almost everyone’s getting their finger in the EV P yeah I think at the moment it’ll probably stay steady I think with all these new options perhaps part of the problem is that people sort of getting overwhelmed with the choice now and everything’s sort of a bit same same because everyone’s coming in with a midsize SUV that has sort of somewhere between 400 and 500ks a range and I think for a lot of people it’s a question of do I just go with Tesla with what everyone’s buying or like a byd or do I try the new thing from The Trusted brand that I’ve probably bought with for many years and you know you sort of see it in Europe there’s really high saturation of the market and you’re starting to see their sales decline now that the initial Rush of EV buyers have come through I think there’s probably still a little bit of time here before that happens especially as we ramp up with um emission standards we still have the fbt exemptions in place I think it’s just more of people understanding what is available to them and I think now people aren’t just rushing anymore because it’s not like I have to get in line now in the hope that I don’t wait for 12 months I think they have a little bit more time to research and and perhaps do um a bit more homework to figure out what works best for them do you think this will be a trend we’re going to keep seeing EVS come down do you think like Tesla would would look at cutting their prices I know they’re very apple with the way they do their prices but do you think we might see them all drop a bit now I don’t know that they’re going to drop across the board um depending on the brand they’re trying to pitch these cars at a different point to the rest of their ranges and you look at Hundai for example the ionic 5 sits above the Conor Electric in the range because it’s a bigger car but also it wants that ionic brand to be a bit more premium and up market so we might see cheaper models with a shorter range less equipment but I don’t think cars that have been pitched as more expensive and premium as well as being electric are going to see big price Cuts what I do think is brands are going to have to really go back and forward with head office and and that’s a part of this process that we probably haven’t talked about Subaru Australia doesn’t build this car Subaru Australia is actually distributed through uh inch Cape which is a third party distributor and they buy the saltera from Subaru globally and then they wholesale it to the dealers from there so there’s a lot of steps in the process and a big part of how a car’s priced in Australia is based on the price that they can get the car from overseas for I would imagine there’s a lot of people in Australian head offices right now really pushing head office hard for a better price on supply of electric cars knowing that they’re not going to be able to get away with just pricing it and people snapping it up straight away and rather than price cuts for the sake of it or Price Cuts because there’s fat built in I would imagine we might see price Cuts because car makers are really pushing their head officers hard um given the competition and also the imminent emission standards we’re going to see and I know you guys interact with dealers from time to time uh in in your day-to-day roles do you find that they’re moving these EVS off a Lot quickly or they’re sort of sitting there for an extended period of time look it really depends on the brand and I think as well you’ve got to remember that it’s still very early days for a lot of these dealers um when Hundai launched the ionic not the ionic 5 or six but the little Toyota Prius looking thing it had a very limited network of dealers that actually sold the plugin hybrid and the electric it had sort of I think they called them blue dealers or something like that a lot of these new car dealers deers are only now learning about what makes these cars move and how to Market them and a lot of them are dealing with new business models as well in the case of Hyundai the dealers distribute these electric cars but they’re actually centrally managed so you order through Hyundai Australia and then that you choose your dealer and then you pick it up from that dealer it’s sort of a hybrid agency model that’s different to how they sell the rest of their cars so it’s hard to get a read at the moment because from Tesla and byd who have a very modern sales distribution Network through to someone like hund which has a hybrid model it’s working with through to other brands are just selling them like normal stock there’s a lot of different models and sort of I suppose stages at play that that mean it’s hard to get a consistent read I think if there is money to be made and people want to buy these cars dealers will push them I’d be surprised if there are many dealers that are Keen for a big flood of electric stock at the moment I would imagine they’re Keen for it to be a trickle as they sort of work out what the demand is and they’re ordering from there all right last question and we we’ll move on from the saler I’m mindful of time there was long for a long time a war between whether an 86 or a BRZ was better and I’m curious just on paper neither of you having driven either of these cars just on paper would you go the sutera or would you go the bz Forex James I’ll ask you first I personally like the face of the sutera better it looks a bit friendlier and from the way that Subaru has um structured its range having two versions or two variant with different equipment rather and the same drivetrain I think Toyota’s going to go a different route and perhaps go a two dve model and an all wheeel Drive model and that will determine how they position it um but I think that from what I see of the spec sheet on the saltera it seems fairly well rounded in terms of what it’s got relative to the price and now with these discounts it’s definitely a lot more compelling um but again the they’re pretty much the same car really like that that’s the thing it’s very much down to which one you like the look of and when Once Toyota releases pricing that’ll determine which one’s better value I’m going to go to the Toyota purely so we have different answers um and I’m driving it tomorrow as well so I bought a BRZ back in the day when those two options were there I’m going to flip the script now go bz Forex because I don’t need my electric car to be all singing all dancing bells and whistles front-wheel drive decent range reasonably affordable hopefully is more what I’m looking for we’ll check back in with Scott next week to see whether he still has the same opinion yes embargo much too all right we’re moving on um Toyota has had a shocking start to 2024 uh it’s been hit from a couple of different angles they’ve been embroiled in allig controversies there’s coming from the current affair the way he’s introducing it’s almost um Entertainment Tonight or something there another class action that’s not diesel related surprisingly and a bunch of recalls but we’re going to skip over the recalls because every brand has those Toyota so yeah so aside from they’re coming out with a updated hux which has the worst name in the history of hux is the hux vactive technology which is going to be very interesting to drive I’m I know I’m sounding like a Toyota apologist here I’d say V interesting it’s going to be very interesting exactly yes um but yeah so I guess um Scott I’ll pass to you first want to run us through a little bit because there were some allegations against Toyota for uh claims of power outputs in their diesel models I’m going to throw to James on that because he’s done his research on come back so the to not get too super technical but basically they were found to be irregularities between um some of the emissions in um regulatory testing in to Summer Toyota’s diesel cars so I think it was some of the engines that like high Land Cruiser High a and their commercial line and there was a difference in the ECU that was used in the testing and the um the test process versus what’s in the production model so once that was flagged it was uh it was thought that maybe there was some sort of you know emissions cheat device or something Volkswagen yeah and well it’s Volkswagen there was a lot of other brands that have done this in the past because you know as as emissions regulations tightened and we we’ve spoken about this on the podcast before about you know Toyota makes the these big heavyduty diesel engines that you know against tougher emission standards become harder and harder to you know um legislate or you know test to those standards so it’s it wouldn’t have been completely farfetched for another manufacturer to do that but after more investigations it’s found that even though the ECU was different there was no misconduct found so for now they’re not going to revoke the certification on those engines but there is still an investigation on for some industrial engines that are on sale at the moment and that’s C arms yeah yeah heo trucks I think is the arm yeah so there’s a few things like that still underway and it’s just it’s sort of like A Series of Unfortunate Events because their heno truck division has already been done for um misconduct around emissions testing and then dihatsu the um Kar and light car manufacturer was done for falsifying safety information which we reported a couple of months ago which is a pretty big deal so it’s just not a great look for what is the world’s biggest car brand and especially one that people trust for doing the right thing and being methodical and reliable and all that kind of stuff so you know in with with dieselgate was a very long time ago now you know when you think about the industry it was almost 10 years ago but you know the fact that these things are still sort of happening it has to raise questions around are manufacturers learning from these previous mistakes or they still trying to find ways to achieve a system so has Toyota given an explanation as to what was actually going on because clearly they’ve been cleared of emissions cheating based on the evidence we have so far is there a reason the cars did have different ecus I don’t think they’ve been super clear about it um it’s been more like an apology and sort of like we will make sure this won’t happen again and the Japanese Ministry is encouraged or urged Toyota to put things in place to make sure these things don’t happen but you know the Japanese brands are typically quite vague and sort of Dodge direct answers with these sort of things so I guess they’re perhaps still looking for the answer themselves and so before we talk about this more broadly as a whole Scott what’s going on with with Toyota Finance in in the was I guess a high court class action so uh not high court necessarily um but a class action has been launched against uh Toyota finance which is a different company to Toyota Motor Company Australia but through Toyota dealerships salespeople are able to assign Toyota finance to buyers um more than 100,000 customers are expected to be involved based on the initial information from the uh legal firm that’s putting this together and essentially they’re alleging that a lot of customers up to 100,000 or more paid inflated interest rates between 2010 and 2018 on the back of something called Flex commissions and if you’ve heard that term before it’s because it was very closely uh focused on during the banking Royal commission um it wasn’t really focused on in the automotive world but essentially the simplest form is people uh given a higher interest rate and then the salesperson who sells them that interest rate potentially gets a cut of the profit on the way through to encourage them to do that um it’s being described by the law firm as a conflict of interest because obviously it leaves customers potentially paying more than they should have for finance that’s relative to the Toyota average but also the industry average and um it alleges the law firm behind this that Toyota cashed in on people with low fin Toyota finance excuse me cashing on people with low financial literacy so people who maybe didn’t quite understand the terms correctly didn’t negotiate for a better deal and were allegedly taken advantage of depending on how this plays out they could be facing uh hundreds of millions of dollars in I suppose overpayments um that they’ve made on the back of these so it is potentially a really big deal but as is always the case with these legal cases Toyota does have obviously the right of reply it obviously may go to court in uh in which case we’ll see how it plays out but it’s a it’s not a small undertaking no and it’s not the first um class action toyot has recently been involved we’ve discussed hux before the DPF issues but I guess the reason I want to talk about these two topics is it it’s the number one brand in Australia by a significant margin uh do you think this will damage trust in the buying public or do you think people want to buy a Toyota they don’t care they’re just going to buy a Toyota I think the trust in uh the finance side of things is already quite low I I don’t know that people whether it’s Toyota or otherwise um un necessarily particularly trusting of how the finance process works so uh I don’t think it’s going to help I mean regardless of whether the Toyota finance is separate to Toyota Motor Company people see Toyota they know that it happened through Toyota dealerships and they put those things together but I don’t think that people will necessarily be surprised that there is money to be made by sales people and that people are paying high higher interest rates than they otherwise should have on the emissions staff I actually don’t know that the general public is as across that as we are in the motoring world we obviously cover it our content goes out through seven news through ACM Community media as well so it has a broad reach but I don’t know that uh people fully grasp what actually is alleged because it doesn’t have the same impact as like a dieselgate scandal or something like that when it’s Toyota maybe did something wrong and then Toyota potentially did something wrong but it was an emissions cheating I think the sort of combination of negative headlines in one period of time is obviously not a good thing and it’s it’s not going to be positively received but it’s not as if any one of these things is a massive knockout blow it’s going to throw Australia’s number one brand off necessarily so what do you guys think is the next step for Toyota because obviously it’s if you’re in the PR department of Toyota you’re probably working overtime right now I guess what do you what do you do to try and earn some love back within the the community here it’s a good question I think like Scott said the issues that they’re facing at the moment aren’t necessarily brand breaking I think you know when you use the Volkswagen example versus the Toyota example I think in Australia especially people love to hate the European Brands and they love to sting them for reliability for cost of parts for servicing all that kind of stuff and the dieselgate thing was just another another big thing that just blew out of proportion because you know Australians who already did not give a toss about emissions already were suddenly like oh well I’m never buying a Volkswagen diesel now because look at that they cheat that too whereas there were plenty other brands that came out after that and there was never the same sort of stigma so I think you know with the with with the finance thing I guess if there’s somebody that’s been directly impacted and perhaps if it’s widespread spread enough that people start talking about it that could be a problem for that side of the business whether that stops people from buying Toyotas I don’t know and then in terms of the the stuff around the emissions and the all that kind of thing because there was no convicted wrongdoing for the stuff that’s affected I don’t think it’s going to really be an issue also let’s remind ourselves a lot of people that buy 70 series land cruises are removing the diesel partic filters so again I don’t think they really care allegedly well alleged yeah we’ve heard we’ve heard stories on the streets be talking but like yeah I don’t know if it’s going to have the same effect as something like what Volkswagen group went through a few years ago it’s also worth remembering with Toyota they are incredibly good at marketing themselves in Australia they sponsor the men’s test cricket team which is essentially Australia’s team I know they don’t none’s a cricket fan but the Aussie cricket team is kind of to Australia what a football team team is to somewhere like England they sponsor the AFL and then more specifically they sponsor Adelaide I believe within the AFL they also sponsor a whole lot of community events through their dealers and that sort of thing for these couple of negative headlines Twitter is incredibly good at being engaged with the Australian Community with Australian sports fans in a way that few other brands are and I think that matters as well um I’m not saying it’s necessarily right that they can sweep stuff that’s bad under the rug but it’s amazing how quickly you forget about stuff like these headlines when your team’s playing on the MCG and there’s a big Toyota logo on the wing and you’re bombarded with it all weekend every weekend or Pat cumins is taking wickets in New Zealand he’s got a Toyota logo on his chest and that plays a role too well uh if you’re sitting at home and you’re wondering whether you should trust Toyota write to us let us know we we’re curious leave a comment uh let us know does this affect your idea of Toyota does it affect your choice to buy one we we want to know we want to hear from you guys so leave a comment all right guys this week we’re wondering uh which car would you buy now uh rather than having a model that we’re comparing against a bunch of other models I’m just curious hybrid SUVs they’re quite popular now we’ve seen sales go through the roof if you had between 50 and 100 Grand which hybrid SUV would you choose James I’m going to start with you I had to think long and heart about this one there was a couple of choices in there I went with the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid bigan I know you’re a big fan of it as well Sean um having just lived with one for the past week I was really impressed with not only just the fact that you can use it as an EV for pretty much all of the time that you’re just doing normal things like I drove about 350 400 K during my week of testing and I was sitting at7 L per 100ks that’s not bad at all yeah it’s pretty good just been nightly charging and there were some days that I went beyond the electric range as well but just the way that the powertrain works is really good at um you know leaning on the electrified stuff for the low load driving and then using the petrol engine to perhaps charge the battery a little bit to feed the motors um the higher grades obviously have seven seats which is also very fairly unique thing for electrified SUVs um it looks great um the high-grade ones have really nice Interiors there’s good Tech and it’s just comfy quiet and really just easy motoring to live with and I think a lot of people shopping for that kind of car aren’t looking for you know F1 or Civic Type R levels of Engagement so you know they look good they they’re nice to drive and they just do the job that they they set out to do so you were driving the entry level version no I had the exceed tur which is the top top top one it’s like almost 80 grand driveway which is a lot of money for Mitsubishi what do they start out for the film so I think the es plug-in hybrid’s about 55 plus on road so you’re looking about 60 drive away it’s not bad and it gets a few different things over the petrol power DS to sort of justify the so 15 grand price premium it’s a similar price to a top spec Rav 4 hybrid in in that trim anyway yeah I think if objective value is your thing I think the Aspire is really good because the one up from base you get the the bigger Wheels the nicer look and a few nicer vits inside it’s still a five seater not a seven seater but it’s like about 10 grand cheaper than the one I’m driving so um you know I think relative to something like a RAV for an x tril e power it’s still fairly good value and if you can actually charge it every night and use the EV part of the pH EV it’s actually quite compelling and I in my experience driving that for a few months you could charge the battery from empty to full off a wall socket overnight so it does actually charge quite well um Scott what about you what’s your pick I’ve gone a very different direction because I understand everything James is saying but don’t like plug in hybrids I think that it’s wasteful to carry around an engine you’re not using or a battery you’re not using and if you’re charging it all the time and you’re mostly using the battery then what’s the point of the engine and vice versa so um that’s a conversation for another day I would go a Lexus RX 350h luxury two whe drive or all-wheel drive I would go all-wheel drive so he’s carrying around an extra electric motor that’s not always being used set of golf clubs just sitting the day that’s basically a fancy RAV four though isn’t it it is a uh no so Under the Skin I mean it’s all TNG which is Toyota’s sort of fancy latest generation architecture which is the bones they used to build it but the revor is quite closely related to the NX the RX is a bit bigger again still some shared bits and pieces with the Toyota range but for me for one it feels and is much bigger inside there’s more space in the back seat and more spa space in the boot than the NX which is one of my big complaints about that car but I like that it is very efficient it’s very comfortable it’s very quiet and it’s just No Nonsense um I get that people might want to plug in their Outlander but the idea of being able to turn on the RX every day and not think about anything and still benefit from those fuel savings particularly around town you’re sort of wired by a hybrid I think also all-wheel drive uh is important for me because I drive up to the snow A couple of times every year and there are times where if you don’t have all wheeel drive you need to fit chains to your car so all-wheel drive is saving my fingernails and Knuckles from putting chains in the car you know underneath the wheels on a Snowy Road and that’s worth the cash from my perspective now I’m very curious because you can have that car with the world’s longest name would you have it as the Lexus NX 350h F Sport Plus with enhancement pack one I would not because it would be the RX 350h F Sport performance I believe um no I wouldn’t um so I know that you’re being funny there but with the RX you can make it a really quite expensive car it used to start in the sort of 70 grand range and run to just above 100 it now starts in the High mid to high 80 range and runs to 130 odd grand um we drove a base model late last year and it’s a really lovely car it’s still really beautifully put together it’s still really nice to drive and looks a bit dorky on the little wheels but it’s really comfortable because it’s got such chubby tires so for me the base model is where I’d be spending my money that’s also because our cap is 100 Grand today fair enough now um is there still incentives for hybrids and plug-in hybrids in other states of Australia outside the Draconian state of Victoria uh it depends on where you are plug-in hybrids are included in The Fringe benefit tax um exemption scheme so you can if you get an noad lease on a plug-in hybrid under a certain price pick up some benefits from that regular Toyota style hybrids aren’t included in that but of course you are potentially saving money on fuel which is worth something if you’re driving in town well if you’re interested in either of those cars or any other plug-in hybrids we’ve got a full list of uh what all the team would buy between 50 100 Grand on our website right now you can find out more by Googling help me car expert will connect you to a consultant who’s based in Australia you’re going to talk to someone local and they will actually understand what you’re talking about they’ll be able to help you they’ll connect you to a dealer and they might even get you in a new car sooner and possibly even cheaper than you thought you might be able to so Google help me car expert and if you do use the service leave a comment let us know we’d like to know how it was okay uh we’re going to move on to some questions guys I I always enjoy the questions I think they’re a lot of fun so we’ve got a few from YouTube this week okay um I haven’t really given you much of a heads up on these so I’m hoping you have some good answers but uh mharo 888 wants to ask uh can you talk about the i30n sedan facelift now I know we had one through the office the other week did you guys get a chance to get behind the wheel of it much the answer is actually no we can’t talk about it and I’ll let James explain why yes so it’s under embargo from the launch um so there will be a review later this week but yes it exists no we cannot talk about anything other than what’s already public knowledge like the specs and everything so if you head to you can find our full priceing specs article and then the review will be live I think Friday this week and I have to say uh they still they’ve still got that n blue color and it looks fantastic which we can say that we can also say that mechanically it’s very similar to the pre-update and we do have a review of that live already let’s just say the the pre-update was excellent and a lot of fun to drive and the new one hasn’t changed that much from there so you you do the maths on that I think I don’t think you could go wrong buying any of the i30n products whether it’s the hatch the Fastback or the sedan well you can’t get a Fastback any pretty much anything with an N badge on it the I20 n’s a weapon as well um has proven pretty effective if you want to have a good time yes and makes a great I3 we just had a drag race recently we had a friend of ours come down with her I30 and hatch and the sound that thing made oh is the best sound by far okay moving on uh thanks for all the fish on YouTube um question on sento speed you may recall a couple weeks ago uh we all had a gripe with the speed alerts on K and hyai products but he wants to know are they actual speed SL GPS speed or the alerts on the speedometer speed which could be showing 60 when the car is only traveling 55 does that makes sense yeah so it doesn’t give you alerts based on your real speed it gives you alerts based on the speed read out so if the car’s Speedo says you’re doing 61 even if your GPS speed is 58 or whatever it is because of the error it will still beap at you okay well he can’t forgive that according to his comments so um I didn’t add that bit in but he said okay if it was the ladder and it was based off GPS speed he could forgive it but yeah um so if you for argument sake changed the size of wheel and it threw the speedometer out you could be listening to that Ding A lot I think it’s I think mean I think it’s an edge case that I don’t know that many sento buyers are going down to Bob Jane and putting some sick rims on there their family seven seater and it’s annoying enough as it is even with the stock wheels on there so I wouldn’t be worrying too much about the aftermarket well if you bought a sento put some sick rooms on it right you I’d love to prove Scott wrong all right last question Rob Christie 629 says uh he’d like some commentary and thought on what type of new car to buy today for example evv hybrid ice fev um it goes on how long a fossil fuel is going to be around well depends how quickly we dig them out of the ground uh will IC Vehicles be usable and worthless in 5 10 or 15 years will EVS ever fully take off in our big country Scots bias so according to Scott phvs will not bubble I I think with this it depends on how long you’re planning to keep the car for one but it also depends on what you’re doing with it we are currently actually really lucky in that we have an incredible range of choice you can buy everything from a really cheap petrol only car all the way through to an exceedingly expensive electric only car and if I were to say that electric is completely useless and you shouldn’t buy one now that would be completely ignoring the fact I don’t know how Rob Christy 629 drives so there are questions about uh the future for electric cars when it comes to resale there are also questions about how much longer you going to be able to buy petrol cars in certain parts of the world I would say where we are now you just got to buy the best car for what it is you’re actually planning to do and to my mind and I’ll obviously let James give his thoughts on this as well if you’re doing a lot of highway driving the best car you can buy is probably a diesel if you’re spending a lot of time in the city then a more efficient regular hybrid is a great option and if you can charge it at home and you know that you’re not going to be leaning on public charging infrastructure too much then if you’re comfortable with the potential for depreciation and electric cars a great option so at risk of not answering the question it just really depends on what you’re driving and what you’re doing James what about you where do you stand yeah sort of to ech of that I think it it really depends on what your requirements are my thing for a very long time in terms of advice to people is get the car that best suits your needs in the most efficient way I think we’re in a a really transitional period of um the industry where you know we’ve got regulations coming in it could change your landscape but we’re also seeing EV uptake declining across different major markets in the world so the future is not quite as clear a lot of people ask questions about warranties and things like that I personally believe in Australia at least if Europe in the UK are going to like EV only things in 2030 2035 we’re at least another 10 years behind so I don’t think if you were to buy a petrol car tomorrow that you’re going to be left with nothing in 5 years and a lot a lot of people care about depreciation even though I don’t necessarily buy a car thinking about selling it as a priority as opposed to enjoying it while I’ve got it but you know I think if you can if you have the option of an electrified version that’s you know not too out of your budget and you can make the most out of the the fuel savings or you know any incentives in place that you could benefit from absolutely go for it but if a like Scott said if a petrol or diesel is still the best car for your needs and for your circumstances I think that’s still the best option just try and get the most efficient most current version that you can it’s the ageel it’s like the old debate they used to have do you need a car with seven seats or do you just buy a sedan I guess it’s different Tech same same story so yeah buy what’s best for you rob chrisy 629 all right we’re nearly at the end it’s time for our picks of the week who would like to go first can I go first because I’m afraid James will still mine I have a I had a feeling that his is going to be the same as yours but might be the same they both the same that’s fine I might surprise you this week though you never know Scott so my pick this week is on the back of the fact there’s a new season of drive to survive that I haven’t yet watched cuz I have an international flight coming up um but it’s called obvious things in drive to survive and this guy is not actually in the show but he’s sort of a hybrid of all the commentators saying very obvious things like quality is short for qualifying if you finish first you win the race if your car crashes it’s bad because your car is broken really obvious stuff like that but I find it very enjoyable because as someone who does like Motorsports drive to survive is awesome but incredibly frustrating when they explain the most mundane details six seasons in well let wor I’ve watched half of season six and there’s plenty of that so very good James what have you got I’ve gone for a bit of a different route this week so no drive to survive content for me drive to survive because doesn’t want to talk about CARiD he wasn’t in much of the first episode so I wasn’t that interested um but I actually came across a really cool Real by shme who’s a YouTuber from the UK and he went to meet a friend who had just pres taken delivery of his new car and it so happened to be a Porsche 911 Daka in this like army green and he’s got all these um bespoke things on it like some blacked out parts and like a quote from Back to the Future in the driver seal in English on one side and German on the other fly famously dver 911 he didn’t it was sort of like an 911 maybe because it had the same amount of doors I don’t know but then it also was custom built to match his huran Stato so he has two like army green off-road supercars with like a tire rack on the roof and you know custom bits on them and everything and I to Stage the world’s bougiest Invasion yeah exactly right just a cool June or death ray or something like that I don’t know but it just it was really cool and I’d never seen something like that it’s cool to see more of this colorful bespoke stuff hitting the internet again cuz I know we have sort of like 50 Shades of Gray in terms of car color choices these days and not in the fun way so that was my pick for the week I’m actually on that I don’t want to move on just yet what do you guys think would it be cool to get a drag race between a stado a 911 deer at a ram TX do you think that would be that would that be a drag race you would watch only if I could drive one of them in the race we want the cars to actually do well so leave on time finish on time I’m your man yes I would love to see that would you watch that J yeah absolutely but I feel like it has to be like on Sand or something it have to be off road that would be so cool we could do it outside our office all the road work is going on at the moment we could do a long jump competition with those cars big sand pit big jump see which flies furthest and Scott’s about to get barred from all the pr hello Porsche PR we won’t let him drive it don’t wor all right my pick this week uh it’s sort of the same as last week it’s the Ford super van again they actually posted a time around Mount Panorama and it is the fastest non-competitive official record that’s yes it’s very confusing so to set a record at a racetrack generally it has to be in competition so uh I think the current fastest time in competition around Mount Panorama is like a 159 McLaren a few years ago um but non-competition laps I guess you could argue that Jensen button did an F1 car it was a minute 40 something from memory but that was it was like a display lap so this one is actually a competition record 1 minute 56.2 seconds around Mount Panorama now if you’ve driven Mount Panorama in a row car that’s a terrifying thought because it takes about five or so minutes to drive around at 60 and 60 is more than fast enough around that place I don’t know what you guys think I haven’t driven around it actually that’s a lie I’ve been a passenger around it on a hot lap um it’s so impressive that Ford has taken a a delivery van essentially and it’s kind of showing off what it can do with electric Tech I just want to know if you were to put it like for more than one lap would it be able to do it repeatedly or is it so heavy so energy dense that it’s doing one lap it’s cooking its tires and it’s got no battery left that would be the next test for me cuz one lap is really impressive I kind of want to see a fleet of super Vans racing now yeah I mean I know when we had the transit uh electric and we did a video with it last year a little while ago um by the time we were doing a second lap around the ride and handling course the battery depleted so much it wasn’t giving us full power right but I presume when you build a race car you can get around that sort of stuff uh it was good as a it was a van though because I imagine he had massive pair that he had to put in the back to be able to do that lap around there so uh congratulations to Ford for that because they walloped a custombuilt Mercedes AMG GT3 deeply impressive yes um so that record stood for a week and then it was sool guys any final thoughts before we wrap up this week um I just want to see more car brand send cool stuff around B actually it’s a new little sort of corner of the motoring World in Australia that I feel like we’re starting to explore yeah the nurburg ring is so done that’s it right let’s make Baur the HP for that stuff so we can be a bit more hands on with it yeah what what about you James any final thoughts uh we’ve just got a big week of launches and I’m excited to see what comes out of it yeah so so we know Scott’s driving the new bz 4X the meat more me yes what do you have to drive this I’m going to drive the new hyund onic 5n which is really exciting because much more interesting electric it’s a bit bit more um out there than the bz forx the saltera that the other guys are driving but it’s not just a road drive we’re also doing a track drive around City Motorsport Parks I’ll get to sort of experience it as a daily car or you know a fun road car as well as on the Trap so I’m just really excited because all the stuff that I’ve seen about this car has been so overwhelmingly positive sort of like Civic Ty bars I’m really Keen to see if it lives up to the hype for me I’m very keen to see if you can hold it flat through turn one at City Motorsport Park that’s maybe I’ll put on a GoPro and give you some footage you might be talking to James from a hospital bed next week all right well that pretty much brings us to the end this week guys uh have fun on your launches this week that’ll be really fun next week uh we are allowed to talk about the Mitsubishi Triton that’s uh that’s March 1 that review goes live but we will talk about on the podcast James will fill us in on all the details of his Drive of that in was in South Australia went for a drive wasn’t it so uh make sure you’re subscribed or you are following along if you’re listening and you’ll be able to hear that next week guys enjoy your launches and we’ll see you next week thank you all of us for joining uh from all of us thank you for joining this week we’ll see next time

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  1. @devvynully

    Kia/Hyundai's speedos are 7% out from the factory.

  2. @vMaxHeadroom

    As the carexpert, it would be good to see what the 'real' cost of an EV is both in terms of cost to the consumer but also to the environment from the beginning, i.e. rare earth mining production, where the electricity is actually coming from, to car build taking into account emmissions like brake particulate matter, faster tyre degredation and road damage due to the fact EV's are much heavier. I would be great to understand where the cross over point is in making the EV a better long term buy as right now I am worried that these new EV's seem to be a lot more like a consumable especially with the heavy reliance on technology and finally what is being done once the batteries are of no use, how are we recycling? Everything seems to be moving so fast as we are being told whether we like it or not by 2030/35 this is the way it is going to be so it would be great to get some acurate analysis on this.

  3. @jasonfields2793

    I have zero trust any multinational car manufacturer there is no such thing as a honest one

  4. You should make an episode about Aussie Motoring. Falcons and commodores and such

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    Plz do the review of Mg Gloster Savvy 7 seater 4×4 in details (specifications,engine,off road capability,luxury,price).

  6. @troothhertz6297

    Living in South Africa we dont always have electricity and water . However it would be very convenient if i could run my home whith this cars battery like a generator.. outlander comes to mind

  7. @davidhancock91

    The EV market is going to be disastrous in 2024, in saying that ICE sales will not be good either.
    Interest rates and cost of living is really starting to bight in Australia.
    Who in their right mind would spend $70k on a Subaru EV?

  8. @brycedubois3023

    Perhaps add Toyota's despicable actions regarding the introduction of a fuel efficiency standard? Through their mouthpiece (FCAI) especially, where rather than support a move to clean up our dreadful emissions (with as many people dying as a direct result of vehicle emissions as from accidents), they'd prefer to push misinformation, do nothing and sell a few more utes.

  9. @jarahkaren8074

    The genuine reliability of Toyotas will probably give their brand extra resilience during things like this – basically I'm relying on them for reliable, easy to service, long-lasting cars – if they keep doing that, they'll keep selling cars.

  10. @incarsound

    In regards to the Toyota finance, for me personally it doesn’t concern me as this a repeat situation as with Macquarie bank and Essanda finance, that was shown on A Current Affair, which I believe helps soften the blow.

  11. @Adam-7_7_7

    I wish the panel would discuss the obscene 'luxury car tax' that's factored on all makes/models. It was supposed to help the domestic manufacturers when they were here (Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi) , but they left long ago.
    No one talks about this ongoing rort.

  12. @johnlambert1744

    I think with the new format of individual cameras could be improved with combining these with a wide view camera view showing all three of you as well, just to give it more of a perspective. Otherwise it looks like you're interviewing someone in another city or office location.

  13. @Wised1000

    No one should buy the BZ4/Solterra twins. They are utterly uncompetitive. In fact, a total disaster for a brand new EV from the world's largest car company. Everyone involved in its development should be fired. Honda decided not to build one at all and essentially rebadged a Chevy Blazer instead. At least the Blazer is competitive EV. Japan's
    head in the sand EV denial will be very costly for the Japanese economy.

  14. @Steve-Mcgarrett

    Fire the tree hugger that needs a haircut! EVERY POINT he makes is related to being eco WTF

  15. @GearUpind

    In US people doesn’t care about emissions from Japanese because they think it’s Emissions that are wrong stopping them to buy Heavy duty trucks and they don’t buy that ev things except people from Cali 😂

  16. @gerardcrabb4556

    EVs at Bathurst with safety car and Ford van fastest lap charged by diesel generator…

  17. IMHO – I dont think Toyota are overly concerned about a big market hold of the EV market. Toyota have been open about their stand on EV vs Hybrids. The future of EV is doomed for any region outside of the city / suburban space. The ability to supply a power grid that can service a large EV part of the vehicle market. From what I have been able to gather – Hybrid is the future and Toyota are leading and well palced in the Hybrid market to pick up the peices when the EV market becomes saturated.
    We could always create many regional and outer suburbs charge points buy using a large KVA deisel generator – WHATTTT 🙂
    I rest my case.

  18. @trojanhman8136

    In China the dealers dropped EV prices by 60% from memory. In the US, Ford discounted $20 000 from a $26 000 or $28 000 vehicle. As I type, I am listening to the comments being made. Every comment they are making is wrong. They are pumping propaganda from this site. it's disgraceful and I want to people to not forget just what these people are doing. They are not working for you and they on't care if you lose your money.

  19. @trojanhman8136

    I am the guy who 6-12 months back was posting about the serious issues about EVs. My hope is that I saved at least one person from falling into the EV trap. I just heard the guy on this video say that EV sales will continue. They won't. They are a faulty item that has failed. It's sad that car review sites like this one, are selling out the Australian consumers for a few dollars.

  20. @msljm

    Why does Sean have such a better microphone than either James or Scott?

  21. @phillroo7871

    I would have more thought Europe's EV purchases have slowed down more due to Gov insentives have stopped.

  22. @HammerRocks

    Despite Toyota's disappointing and unethical business practices of late, I will still buy a Toyota, as they still make vehicles with above average quality, reliability and durabilty. I just won't take up Toyota Finance (or have it financed by the dealer), and will never ever pay above list price.

  23. I find that Kia Speed warning rly strange, cuz in my Haval Jolion I'm Abel to turn that off and it stays off until I turn it back on.

  24. @danniniquet750

    Toyota Finance is now the second finance company that is embroiled in a Flex-Commission class action, there is currently a class action going involving ANZ/Esanda.

  25. @fhclappen8595

    Guys, can you perhaps sponcer James. Seems like his face is dissapear ing

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    EVs just aren’t up to the task for most normal people. To think I was considering one until I did my homework.

  27. @danwhite7264

    Mud doesn’t stick on Toyota. They will just spend even more money on Advertising.

  28. @scottlawrie8445

    Love to hear the panels thoughts on EV depreciation. It’s what’s turning a lot of buyers away at this time

  29. Hey I love the new set up, change is always nice, but was wondering if you could maybe eventually add some microphones, even if they are props, just so that it feels more like a friendly podcast and less like a a story on 7 news🫤

  30. @addsfour3499

    Well, you’re the experts but I think the Chinese are going to eat this market. 40K for what is a very good car will do To the electric market what the Koreans did to the ICE market, and what the Japanese did before the koreans to Holden and ford. The only slow down i see in the next couple of years is when second hand cars enter the market.

  31. @zanesmith666

    I have a question, I'm looking at buying a lexus NX 350h fsport+enhancement pack 2, when I look at the ticket price on the lexus website, how much wiggle room can I expect them to have on the price and are there any hidden fees I can expect to pay on top of the drive away price?

  32. Ughhhhh I love James so so much….. But I think I'm a little biased bc he looks like the first person I ever fell in love with😭🤣🤣. Like…. Identical, especially the hair

  33. @addsfour3499

    As of now, it’s 83K for the upper model according to the website. I hope to god thats the pre price drop price, coz only the most fanatical would spend that much for 175kw of power. There is just too much value to be had with the Chinese, and the koreans offer more power . Also, with the charger network being as underdeveloped as it is, who wants an electric Subaru?? Weekend warriors buy Subarus to get out of the city, and electric cars are not supported enough outside the city.

  34. @steveb5382

    EV's will die off. Simply way too restrictive.
    Already statred in USA.

  35. @yissibiiyte

    Looks like Toyota finally found the limit of brand loyalty after obscenely overpricing their cars.

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