Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League PS5 vs PC Graphics Comparison – A Great Looking Shooter

After years and years of speculation and hype, Rocksteady Games has finally rounded up work on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a game that could have been a natural next step for the Arkham games.

While the game might not hit its stride in the gameplay department, it definitely makes good use of Unreal Engine 4’s visual features to craft a good-looking open world with quality character models and great draw distance.

With this video, we will be diving into the various technical aspects of the game. Furthermore, we will also be comparing the game’s PC version to its PS5 counterpart along with performance parameters across both platforms and loading times comparison.


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  1. @Arno641

    Great looking shooter? Seriously? IDK how much you are getting paid to say this😵‍💫😵‍💫!!

  2. Just dont understand why people are hating on this game so much. I am having a blast with this game 😊❤️

  3. @Cyb3rpunk117

    Suicide squad isn't the only new game out right now. Feel free to move on any day now 🙄

  4. @wolf585gr2

    I m enjoying the game so far….i bought the game for the story that by the way is amazing the gameplay is responsive and solid and there is some pretty damn good mechanics there…i just beat the flash last night after 8 hours of gameplay in hard mode…the fight was phenomenal….i dont care for the end game …..for me the game as a single/coop campaign experience is an 8….to give a 5 or 6 for the game because you dont like the endgame is wrong because this can be fix with the updates or else enjoy the campaign and move on….

  5. @DonDentot

    Imo if you're interested in this game play it after some big updates

  6. @antoniohill4451

    Why not compare the xbox series x vs pc since xbox ver has 20% higher image quality and better draw distance and shadows … pony-bolt…. or just do all 3 ver. What's the reason to only do ps5 ….wow

  7. @twoeyedbill1337

    The anti DC agenda is getting old. This game isnt even as bad as "reviewers" claim.

  8. @trffinal1541

    @GamingBolt you need to go and get your eyes checked really the pc look way better !!

  9. @TevyaSmolka

    The visuals look fantastic I will give the game that but it’s story yeah I have some problems but that’s just my opinion.

  10. @sketch7024

    This should’ve been a Superman game. Superman saving the justice league from brainiac.

  11. @tkp98

    Digital Foundry released a real good in-depth video about the performance, graphics comparison, etc yesterday about this game. Covers Ps5, Xbox consoles and PC. Check it out if interested after watching this one. Peace ✌️

  12. @ghoulex642

    This game is one of the most high level looter shooters, but its been punked by them setting it in arkhamverse, the biggest mistake in gaming history. Just hope the game survies till deathstroke drops in season 4, the gameplay is so addicting 😭

  13. @Kev-O33

    shoulda been a single player game instead

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