Surface Book Review – The Almost Perfect 2 in 1

My thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Book. Enjoy! A comprehensive review covering the screen, keyboard, trackpad, build quality, video editing performance and extensive gaming tests.
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Is this the best laptop for students? Is it a good gaming laptop? Is it worth the money? Is it better than the 13″ Macbook Pro?
Watch this video to find out! =)

Review unit: i5/8g/256g/Nvidia GPU

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  1. Karl Cruz

    Is this worth to buy 4 years later? I found some on Craigslist for $600 for the i5-6300u /8gb ram/dGPU.
    Not sure if I should get it considering that it's old. Dropping $2000 is a questionably thing to do


    Hello I like your video a lot. I can do gaming on this laptop?

  3. Andrew K

    You have the best tech videos on YouTube, thanks man!

  4. OneABC

    I just bought this configuration for 777€ (GER) on Ebay with almost no signs wear and 5 month guarantee. Prices have droped, so it might be a good deal now.

  5. A

    Should i buy the surface book or should i buy the second generation, im a first year architecture and art student so i would use it for designs and 3d software but i would also use it for playing sims, can you tell me what is worth it for me? Should i splash out on the second generation or save and buy the 1st?

  6. kenneth rooks

    very nice review sir. i especially liked how you showed the little things like the eraser nib ware and tare and the SD card sticking out of the pc. also the review from your artist friend is also much appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Jakob

    your such a fruity backbone less dude that is is hilarious.
    you dont wanna be that guy, who uses his tablet for pictures?? 3:03 why not??
    I saw a guy using a freaking big thin Ipad pro for taking pictures and it made totall sense when thinking about it.
    He had a huge screen-canwas to see his shot on and manage settings, filters etc and zoom in, and see if it was on focus and likewise..
    If you can circumvent the size and it is what you got at hand and prefer' then shot away, some tablets got quite solid sensors in them.
    and dont let these fascist social media influencers tell you what you can and cant do, and often down to their crimbled snowflake mind of feel good if they can get the rest of the world to follow their narrow bias mindset..
    Go ahead and use a freaking tablet for taking photos if you prefer' as you have a hole lot of advantages with this huge screen-realestate and dont let pussies' that often are synonym with lowest common value hence no backbone' shame you down. 3:03

  8. BBwear

    Put the screen on the keyboard the other way round and boom, more tablet battery life, usb sockets and gpu luxuries

  9. David Savage

    So many old comments saying it's absurd that this channel would have so few subs. I scroll up and he had 2 5m. That's inspiring. Congrats on your success sir 👍

  10. Darvid

    Here in 2019 4 years later its $800 CAD on Best Buy damn…

  11. HimDownStairs

    The whole complaining about the gap is something reviewers do to be on the me too boat. I've had this thing since it's come out. The gap has done NOTHING to me and caused zero issues. The gap also places the screen at the perfect angle when the screen is flipped and closed.

  12. Paul Yoon

    4 years later, with 2.5 million subs, his video quality and reviews are still amazing and top-notch. Incredible.

  13. TheMash

    Watching this on Surface Book 1st with dGPU (940m) with an upgraded Performance Base bought on ebay!

  14. TheMash

    By the way, I've heard this thing about the detach sound effects playing over the speakers when you detach the screen from the base.
    Why everyone is saying this? It isn't a sound FX playing over the speakers, it's the real sound of the unlocking mechanism.
    And it changes depending on the inclination of the tablet portion.
    If you angle the display perfectly perpendicular to the desk and then you press the detach button the unlock noise will be very dim and minimal.

  15. Moonraker Deep

    lol 5 years later, usb c is still an annoying plug that can only be used for charging D:

  16. NolanPlaysYT

    I detach the screen in my classroom sometimes and half the class looks over, they always say they thought the laptop broke lmao

  17. Parimal DGY

    Please don’t buy any surface products, software has many issues, they update it regularly, whenever new updates comes the system fails in many other things in hardware …for me in last update and the keyboard and mouse stopped working…customer service is worst. Doesn’t worth the money we pay to those people!!!!!

  18. Quote

    Like your review. What is needed to know. Thanks.

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