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Surface Go Review – It’s Awesome

Dave2D review of the Microsoft Surface Go. This is the best 2 in 1 laptop from Microsoft for students on a tighter budget.
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This 2in1 tablet/laptop is incredibly small and has a ton of potential for people who need an ultra portable device that can be used as a comfortable tablet as well as a very functional laptop. This is great for developers, students, work or even for media consumption as a secondary device.

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  1. Dave2D

    Surface Go has a ton of potential. I wish the keyboard wasn't so expensive but it really is a tiny and super portable Surface computer. Thanks for watching!

  2. Mugen

    Can it run 64bit windows 10 applications ?

  3. JT Rathbun

    Love my surface go but the battery life just isn't there. I sometimes struggle to get a full day of school with it and sometimes it will even die.

  4. Plankton


    write that down!
    write that down!
    write that down!

  5. Plankton


    write that down!
    write that down!
    write that down!

  6. Good evening. My name is Dostonjon. I had a Surface go 2. It has worked properly . when I charge it with Type-C cable. My Surface doesn't work properly. It works slowly and again and again. After that , It shut down suddenly and doesn't turn on . In the last few days. I charge it with a new surface charger. IT is charging but doesn't turn on. what I should do in order to turn on? Can you help me? Please

  7. Truls Olsen

    A big channel with great production quality, quick straight to the point videos that perfectly balances what you need to know with what you want to know. Those are rare! Subscribed

  8. Quanti

    Where are the new Surface devices review Dave??? I need your sight, like right now…!

  9. Just wondering, how does surface go webcam compare with surface pro? Been stuck between surface go or surface pro 4. But 10" kinda hurt my eyes

  10. liquidevilgaming

    Personally I love the surface connector,it's sturdy and magnetic. I'm glad USB C is another option though.

  11. Dominic Perez

    I'm surprised it was able to run those games albeit quite slow so it's better to play on the lowest settings! I was going to get myself an Acer Nitro 5 but my mom prevented me from getting so she offered me a Surface Go instead. I may keep it for myself when I get it.

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