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Surface Laptop Review – Is 4 GB RAM Enough??

Dave2D Surface Laptop Review – At $900, is this the best laptop for students?
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  1. Dave2D

    Really wished the surface laptop came with 8gb ram at the base model. Still, it's one of the prettiest looking windows laptops available. Thanks for watching 2d fam!


    It seems like the older macbook pro retina has the same ram is better and more reliable and cheaper. 🙂

  3. J J

    This 4gig rendered an illustrator cc2018 file faster than MacBook Pro 2016 and razer blade 2017. And I wana know why and how ? MacBook Pro got stuck on same file rendering and took 3 minutes to render where surface 4Gb rendered in less than a minute

  4. Canal do Falcon

    Constance Received code from *Thekey365 . com*, Great product. highly recommend

  5. ooka770

    I’m getting a hp Pavillon gaming 15 with 8 GB RAM

    Honestly 2 GB RAM and below is way too laggy

    4 GB is ehhhh



  7. casey

    Would this in 8gb be ok for photoshop, illustrator, and sometimes premiere pro?

  8. J Scott

    Can I replace the 4gb with 8gb myself?

  9. Robin

    "really quickly"!! You freak! You have correct grammar!

  10. J

    erotically strokes laptop

  11. Caleb Dunn

    I have a levono ideapad 330 can I play old games such as far cry 3. Basically games from 2012 and 2013

  12. Emma Rogers

    Try introducing Android studio to a 4gb ram machine.

  13. Bytemare

    Thanks great vid! So glad you talked about RAM. Because I need a laptop for work, and the 4Gb ram model is alot cheaper than the 8Gb (ofcourse) so I'm quite happy that it will do the job just fine. Mainly gonna use office and web browsing. Saved me alot of money so again thanks! 🙂 Saved alteast 100$.

  14. Joshalots

    your office is so cold and bleak.. and super minimalist.

  15. BenRangel

    I just saw this used for $300, still will not buy because 4GB simply is not enough.
    I think some people can get buy on 6GB, but heck, even my mom uses 3.3 gigs of RAM these days – it's not comfortable to have a machine where you know that just one more Electron application could result in Windows having to disk swap.

  16. Echro

    You at least need 8 gb ram for Gaming and normal PC stuff

  17. Priya Sankal

    Is Microsoft surface laptop 2 recommended for programming ?????

  18. Milad Jangalvaee

    I love Microsoft, but be careful about windows 11 introduction. based on my experience of 8 years using windows phone and surface, I am almost sure that they will not update the current devices. it's not surprising even if they would sell the Surface line to other companies, and say bye to Tablet or even laptop markets, and focus on their office 365.

  19. Just tell us if 4GB is enough! We don’t care for the full review! Got damn! These youtubers suck! 😒

  20. Just tell us if 4GB is enough! We don’t care for the full review! Got damn! These youtubers suck! 😒

  21. football

    Can I learn programming in surface m3???

  22. Eyekhan24

    I have this same laptop with the same amount of RAM and let me tell you, it is not enough for school. Also, I am writing this on the laptop itself.

  23. Shawn Thornton

    I can't find a full review of the original Surface laptop. Did you ever make one?

  24. Prem Anandh

    phones under 200 dollars get 6gb ram. wtf is this?

  25. El Bran

    I love that you licked the laptop & then shuwid in yo ass bby

  26. Idyllic

    I know that windows laptops have built in screen recorders and editing software, meaning they are less laggy because they are made for the laptop. Does this mean I don't need 8gb of ram if i use the built in windows software while filming a speed paint or record some light gaiming

  27. Joshia

    umm.. i STILL can record and UPLOAD youtube videos with surface laptop

  28. Erick Coffee

    I’ve had this laptop since it came out and the keyboard is peeling. The battery sucks. The fans turn on for no reason. Upgrading to a M1 MacBook Pro.

  29. T D

    Can the base machine be upgraded to 8Gb of RAM?

  30. SC SC

    So, is 4GB RAM enough for basic multi tasking and light gaming?

  31. notoless

    4GB RAM is not enough if you're doing heavy tasks on the laptop. But if you're doing lightweight tasks like browsing the internet, sure.

  32. JetGaming

    For me

    Short answer: no
    Long answer: nooooooooooooooo

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