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Surface Pro 4 Review – The Best 2-in-1 for College Students

My review of the Surface Pro 4 aimed at College students. Enjoy!
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A comprehensive review covering the screen, keyboard, trackpad, build quality and surface pen with comparisons of 4gig and 8gig models for video editing performance and gaming.

Is this the best 2-in-1 laptop for students? Which model is better value, the 4GB or 8GB? Is it worth the money? Watch this video to find out! =)

Review unit: i5/4g/128g/Intel 520

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  1. P H

    How is this for computer science students?

  2. jessmelody

    Could you talk about your experience with the screen flickering issue?

    That would be nice 🙂

  3. Dr. Partha Barai

    I am a doctor and most of my work is based on Microsoft Office but sometimes I edit photos in Photoshop and Lightroom as I am an enthusiast photographer. I really like the new Surface Pro and the HP x360. I use an external keyboard no matter how good the laptop keyboard is. Please suggest me a 2 in 1.

  4. Andrew Bermudez

    You're making me want one of these devices. We use all Mac devices at our tech startup. I'm thinking of getting one just to test out our software and play around with it 🙂

    What are you using as your primary laptop?

  5. William Byrd

    I wish I would have gotten a surface. I went with MacBook pro. Advice for anyone who is going into business school… Do NOT get a MacBook. When you start using WHATIF functions and vlookup in Excel you will hate using a MacBook. I've even had classes where I couldn't even use Microsoft office products like Access. You will thank yourself later. Everyone uses MacBooks and most of my friends hate their MacBooks too. Not hating on MacBooks. They are nice laptops but especially if you will be using excel a lot do not get a MacBook

  6. yzabella


  7. Shahanshah

    I don't personally see the appeal in this. Why won't the students buy the XPS 13 or dare I say a MacBook. The Specs you are getting are not worth the price you are paying.

  8. Attaxika

    So basically you're paying 1000 dollars for a tablet with shitty specs. Glad this is being recommended instead of something like an Acer Aspire 5 or Acer Aspire E15.

  9. Caped Baldy

    Yo Dave just wanna say good looking out. I've been looking for reviews in regards to the Surface Pro 4 video editing capabilities and so far you're the only channel that I know of that actually included this in their review. So I appreciaite it man… And on a side note… This laptop is with everything included is like $559.99 at bestbuy lol which is more than half off than when it initially launched. But yea thank you once again.

  10. Dan Rice

    I've had my Surface Pro 4 for over a year now and Dave just told me I have an SD card slot that I never knew about… I should watch this channel more often

  11. SMRJT G

    Is it good for programming CS students?

  12. X3sA

    Is 4gb Still enough in 2019?

  13. Ganyu

    I am able to get it for 300$ used, is it a good buy?

  14. Saqif Rahman

    How is a refurbished Surface Pro 4 Core i5 6300U @2.4Ghz with Windows 10 Pro, 8gb Ram, 256gb internal (without the Pen and Keyboard) for $400 CAD?? Is it worth buying it? I mainly want to use it for college purposes like word processing, oneNote and very minimal gaming on the go like when heading home, I wanted to to play GTA 5 on the lowest settings.

  15. Shai Ashto

    I bought the 6 but i entred. Just to see how much have been upgraded, great review !

  16. Taylor Nicty

    Still using and loving this in 2019 but might upgrade to the 7 soon or surface book 3 if it comes out.

  17. Emmy Oloja

    Dave Lee, you know fallout? Thought you only knew Dota 2😆

  18. Gabriel Khun Ri

    Hey bro, how do I use my Surface pro 4 as a tablet? Could you guide me how to do it please?

  19. Sama

    what is the name of the game in 7.30 im curious

  20. Raimundo

    This Dave2D intros were so nice and sleek

  21. Beban XD

    7:06 cant believe he picked cm mid without buying any items

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