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Kluge Interactive is excited to announce that a remastered Synth Riders is coming to PlayStation VR2 in February 2023. The culmination of months of behind-the-scenes work sees the best version of the game to date launched alongside the new headset, and our PlayStation fans are in for a treat!

The remastered version is being offered as a free upgrade for everyone who owns Synth Riders on PlayStation, including all music DLC purchases. “The PlayStation VR community has always supported Synth Riders,” said Abraham Aguero, Creative Director of Kluge Interactive, “We want to thank them for that support and hope they love experiencing Synth Riders on PlayStation VR2 as we do.”

For those new to the Synth Riders name, welcome to one of the highest rated VR Rhythm game available! Let the music move you as you catch notes, ride the rails, and dodge obstacles in a unique combination of freestyle dancing & fitness workout that’ll allow you to burn calories while having tons of fun at the same time.

Synth Riders base game comes with 58+ songs included and optional 45 tracks across 9 DLC music packs from a variety of genres and music from Bruno Mars, Muse, Lindsey Stirling, Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, The Offspring, K/DA & more!

Find out more on the Official PlayStation Store Page:

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  1. Bedriproknife29

    Bonjour all oui trop hâte pour le remaster on va danser est s amuser sa seras cool vous me connaiser peu être sur le psvr 1 sur ce jeux en tout k merci au développeurs pour leurs boulots est continuer à sortir du contenu

  2. Saint Aqua

    I love Synth Riders, in my opinion it's even better than Beat Saber (not knocking Beat Saber, I just found this more fun).
    If we could just have custom tracks on PS I'd definitely buy this for PSVR2!

  3. BrokenOpus

    One my fav’s on PSVR…was playing yesterday!

  4. TomayeMTB

    Loved it on my quest, still haven’t got it on psvr yet tho

  5. Lucas Harris

    I love the soundtrack to this game! FiXT for the win!

  6. Thanks for the free upgrade. Purchased all the content so far for the game and adore it. Congrats to all involved.

  7. Wisegy84

    Are we getting multiplayer with this upgrade?

  8. PSVRafa


  9. inoscopedMLK

    Awesome! This is definitely one where I noticed the aging PSVR hardware. It always came through pretty blurry.

  10. Unit 17

    This is waaaay better than Beat Saber. This is the only game I keep coming back to with PSVR1.

  11. Ultima weapon

    I'm confused.. Synthrider.. but the music isn't even synthwave

  12. Francision

    Too bad the PSVR versions don’t allow for custom tracks like the Metaquest or Steam versions.

  13. Ederson Moraes

    played a lot of this in my psvr. Never gets old. I can't wait to try all new psvr 2 features

  14. ZERO

    Beat saber at home ❤🎮

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