Tailor Brands Review 2024: Watch This Before Making a Purchase!

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if you’ve ever registered a legal business or if you’re thinking about it you’re probably dreading how annoying timeconsuming and bureaucratic the registration process is as part of the services that our business offered I registered a lot of businesses myself for a bunch of different people so I know the process backwards and forwards and after a while instead of doing it myself I actually started to Outsource the job to different online registration companies and that’s where Taylor Brands came in Taylor Brands is an online registration company that focuses on helping new business owners establish a brand they can help with everything from a logo maker to a website to business cards but they also primarily offer incorporation services to get your business started with all the legal requirements in place which they offer in different packages on their website that can take all these stress out of the registration process and unlike some of the other LLC formation companies I’ve reviewed like busy which were extremely hard to work with and don’t offer their services to non us citizens Taylor Brands actually does offer their services to non- US citizens and residents as well and like I said another one of their focuses is on branding so tailor Brands is also an option for startups that need to create a brand identity for their business from scratch but this review is going to be focused more primarily on their LLC registration services because that’s what I went to them for in the first place so in today’s video I’ll walk you through what they offer how much they cost how they compare with some other companies in the space and what some of their pros and Han are by the end of this video you should have all the information you need to make a decision about whether or not they are the right service to help you incorporate your business or not and by the way if at any point you decide to use Taylor Brands want to save a bit of money off of their prices feel free to use the affiliate link that’s down in the description which will automatically apply a discount that you wouldn’t get if you went straight to their website okay so with that out of the way I first want to give you a little background about them they started back in 2014 and their mission was to give new businesses everything that they needed to launch successfully and after they started incorporating businesses they realized that a lot of the new businesses that they were launching weren’t taken seriously until they had some kind of digital business card with a logo a website or other assets that gave the business a lot more authority to their clients and employees so they went about creating a website to give startups everything that they needed not only in terms of getting the legal aspects of the business but also in terms of all the things that I mentioned as well as marketing all in one place and they did this by making a website centered around a logo maker that can also help you make a website digital business cards and merchandise along with their registration and Management Services and like I said I’ve been involved in one way or another with starting a bunch of new businesses so I know a lot about everything that’s involved I’ve used Zen business Legal Zoom and Swift filings and I’ve even tried busy formerly known as Inc file which for a bunch of reasons I do not recommend but in any case I definitely say that I’m a bit of an authority on the subject so I can can confidently say that in terms of plans and pricing Taylor Brands is structured very differently from the others because they take you through a sort of unique process to identify your specific needs and give you a custom built estimate tailored to your business needs and only then do you have the option of looking at their plans which is definitely unique compared to the other companies that I’ve used before okay so to actually get a certificate of incorporation which is like the birth certificate of your new LLC you have three main choices all of which exclude the state fees which of course vary from state to state and you’ll have to pay no matter which company or what plan you go with or even if you do it yourself but first let’s take a look at their packages for limited liability corporations or llc’s which is the only kind of company structure you can register here on Taylor Brands so if you want to register an S corp a C Corp or a nonprofit then as of this review you’ll have to try using one of the other services that I’ve reviewed like Legal Zoom or Zen business and I left the links to those reviews down in the description below as well but in terms of their plans they start with What’s called the light plan which they currently offer for free so you can register in LLC just by covering the state fees themselves this is a one-of charge that covers basic registration and as long as you submit all of the necessary documents they guarantee filing within 14 business days and because I’ve used other services I know that the actual processing time after you file can take weeks so with this option you’re going to need to be patient the next option is their essential plan which is an annual subscription of $200 plus any state fees here you get expedited processing within 2 days and they also throw in compliance services to make sure that you meet the legal State specific requirements of whichever State you register in they remind you to pay annual state fees or submit tax documents to keep you up to date this plan includes a standard operating agreement which if there are multiple Members is signed by all the members of the LSC and declares which person is responsible for which role as well as what rules govern the business which is absolutely essential if you have Partners or investors in the business okay and for those of you looking for the best value for your money Taylor brands has the elite plan which will cost you 250 bucks a year it has everything in the essential plan plus a Business website domain for a year up to eight logos a digital business card and use of their business card design tool you also get their AI powered website builder for a year and you get access to a social media post generator that’s great for people who don’t know all the rules for posting from a business page on Facebook or Instagram and I ended up going for the elite plan because it covered every everything I needed to get up and running with my Facebook page within a week or so I had a brand identity with a logo and a website up and running and my LSC application filed with my state these are all things you can do separately or on your own but if you want to launch your business as a complete package in a much easier way that looks professional with your brand well defined and ready to go this option is a very cost-effective way to get all of this done in one place with all the plans you also get the option of a free business bank account and you can add services to create your logo or business card with monthly subscription plans that start at $4 and go up to $13 you can use their Design Studio to make a logo for free but you can only download a low resolution file for a high resolution vector image file you’ll have to subscribe but once you sign up and you download your logo it belongs to you forever now if you want to add some headache and hassle to your life you can technically do the following things yourself but if you’re like me and you value your time and headp space you can have tailor PRS do them for you for a bit extra and some of these things are required by law for example if you live in the United States you’ll need a business tax number if you employ anyone besides yourself and this number is called an EIN which you can technically get directly from the IRS but either way you’ll need it because you have to have it to be able to file taxes legally the other thing you need to do is assign a registered agent who accepts all legal communication between the business and the state and this is also something that technically if you want to save a few bucks you can do yourself but you can also have Taylor Brands deal with them for you if you want and if you want them to do it for you the Ein will cost around a 100 bucks as a once off expense and if you want Taylor Brands to act as your registered agent this will cost around 200 bucks per year which is again something you can technically do yourself but is not something that I would ever think to do myself anymore you ask me the price for taking care of it is very reasonable for the amount of work that it entails and like I said you can do both yourself but only if you’re a US citizen if you live abroad or you’re not a citizen you can register a company in America and Taylor brands does this for you in Delaware and Wyoming which are the two states that are open to International ownership and don’t tax llc’s now the thing is that as a non-resident you can’t get your own EI or act as your own registered agent so you’ll need to pay Taylor Brands to do both of those for you and at this point I just want to reiterate that if you want to try Taylor Brands out and save a bit of money you can use the affiliate link that’s down in the description again if you use it you’ll automa Ally get a bit of a discount that you wouldn’t be able to get if you went directly to their website okay so when it comes to the competition there are a few different options and like I mentioned I’ve used a few of them so let’s look at how they compare if you want to register a company for free and only pay state fees then check out Swift filings or Zen business who both offer free initial registration processes but you will need to pay if you want one of their paid plans that include their other useful services to help you manage your new business and keep it compliant according to your State’s regulations not to mention that you’ll have to cover the cost of an EIN but I do think that tailor Brands is ideal for anyone who’s setting up a business for the first time because they take you through a step-by-step process and don’t offer you a bunch of extra services to choose from which can sometimes be overly confusing Swift filings for example will file your registration for you for free within 10 days and they register a range of companies not just llc’s but their standard plan for example cost 200 bucks which is really the price of Taylor brand essential plan but they do give you a lot of options that might be a bit distracting to those of you who might be new to the whole process and if you go with my company Works they don’t have a free plan and offer a basic formation package for about 60 bucks plus State fees that includes same day filing and operating agreement compliance alerts and a lot of other stuff but what they don’t have that Taylor brands does have is a logo maker website design function included and that’s where Taylor brand stands out as the only company that gives your brand as much attention as your company’s registration process now in terms of my experience using Taylor Brands it’s actually quite different from the other ones that I used before you have to go through the whole process of registering an account and then tell them about your business before they show you how much it’ll cost you you can start with a logo design and for that all you need is a name and you get some basic options that produce a decent logo and brand image pretty quickly of course when you come to download whatever you make you’ll need to subscribe and I’d probably say that if you want to register a company with Taylor Brands then it’s probably a good idea to get the elite plan which basically includes everything for a year I mean everything that you need is already included and your brand will be ready to conquer the internet with a bit of work on your part and again remember I am not new to the business startup process and so I really believe that it’s just worth it to get experts to do all the annoying and tedious paperwork take care of the busy work for you and when it comes to starting you go through something they call their guidance engine and it essentially asks you a bunch of questions to figure out exactly what you need before tailoring your plan specifically for your company which might be why they call it tailor Brands but I’m not sure about that but in any case after they tailor a plan for you it says show me more options and then you’ll see their main annual plan and what it includes and in terms of my honest opinion here I could really have done without some of the extra steps for me it took a while until I got an actual price which was a bit bothersome but I was impressed with the end result in any case and I’ve used and reused them many times since and in terms of their customer service it mainly comes from a chat bot that really wasn’t able to answer my questions so well but they do have a thorough help section and you can email them but even that starts with an automated reply so you have to go through a bunch of levels before you ever deal with a real person but if the automated process doesn’t work for you then you’ll just have to keep pushing until you get to real human Representatives I did find that mildly irritating and I wish I could have seen their plans in pricing from the start but again I was really happy with it end result and I did end up getting a logo a website and my company registered in the first go round I also got my business tax number and a registered agent set up without much hassle which you need to operate legally in the United States I wanted to get my online presence and social media Pages like Facebook and Linkedin up and posting quickly and in the end for all of this Taylor Brands was a really good pretty affordable way to go okay so that just about wraps up this video except for the big question with all my experience with a bunch of these different services do I recommend Taylor brands or not well the answer is that I think that Taylor Brands is definitely an excellent option for anyone looking to not only start a new business but also for people who want to help with everything from Brand identity to their online presence all in one place so for those reasons along with their usability and the ease of use of their website I definitely do recommend Taylor brands for anyone looking to register an LLC okay so that’s going to be it for this video I really hope you found it helpful and if you did hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for more honest reviews like this one and like I mentioned twice already if you want to give Taylor Brands a try check out the affiliate link down in the description to get that discount that I mentioned before that you wouldn’t be able to get if you went straight to their website and also feel free to leave any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to try and answer them as quickly as possible and finally guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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