Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Windows 95

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With Windows 95

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In this video we will take a look at installing windows 95 on virtualbox and take a blast from the past with installing Microsoft Dos 7.1.
Its just a bit of fun and reminds me of the old days of computing.

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  1. Barry Goldrick

    There's something about old operating systems that makes them so charming to install and use

  2. Nathan Dodgson

    Hi Brian please can you do a mac tutorial? great vid by the way!!

  3. John Maguire

    I missed 95 but got on board with 98SE. I long to see that OS in operation once again. I have the original disk and floppies but lost the Product Key for it long ago. I would love to know of a place on line were you can purchase keys for these quaint old OS's again. Love to see more of these Brian! Cheers mate 🙂

  4. 91rickstar

    Hello Brian can you help me with a Windows upgrade issue,

    I have a laptop with windows 8 and want to upgrade to Windows 10 I select the keep everything option the media creation tool done a requirements check and passed.

    The media creation tool downloads windows 10 and installs it to 100% and the. The windows 10 setup page says restarting then about 2min and 40sec later the win 10 setup page closed automatically and a pop up says windows installation had failed.

    can you help I have the latest updates and no start up programs running all drivers are working correctly

    The pop up box dose not specify why it failed nor given a error code

    Cheers 🍻

  5. Zahid M. Haider

    When I was 12, i used the computer first time and back then windows 98 was in common use.

  6. jeffhalebopp

    It was mentioned that the old windows 95 desktop was very plain, sparse and simple back then. I have to argue that the icons in windows 95 was far superior to the much more degraded windows 10 icons of today. Windows 10 with it's limited icon color palette (thanks to making everything the lowest common denominator to force everything to look like a smart phone) just plain sucks and is dumbed down compared to a 23 year old OS. This is just a sad affair. Fanbois will defend the lack of colors and lack of desktop customization as a virtue no matter what. I prefer a proper 3d realistic desktop skeuomorphism look over the ugly 2 color flat unappealing look any day. That's why I just can't downgrade to windows 10.

  7. mike spikeey

    do window dual boot 95/xp on a pc not v box i for got how to do win311 and 95 dual boot

  8. Ronny B

    brings back memories, had win 95,skiped 98,had milennium,vista,win xp,win 7,and now win 10
    knew all the ins and outs LOL

  9. D Turner Gaming

    Nostalgic days 🙂 I believe I actually started off with Windows 3.1 myself and have gone from there up through currently using Windows 8.1 on my personal laptop because to me Windows 10 is not all that great but then that's just my own personal opinion. I still love the old Windows OS systems though because its fun to play with the old school systems that kids now a days would have no idea what to do with an older system lol

  10. I remember 3.1,,,, 95 was a big improvement, it was impressive at the time.

  11. zx8401ztv

    Ahhh reliable and no silly stuff on the screen, just a simple desktop, no hassle 😀
    Can you tell i enjoyed win95,a,b,c lol.
    No hiding of settings, ok there were not many to hide lol.

    Better than dos shell or win 2,3…..

    And when i needed dos i just closed down to dos, when finished hit Exit and windows restarts.
    Yes i am an old git 😀

  12. F.N. Schlub

    Brian, is this possible with '98SE? Is there a source for updates and patches? What about virtual graphics card emulation, appropriate DirectX version, and clockspeed downward adjustment?
    I have a box packed full of wonderful old games that I'd love to play again.

  13. 日向美海

    yea win95 is better than win10(so lag and cmd had disappeared)

  14. damolin77

    Awesome video Brian reminds me I walk in to my dads house and ask him what he is doing he said someone gave him a computer and he was playing only pinball on windows 95 with a CRT monitor I couldn't stop laughing lol

  15. The MaskedGeek

    Next challenge, try watching this very video of Brians on Windows 95. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. LST NEWS

    i see a windows vista os for sale today in cex £20 lol

  17. MrOne2watch

    mmmmm, IRQ conflicts those were the days ! (kinda miss those days)
    PS: next install on bare metal, and K-meleon, and get online? LOL

  18. Omega Kirk

    i was 10 when this came out and when i played doom and wolfenstein on it, mum and dad couldn't get me off their computer lol 😀

  19. Henry V

    Funny I have no memory of installing FOR first…a bit disappointed that the sounds were muted but ta all the same. 19 floppies huh? CD-ROM mate – it is the way of the future.

  20. David W_UK

    MSDOS 7? Where’s that come from…..I thought it stopped at 6.22?

  21. Mvrshen_-

    Hi Brian, I can't seem to register on your website.
    when i click on submit nothing happens
    also when i refresh the page it asks me if i want to resubmit my registration and i can see that my user name has a B next to it with my password in dots.
    I'm confused, but i think my registration should be fine.

  22. Greg M

    Eons ago I went from DOS and CP/M to OS/x to Windows 3.1 to Windows95 etc. I remember installing Win95 from about 30 floppy disks only to have it fail on the last floppy 😉

  23. Steve Procopus

    Hey, Brian! Very nostalgic. I was wondering if you've ever used BeOS, and if so, can you do a video on it? I would like to install it on an external USB drive and be able to boot to it as another OS, rather than use a virtual machine. Would that be possible?

  24. MeneGR

    I remembered myself installing Windows 95 at 6:00 in the morning, back in '96.. Those were the days..

  25. Bren DeZen

    Worst trip down memory lane. Couldnt even make it nostalgic. No start up music. You would rather mute. Worst click bait bruh

  26. wysetech2000

    A real trip down memory lane for me. I learned computing on 95. The beginning of Windows today.

  27. CPOAU

    How to set up Vitual Box wheres it at?

  28. chrcoluk

    Wow even windows 95 has 3d elements on the buttons, microsoft went so backward with their flat UI design on win 8 and 10.

  29. Scott Jacobs

    hey brian can you install windows 3.0 in virtualbox in one of your videos

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