Technics EAH AZ80 vs AZ60M2 Review | Best Premium Earbuds?

Reviewing the Technics EAH AZ80 and AZ60M2, a pair of true wireless earbuds boasting some of the best audio of any 2023 buds. Factor in the feature-packed app, ANC and excellent call quality and the Technics AZ80 & AZ60M2 are great all-round Bluetooth earbuds. However, they also come with a premium price, to rival the Bose and Sony buds. In the UK, that’s ££259 vs Β£199.

When it comes to comparing the AZ80 with the AZ60M2, there’s not actually much difference. The more expensive Technics offer a different driver design, 10mm vs 8mm, so audiophiles will prefer the crispy audio pumped out by the AZ80. However, both deliver on the sound front, while also offering very similar features.

The EAH-AZ60M2 packs ANC smarts, just like its more premium sibling, with a dual transparency mode. Those touch controls are fantastic and fully customisable. And you have the same LDAC, Hi-Res etc support with both Technics AZ80 and the AZ60M2.

Battery life is also identical, as far as I could tell in my testing. You can get just over five hours of playback from each of these earbuds, when using LDAC. And both buds can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, or two when using AAC/SBC.

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Technics EAH AZ80 vs AZ60M2 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Technic-ally an intro
0:27 – Design
1:39 – Technics Audio Connect app
4:24 – Touch controls
5:28 – ANC
6:31 – Audio quality
7:43 – Mic test
8:26 – Battery life
9:48 – Verdict


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  1. leonas j

    bose Qc ii far better in every way-anc,sound,soundstage,details…

  2. Roland Evans

    Thanks. I might have considered these until you pointed out that the ANC is better on Bose and Sony. Difficult to audition earbuds and so reviews are important. These are now off my list because my main requirement is good ANC.

  3. William Bernabe

    I have the Sennheiser true moments 3 as far as sound quality which one have the better sound?

  4. thambone30

    Are these better than the Status Between 3ANCs?

  5. Mark D

    The az-60 or sennheiser momentum 3?

  6. Andrei A

    The soundcore space a40 blows both of them

  7. sxxy chocolate

    Mr Spurt, Great vid….have the technics Eah-az60's and they really are superb!!!! Been so looking forward to these new ones πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  8. Neil Hawke

    Another cracking review sir; a perfect blend of technical review with good old British humour. We are spoilt

  9. Adam

    Technics is a very distinguished company in the audio industry, and it is a very old company in the electronic stores πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β™₯️

  10. shi lei

    does az80 have a big upgrade in sound quality ? Compare to az60

  11. Greg Dee

    only a 5 band EQ.. 7 would ideal. 5hrs for LDAC then gotta wait 2hrs to recharge? stickin to wired..

  12. Marques King

    Great review old chap. Capital!

    These could hit the spot, but the lack of quality ANC and at 350USD 🫨 are overly priced atm.

    Disappointed by my Samsung Galaxy Pro Buds 2 after 6 months.
    They still fall out of my ears if I turn my head or lunge to grab the baby/dog leaping from a precarious, titanic level height and the case has begun to deteriorate.

    So daddy needs some new'uns.

  13. Kenny Bacchus

    Technics. EAH. AZ80. VS. AZ. 60M2. Review. Best. Premium. Earbuds

  14. Luke

    Basically if you spend that much on earbuds you're either minted or fucked in the head.

  15. Krisztian Papp

    It looks like Panasonic does not listen to the clients. Big chunky earbuds they produce for years now.

  16. Rust & oil

    I'm gonna stick with wired earbuds….. Less likely to loose them πŸ˜‚

  17. Nice review Uncle Spurt , have they fixed the charging case issue , i had the AZ70WE and the case constantly depleted like it was constantly charging the buds even when they were charged , i could use the buds for 5 minutes ping back in a fully charged case and 2 days later they were flat , i sent both sets back as they were like that. Shame as liked the sound.

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