Teclast T40S Review – The $129 Android 12 Tablet

Tecalst T40S review, is this $129 tablet any good? Powered by an 8-core Mediatek chipset with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Aliexpress: https://geni.us/QismF Code: UST40S (20$ off)
Offer price: $129.99 Amazon: https://geni.us/AbNvM


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  1. notme222

    Teclast's stuff is so close in price it just competes with itself. I ended up ordering the M40 Plus with a worse camera and a better battery but otherwise about the same.

  2. Ali Hejazi

    Thank you Chris for the review

    Teclast, chuwi, alldocube .. Etc
    They should quit making tablets!!!

    For this price you could buy a lenovo tablet that's better in every way possible!

  3. Joel Conolly

    Another good tablet I've seen recently is the Alldocube iPlay 50 mini which is an 8 incher. Although I'm hesitant to get this over the Mediapad M5 8 which was a flagship from 5 years ago. Yeah it's old but is still a flagship. Trying to wait for a review on that.

  4. S andrei

    After watching your review of teclast t40 pro i brought one and i love it . Decent tablet ❤

  5. Parsh

    Oh dear, it hasn't got very much going for it apart from the price? If I was in the market for a budget tablet I'd sooner save up a bit longer and get something better than this pile of junk

  6. Gorebish

    I hope you get to cover the alldocube iplay 50 mini. It looks like a decent 8 inch android tablet, for the specs and price.

  7. 10:41 I think on this Tablet Candy Crush even Asphalt is a game to play!! Maybe Mobile Legends Bang Bang can run here at his high setting.

  8. ajama13

    Another Tablet review from the man the myth the legend TechTablet.

  9. Paulo Mateus

    Once I bought a Teclast T10, but some time after some gost movements on the screen appeared. I complained but they did care to replace it. Buying chinese things is always a risk!


    Not bad for a budget tablet. Too bad no sim support, sigh~

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