Tekken 8 – Hwoarang Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games


It’s time to kick it up a notch.
Hwoarang is back on his feet in #TEKKEN8!

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  1. Himayamata

    Before all the K-Pop and K-Dramas and movies, whenever I hear the word "Korea", my mind always reminds me of this character.

  2. Gareth

    Step aside Tekken, Mortal Kombat 1 is in the house.

  3. Hwoarang look like he took steroids also I do noticed his face changed maybe he got plastic surgery 🤣

  4. nithin sivan

    This Massive characters and lightning effects really suc*'s…
    I miss tekken 3

  5. Jordan Ward


  6. Armando Ortega

    If you want nice views like MK1 trailer PUT HANMA BAKI IN THE ROAST

  7. Nabeel Khan

    Its a shame that Tekken 8 can’t even come close to Mortal Kombat’s Graphic even though MK 11 was released early in 2019 👎👎

  8. NeroFreyz 45

    Like every day a new gameplay.. Just release that game bro

  9. ShyShira

    my boyfriend lookin FINE as always🥰🧡

  10. Silhxuette

    I see a lot of baek's moves on Hwoarang now! That's sick!

  11. Nge Muyu

    Always a treat to see more beak than the student🇿🇲👌😂💯🎉🍾🥂

  12. King Zo

    Man this looks waaaaay better than street fighter

  13. Juhani Jäntti

    This looks absolutely amazing! 😍 Can't wait for Tekken 8! HYPE

  14. they really uped their game for my boy Hwoarang. But I would still prefer the old is gold TEKKEN 3 look 'cause it was dope AF

  15. MilkMeow _

    Baek, Hwoarang huooaaa time flies so fast 😶

  16. NorKI 2017

    "Shut up already." Exactly the way i'm gonna feel about that announcer after playing this game for any reasonable length of time.

  17. NaJi3D

    I love the Tekken 3 Hwoarang, not this Hwoarang.

  18. etvow

    I am buying Tekken 8 on the day it comes out.

  19. ExtermeDog

    i dont get it.. they say he was returning from tekken 3.. but he has been in every game.. :/

  20. C.M

    Last tekken I had was tekken 4. Hwoarang was the dude I HATED to fight the most.

  21. bill clay

    background is a bit stiff. Fighting is on point.

  22. Giorgi Tughushi

    From Tekken 3 nothing is changed except Graphics, but i still prefer play with ps2 graphics with that ,

  23. you'd better get my 'Lei Wulong' ready, 'Tekken' won't be 'Tekken' withotu its iconic characters

  24. Mazin Sami

    Was my main before 25 years 😅
    Alonge with Eddy Gordo ❤

  25. William Cooper

    I want this tekken to have create a player so we can make our own moves from these move sets

  26. Nope Nop

    He's gonna be my main if Steve doesn't make it in.

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