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Testing Hard Drive for Problem

Testing Hard Drive for Problem

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If you want to know how do you check the health of a hard drive, then this video is for you. I will show you how to run a test on your hard drive and check to see if it has any bad sectors.

How do I scan my hard drive for errors

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows


HGST hard disk

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  1. Britec09

    4 thumbs down already in 2 seconds of uploading lol must be my thumbs down club.

  2. Why 4 tumb down???? Is it mean 4 STUPID PEOPLE ON THE EARTH??!!!! BRITEC,THNX FOR ALL YOUR WORK!! CHEERS MAN!! Greetings for you from SERBIA!!!

  3. Garry

    Thank you for more excellent tips !!

  4. Wayne Martin

    Thanks Brian. Can you scan usb drives connected when using the WinPE bootable usb? Cheers and thanks again for all your work.

  5. Eagle Ales

    This is really very helpful video for me, as i am pc repairing man i need to find how to test hard drive, thanks Brian.

  6. Pete Ciallella

    Thank you BriTech09 for the Windows tech videos. Greetings from across the pond.

    I can concur about backing up the drive first, before running diagnostics or repairs. I have encountered issues in the past when running diagnostics/repairs of the drive, especially a really bad failing hard drive in that case can make things worse.

  7. zx8401ztv

    Thanks Brian 😀

    Oddly enough i havn't had many real spinning hdd's fail.
    The one in this lappy is 10 years old and not even one bad or dodgy sector.
    Past drives like Connor and maxtor were living on borrowed time lol 😀

  8. Zeyad Salty

    Please Mr Britc. Any good software for backup windows and files? I

  9. MrSammy

    🤓 crystaldisk, hddscan, hd tune pro, WD Tool, Seagate Tool

  10. MLS MLS

    Very nice tools. Thanks for sharing Mr. B

  11. Alien Lohit

    why do not used GLARY UTILITIES for all that?GLARY UTILITIES is nice tool…make the some video about that

  12. Corey

    Remember to create a video listing on how to make an unattended .xml file so you won't have to sit around next to your computer while the OS of your choice is being installed

  13. Cesare Vesdani

    What is the best method for checking the health state of a hard drive?

  14. Mr. TY

    Can u plz teach me about "fix & recover" option….???

  15. remixedMind

    seatools bricked my usb drive… and im not the first, even on linux its not showing up

  16. Zendukai

    Thanks Brian, great video as usual 🙂

  17. CB Brothers

    Do your next video on how to fix audio service is not running in safe mode

  18. Dave4000

    All these are "read only" tests. Yes, it's only necessary to run a read-only test to see if the drive is dying, but I think after a quick read test, doing a WRITE test is best (not only to see if the disk has faults with writing data), but it also allows the hard drive's firmware to reallocate bad sectors with known good ones from the spare pool. Boot up from a Ubuntu or other Linux "live" disk, run badblocks on the drive with (safe) read/write testing (options "-nsv"), or better still, run the write test which erases everything (options "-wsv"), but badblocks takes AGES to complete! I don't know how well it works with so-called "hybrid" drives.

  19. Deborah Lund

    Hey Britec09, Is it safe to delete all system created windows error reports?

  20. Matt Alexander

    Hi in HHDSCAN, should i be worried if when doing a read data scan i have a couple of "BADS"

  21. Almedo Gjurgji

    What software to use to repair if we are not having to do with physical problems? Would you suggest HDD Regenerator or HDAT2 for that problem? Or maybe using the chkdsk command in a command prompt?

  22. Liselle1100

    Hi Brian. How do I make a backup of a failed external hard drive? Great channel, by the way. You’re my GoTo man whenever I need advice.

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