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Testing Node.js with Mocha

A thorough introduction to the Mocha test framework by the maintainer of Mocha, and how to use it to test your Node.js applications.

Talk by Christopher Hiller – given at PDXNode.

🐦Chris on Twitter: @b0neskull

🐦PDXNode onTwitter: @pdxnode

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  1. JJ

    very helpful. thanks!!

  2. Craig Burch

    A lot of knowledge with just a dash of cringe. Dude needs to work on public speaking a little.

  3. Daily Videos

    this presentation could be done in 10 mints instead of wasting people's 40 mint to watch the video.

  4. njihia mark

    Great presentation, Awesome explanation of the fundamentals.

  5. Tikitok

    He said "um" million times !!! So anoying !

  6. Tasos M.

    Come on guys his presentation skills are not tha bad

  7. Daniel Venturini

    I know this guy, Boneskull, from Github. Really, he knows what he is doing.

  8. Maiming Yinxing

    My god, please practise public speaking a bit before you go on stage n give a talk.


    For those of who don't know Mocha was originally written by Tj Holowaychuk and maintained by boneskull after Tj left Node.js community back in 2014.

  10. Ezekiel Saturday

    when your unit tests start testing other units too – You just wrote an integration test

  11. The Logic

    5:49 he thought people will laugh at that slide But no one did 😀

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