That '90s Show: Season 1 Review

That ’90s Show is now streaming on Netflix. Review by Laura Sirikul.

Netflix’s That ‘90s Show is a blast from the past of the ‘90s and of memories from That ‘70s Show. With funny moments filled with nostalgia, That ‘90s Show is charming and has a lot of potential. The series follows the same format as the original, which works for the characters and their storylines, but relies too heavily on the original cast – leaving little room for the new wave of talented teens to fully develop their relationships with each other.



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  1. Michael Yee

    Season should’ve been a couple episodes longer. The ending came outta nowhere.

  2. Jamses

    I'll take a Fez show any day.

  3. Sentient Slug

    IGN was very kind with 7 out of 10. This is a day time Disney show now. 6/10,

  4. That Boy

    It gets better as it goes on, the first few episodes were kind of corny. That 70s show started kind of slow too.

  5. phantom dancer

    the kids look like they from 2023 not the 90s..that was the charm of the 70s show. they dressed and looked like they were from 70s. also the cast was just far superior as all of them actually oozed out acting talent compared to these kids that look like they from a disney show.

  6. David Cole

    Reminds me of how that revived Save by the Bell.

  7. Mjiw2413

    Look it’s a bag inside a bag 😂 that’s funny right right guys right?

  8. Well I'm gonna giving this show a chance. Leia's actress looks legit, she is like inheriting Eric's awkwardness & snark plus Donna's deep voice.

  9. james williams

    I'm an 80s and 90s kid and these child actors remind me of nothing from that Era. It's like the writers and directors went to an classic Benetton store to pick out the kid's wardrobe and they threw in the kids from their old advertisments for a discount. With so much source material in movies and TV shows you'd expect them to at least get the feeling of the 90s right instead of just trying to shoehorn the old cast and wherever they could fit.

  10. stealURgirl

    1:20 has to be Kelsos and the Librarian s son NOT JACKIES RIGHT GUYS ?

  11. Gemini Axelrod

    They should have left this show alone! It's awful. Like, sad awful.

  12. Nick

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Was such a fun nostalgia trip back to a great time in my life.

  13. Julian

    Why is the review 4mins lol. You guys make short reviews on everything

  14. Yesenia SO

    The cast guy was bad, those kidz has the carisma of a potato

  15. Kaloi Fortich

    "7"… agree. would definitely watch if there was a 2nd season.

  16. jordan battle

    Im not watching for the new kids I’m watching for cameos ofc it’s gonna be a lil cheesy but

  17. DeFran Lucas

    The new cast is the low point of the show tbh. Very Disney..

  18. Juper Sew

    Need get rid of Ozzie he is forced and out of place

  19. MobBoss BobRoss

    I'm enjoying it. Remember shows need some time before they find their rhythm so I'm down for the ride.

  20. A5280T

    It’s basically a Disney show??? That’s my biggest takeaway it’s like a “That 70’s Show” themed teenage Disney sit-com??

    It’s not bad…but wtf!? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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