The 43″ Mega Monitor – Size DOES Matter!

The LG 43UD79 is a MASSIVE 4k IPS PC monitor for hardcore multi-tasking. It’s gigantic but it’s awesome!
Available Here –

LG 4K Monitor 43UD79 –

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  1. Dave2D

    This monitor has surprisingly good value and has some very impressive features. Didn't think I'd ever use something this large, but it's too good. Thanks for watching!

  2. Marco Viale

    Someone knows if this monitor has a good image quality if used at 1080p full screen?

  3. Light yagami

    Girl yes size matter everything is small if it is below 6inch .

  4. ANBU Zero

    Wow I love it ! But I dont have the room for this monitor ☹

  5. Borsalino Kizaru

    Love your videos, but I wish his backdrop had more color. I’m assuming it’s a shot at simplicity but it hurts my interest.

  6. Mert Dağ

    Hello, I need calibration settings information. I have a this monitor but ı don't know what true game calibration settings is. Can you help me please ?

  7. spiegel

    Will look to buy it this coming Boxing Day if it's on sale.

  8. Sayeed Shaikh

    I purchased this monitor today and I am happy about my purchase, been using it for 4 hours now.

  9. ave rie

    This is 2 years late but whatever, here goes:

    This is great if you have a big desk and sit not too close to the tv for productivity/work and casual computer activity.

    I used to work using a 32 inch tv and had to move my head all the time bec i was using it like a normal monitor. My therapist told me that my shoulder and neck pain comes from doing that.

  10. Michael E

    Informative video. Light bleed? Good blacks?

  11. Ho Hwang

    Just buy the LG 7300 series 4k TV $300 same thing

  12. Thom James

    Why not just buy a TV with HDR as a monitor? Its twice as cheap and usually has HDR

  13. Syarpie Ko

    May I know 60cm dept table fit for this kinda monitor? appreciate for your recommendation.

  14. Andy Jame

    Night and day difference from 1080p, where some other 4k monitors⤃>JustU.Faith/LG-27?正 I tried before were not as noticeable. HDR picture setting does make a difference, for the better in my opinion. Others may claim it's better without as I saw in other reviews.

  15. Chloe ASMR

    sorry when you said that it has 4 hdmi but only 2 of them are hdmi 2.0 soo does that mean im not able to use all 4?

  16. Karan vir Singh

    Great video Dave. To access split screen, do you need to install any software. For example, I want to plug in 4 chromecasts to view my 4 nest cameras live at same time. Would that work?

  17. CueBall909

    Something I'm curious about with this monitor, that nobody seems to mention, is whether or not you can present this as multiple separate monitors to a Mac. What I'd like to do is use the left half as a 3:4 monitor for web-based stuff, use the upper-right quarter as a second monitor for email and documents, then use the lower-right quarter for my AppleTV. Is that possible?

  18. iWatch Yutub

    27 is way too big for me. I do CADing and photoshopping so I work very close to my monitor. My eyes get sore real quick with dark circles.

  19. Inno Romero

    Can you connect one laptop and extend it to 4 divided screens on this monitor?

  20. Mr. Free

    yea keep talking to the camera moving your hands like that its so entertaining the algorithm loves that. what a useless review and camera angles, not even just using the damn product and being filmed from the back, we get no feel of the size or anything. dont use the product just keep chattering for that sweet $$$

  21. I bought a 43 inch UHD Philips tv. It is great. €350 euros. I use it as a monitor. It even has HDR.

  22. MichaelW1980

    I’d probably rather go for an LG variant of such a monitor, as this thing is a bit expensive in comparison. Also it’s available nowhere in Germany.

  23. Irving Souki

    Great review. Have you tried using two or more video connections from a single PC? For example, connect the same PC using two Displayport cables at the same time. If so, does Windows show the same monitor twice in the device manager? Thanks!

  24. Louis Jean

    You talk about this monitor for PS, Nitendo etc …for playing but is it good for WORKING ?

  25. Liberty Lockdown

    I've got the 38" version, and I would personally rather have two or three 32" screens for multitasking.

  26. Liberty Lockdown

    I've got the 38" version, and I would recommend sitting about 3.5 or 4ft back from it.

  27. CaptHotah

    Who else is watching this after LG announced the 42" oled to compare sizes??

  28. Oleksii Martens

    What do you think about the new LG’s 43” monitor (43un700)? It seems like they’ve added HDR there

  29. IcyBlu 88

    Can you just connect 1 laptop to it and just open up 4 browsers to use on there? Is that something that can be done using the split-screen feature?

  30. efem

    looking at this on my 43" monitor while reasearcing which 65 inch TV should be my next monitor

  31. I T

    Fuc&*%g SPot on Video! Loved it! Bought mine, the latest one for 800$ I also use a Alienware 34 Curved but this one is for work and your video did justice in explaining how I can attach multiple systems! Keep at it man! Thank you so much!

  32. peter schiller

    Why do you not show the pivot function, instead speaking 4 min about things we already know?

  33. 79MD

    Will this be working nice if we use this also as TV Screen ?

  34. Daud Frotan

    I can't find the video of your CPU on the side if you made one please link it up. It really looks sleek

  35. Sasha Bowman

    Longeivity is way more important than size . My Dell 41" monitor , only lasted approximately 2 years. Dont make a review for something just after you turn the screen on…looks can be decieving

  36. You've sold it to me but the black levels don't look amazing (I hate IPS black levels they are a deal breaker for me, generally prefer VA or PLS). However, I've realised that even 32" is way too small a monitor to properly use 4k resolution, everything is just too small unless I use scaling. So I will be ordering 40"+ next time I upgrade the displays for my work/home office to properly enjoy 4k resolution for productivity.

  37. Michael Stanton

    Fast forward to 2022 and I'm considering a 42" OLED Monitor for gaming and PC use.

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