The 9 Best Earbuds of 2022: Do You Agree?

Lots of good earbuds have been released in 2022 — but only a few great ones. CNET editor David Carnoy tells you which his favorites are. Chime in with your top picks.
Find these earbuds here:
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro –
Google Pixel buds pro –
EarFun Air S –
Sennheiser Momentum TW 3 –
Sony LinkBuds S –
JBL Live Pro 2 –
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II –
SoundPEATS Air 3 deluxe HS –
AirPods Pro 2 –
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00:00 Intro
00:41 Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
01:17 Google Pixel buds Pro
01:48 EarFun Air S
02:22 Sennheiser Momentum TW 3
02:51 Sony LinkBuds S
03:28 JBL Live Pro 2
03:58 Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II
04:36 SoundPEATS Air 3 deluxe HS
05:09 AirPods Pro 2


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  1. JULIAN 8591

    Status BETWEEN PRO are really worth a try, really good bass sound.

  2. Rolins

    The JBL Live Pro 2 are really very very complete, the Earfun Air S 🔥 with better microphones than all the earbuds in this video.

    The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are good but just like the Airpods Pro 2 only have interests in their respective ecosystems.

    The Pixel Buds Pro meh!

    The Bose, just the best in ANC but nothing else really transcendent and lacks too many basic features present in even $50 earbuds today

    The Sennheisers, not really much to complain about, they are good in all areas, maybe not the best but easily top 3 in most areas.

    The Linkbuds S, good but not really the best in their price range where there are Soundcore Liberty Air 3 Pro, JBL Live Pro 2, 1MORE and others.

    On the other hand, it's really surprising not to see Soundcore mentioned in this video.

    But above all, no non-Apple earbuds over $100 should afford not to have ADAPTIVE APTX or LDAC, and especially not to have Google Fast Pair and real multipoint.

  3. Bill Tinnell

    Apparantly this guy hasn't tried out the Soundcore Liberty 3 buds. Really? These buds are the best buds on the planet PERIOD!! Believe ALL the reviews.Get them now while they are $100.00. They are AMAZ-Z-Z_ING!!!!!

  4. Jon Yu

    Bang & Olufsen EX wins hands down. Pricing a bit steep but worth the value for the sound quality it brings.


    The lack of Soundcore products here is surprising. Especially with their performance per dollar outshining most on this list.

  6. Paul Smith

    I only feel a little bad when I lose my Skullcandy Vinyl for $9.99 a pair when I loose them. I bought 4 pairs. They sound even better if I find them.

  7. Dragonflamass

    My favorite earbuds/go to (first earbud i ever got) was TOZO's recently because of how cheap and yet still offers great sound at the price of 30$, TOZO-A1 mini and many TOZO options if you look online on Amazon.

  8. Wade c

    If this is where ya come to find your gear. Just buy whatever this guy recs. Otherwise check out legit non biased reviews from channels like El jefe … gamesky.. dhrme… digital slang … flossy carter… guys like that who just give their honest opinions and love amd use this gear on a daily basis

  9. mulan fa

    I don't have all these earbuds to try on, can't tell you whether I agree with you or not.

  10. Coire Jones

    Unacceptable for Android earbuds to only support aac

  11. Aaron Fenton

    Surprised the Sony WH-1000XM4s aren’t on here. I got a good Black Friday deal and got them for £159. Sound quality is top tier and noise cancelling is rivalled by very few. Excellent value for money.

  12. I’ve had my Bose QC Earbuds Gen II for over a month, Bose is definitely back to having “audiophile” sound. (I imagine it’ll only get better with a firmware update on the Qualcomm chipset). Also the ANC is almost freaky how good it is, it’s better than just about any over-ears even Bose’s own. Really love it when the market gets competitive, and the engineers duke it out for the best overall, Bose reclaims that crown IMO.

  13. ilovepizzandnb

    according to the Snapdragon Summit last week, Bose will have an update on the Quietcomfort Buds II to add Snapdragon Sound, so I'm assuming Apt X as well

  14. BK Kapadia

    On iPhone, what equalizer Orion do you use to test these?

    Also, do you verify that the setting you chose stays when switching headphone?

    For some reason, the equalizer option I choose “dance” goes back to “off” all the time, basically every day.

  15. Outer Marker

    All good choices but Anker Soundcore competes, equals or outright slays anything on this list.
    The App support alone is as powerful as any other at any price.
    A few options,
    Under 50, Life A3i, Liberty 2 Pro
    Under 100, Space A40, Life P3
    Under 200, Liberty 3 Pro or Liberty 4

  16. Koning Klootzak

    CNET is out of sync with the real world these days.
    Their reviews and what they think the best of anything is too often not agreeable.

  17. vivek s

    Please also mention multi-device support during the reviews. It is very practical and real-life feature

  18. C Alvz

    If you want the absolute best ANC just pick up the Bose QC2 earbuds

  19. Joe Lobozzo

    Great list. My go to are my AirPod Pros but the battery life stinks. I just purchased Soundcore’s Liberty 4 and I have to say they are awesome. On sale now for $120

  20. Cruzan9

    I don't like my Samsung earbuds at all. They came free with my Samsung tablet. As luck would have it I had recently lost my Airpods. I didn't have the extra funds to replace the Airpods so I'm using the Samsung earbuds despite not liking them. It is what it is.

  21. Mark Slima

    Picked up the Apple AirPod Pro 2 and it really lives up to the hype. I'm in the Apple ecosystem so it is the obvious choice for me, and it continues to deliver. Cannot recommend enough especially for iPhone/iPad/Mac owners.

  22. OW

    I’d have to say in addition to sound quality, integration with ecosystem plays a part. That’s why I prefer my AirPods with my iPhone rather than my Galaxy Buds with my Galaxy phone. AirPods just interact better in their respective ecosystem. Although, the Beats Fit Pro takes the cake for someone who’s into fitness.

  23. Tony S

    I had the Sennheiser TW 2 for a year now ….. disappointed for the sound quality, but especially for the clunky controls. Bluetooth is good, however.

  24. VanGhoul

    My JabL tune 225tws true wireless earbuds are great and 50 right now

  25. William Uptgraft

    No legitimate without the 85t. Especially since they are 140 at best buy right now

  26. Jack Booth

    I'm currently rocking the oppo enco x2. Really comfortable and sound really good.

  27. Chris G

    I'd say Bang & Olufsen BEOPLAY EX

  28. Dabber65

    I just bought the Galaxy buds 2 pro yesterday. First impression is they are nice! They are my first ANC buds. It does make a difference although not drastic as I thought it would. The pass through feature sounds really natural compared to my last set.

  29. Sentient Mlem

    Is this all true or do certain brands pay you to rank them higher?

  30. Praveen

    So jabra not in the list itself? If a model is already there in market and decent enough to compete with other brands latest models, still it won't be considered…so only recent ones are good?

  31. Nissan Karki

    Cnet hasn't reviewed the Jabra elite 7 pro. rtings review for them is pretty solid. The ANC is basically non–existent but audio quality is very good I think.

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