The $900 “MacBook” – Buy at Your Own Risk!

My review of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. Probably the best laptop you can buy for $900 if you’re brave!
Available Here –
Coupon Code: MCA30

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a great option for people on a tighter budget. It’s a powerful but inexpensive laptop for students in highschool or college. It can handle light games and is a strong performer for multi-core applications. But customer support will likely be an issue if things go wrong.

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  1. Dave2D

    This thing has kick ass hardware for the price and very good thermal management for a kaby-lake R laptop, but don't expect great customer support. Thanks for watching!

  2. Raider

    I thought this was gonna be a hackintosh lol

  3. duck

    gif yes dave here yes

  4. Joy Lawes

    If it was a 2 in 1 laptop this would be perfect

  5. HAN BIN

    Xiaomi's after-sales service has a long way to go. I used their service on Chinese and it was totally a waste of time and nothing had been solved.

  6. Jay G

    Running this for 2 years now. Build still good, light gaming, video editing, photo editing and battery life is still good at 8 hours. Still lasts me a full work day. Screen is bright at even 20%. This is a well made laptop, regardless of brand.

  7. joytekb

    This is l amazing laptop for rich people considering price of computer service in US.

  8. Daniel Droste

    My friend brought me this laptop in Jan 2018 from China. It is really an excellent great laptop for the price. Unfortunately there is a crack in the glass lcd cover, that is now impossible to replace due to the lack of customer support. Highly recommend this PC if you are in China or make frequent trip there..

  9. GentleGiant

    Got the i7/16gb GTX Version with an extra crucial 1TB SSD inside. Great mashine!
    Had Problems at first, because my Unit got the Rattling Touchpad issue. Fixed it with the paper trick.

  10. Vijay VJ

    Here in India the Xiaomi service is everywhere✨. So I have no problem buying it.

  11. Solusive Box

    I own this laptop, and really pissed at it.

    I'm an aspiring illustrator, and I really need color accuracy.

    This laptop has issue with screen bleeding probably due to the overheat which already happened to my dad and mine. . .
    Mine gives this disgusting orange-tan filter.
    My dads isn't severe, but has spot area that has that tan color on the screen.

    Its a nice laptop overall, but the damn screen coloration will just destroy itself.
    I have seen people having the same issue.

    Don't purchase this laptop if your some sort of content creator that requires accurate color.

    It always have the same problems

  12. Tom Sawyer

    The 2020 version is awesome. MacBook Pro killer.

  13. Karan

    Customer support issue is with with American and probably European markets
    You buy a Xiaomi product in Asia and the story is completely different ….. you have good customer support for Xiaomi products in India …..

  14. Rodrigo Carvalho

    hi dude, amazing review, thanks for helping me… Have you paid some tax duties buying from this website to deliver in EU countries?

  15. Chris Mitchell

    PRO TIP: If it breaks pull the hard drive, buy another one from the xiaomi store AliExpress, and return the broken one. Cut out that customer service middleman…

  16. Ubaid Parvaiz

    In my place you have Mi stores at every corner so customer support is not really a problem here.

  17. igu

    Eu: hmm.. título em português vou assistir
    Cliquei no vídeo: o cara é gringo 🤡🇧🇷

  18. Juxy

    Just came back to this video and it seems like apple watched this and killed the dream for any Xiaomi laptop with their $900 for the M1 Macbook air.

  19. Helmi

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Review

  20. KFJ

    Nvidia mx150 is the best budget gpu out there? Really dave? Compared to what? Rock? Leaf? Gpus from 99?

  21. The Documentary

    I found a $950 MacBook Pro 2018 i9 512gb ssd with 32gb ram.
    I haven’t gotten it yet. Its to much of a good deal, I think it’s a scam.

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