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The Algorithms of CSS

“CSS isn’t a ‘real’ programming language,” we are often reminded — we don’t ‘program’ in CSS, we describe presentation. Algorithms and CSS, then, don’t exactly go hand-in-hand…or do they? Could CSS be a programming language?

Talk by Lara Schenck at the July 2018 meetup. Thanks to for letting us share this talk! Check out their channel for more great talks:

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  1. Deist Ali

    can U Please Make A tutorial On sass complete

  2. Shifronim

    I like dat cheerful style of presentation

  3. prakash pawar

    "do this do that " hand style at 6.06 is used from another old presentation on same topic just saying.

  4. Mukul R

    Such creative presentation much wow! 😍😍

  5. pgo eds

    Upvote for showing the slides rather than someone saying things about diagrams you can't see.

  6. Sandy Tran

    I really love her enthusiasm! Makes learning even more fun!

  7. carlos grigg

    This was great, gave me a whole new perspective on CSS and coding in general. This video has inspired me to think more about sub-surface interactions of code. Thank you.

  8. Khera Shanu

    LOL 50% people not saying "No" to CSS being a programming language just shows how F* up these web standards are! In my opinion its no since its not turning complete.

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