The All-New Faster NUC BOX-155H From ASRock Is Here! Hands On First Look

In this video we take look at at the all new ASRock NUC BOX 155H Mini AI PC. Powered by the new Intel Core Ultra 7 155H and supporting up to 96GB of ram this little PC has potential for sure. We do an unboxing, go over the specs run some benchmarks and test out some gaming on this mini travle PC. With a TDP up to 60 watts can this PC compete with RYZEN? Lets find out.

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  1. @stillblazinkush

    I’m convinced this “man” is just an AI slave at this point being forced to crap out the same shit over and over. Cool vid!

  2. @lubossoltes321

    Wow, in the CPU-Z stress tests, some cores were hitting about 90 degree within 20 seconds of the load start …
    EDIT: finished the video. the clocks on CPU and GPU are abysmal, not even reaching e-core max turbo and iGPU was 1900 highest. PPT was 40W tops in games. Eithere there are too many cores here or the power management sucks or system was thermal throttling (insufficient cooling?). In any way a disaster all around.

  3. @CyberDunk2077

    I bet ETA PRIMES family always have the latest tech to play with, it must be a massive task just organising the logistics of getting all these devices. Let alone doing a review of each one! I bet he is on 1st name terms with every postal worker in the area. I wonder if he gets to keep some of the computers and if others need to be sent back after review? At least these computers don’t take up much space… although if he has 28 to review each month then they will..

  4. @zek62482

    Question:why would you want a barrel jack for power instead of usb c?

  5. @clashnytech

    I’ve had two of those “lite weight” PCs. Both crapped out in about 18 months. They are cool while they last. After a while they will crap out on you I guarantee.

  6. @slojanko

    Damn, Spiderman is unplayable even if you had 100fps with that kind of artifacts. I'm wondering how many people would play like that for real??

  7. @tonylee7545

    I can't watch him anymore. He is a sell-out. Everything is the most powerful.

  8. @jesusdelmas

    Palworld, a ps3 looklike game with TERRIBLE programing that needs a ps5 to be played XD

  9. wish i can find a decent i7 with Nvidia but its like all the place are pushing amd abit to much look for a good lite wt pc but i seen that also amd been having trouble with drives i have trouble with amd i was thinking on geting one of those asus urta books f i would got a razer but gezz they pushing light wt systems with amd trubble with windows 11 updates amd also have driver trubles

  10. @dankmemes3153

    could you post the idle wattage while in normal mode and power saver enabled? would be great to see what the absolute lowest power draw is

  11. What I would like to know is. How do these tiny computers compare to consoles? Are they comparable to a PS4 or Xbox One are they better are they worse. It's a metric plebs like me can understand.
    I know your hands are probably tied by the people who give you gear for review, but I do like that you put in how much juice it's sucking.

  12. @batmanxgr

    Can you adjust the dedicated VRAM? That's going to be the game changer

  13. @ChrisStacey

    Emulator performance? Interested in a fully fledged emu box.

  14. @prdsatx4467

    Clicking on this video:

    Oh cool a new mini P….

    Arc iGPU

    …. Nah.

  15. @ram64man

    please asrock release a i9 14/13 gen max core version with max ram tall case and still add a HD header for 2.5

  16. @e99g

    Intel is not producing Intel Nuc anymore. Asus or AsRock is now managing all of it

  17. @Appalling68

    This little NUC deserves a Linux install. Not freakin Windoze!

  18. @CyborgZeta

    I would only use this for a few Steam games myself. If this mini PC could do GC and PS2 emulation upscaled to 1440p. then that'd be sufficient for me.

  19. @Neopulse00

    Wonder if you'll get your hands on the Aoostar GEM12. It's similar to the "Cyberpunk" mini pc you reviewed awhile back, but uses a USB-C for power and video. It's amazing for the price. Waiting until they get back in stock.

  20. @juanmatus5708

    Once again, the RAM and SSD are going to heat up to 80°C, so be ready for them to die any second

  21. @TrusteftTech

    The CPU reached 96C in 15 seconds of stress test. 15 seconds. How much higher would it get in 5 or 10 more seconds?
    Regarding the performance of Intel's iGPU, some times it feels like Intel is trying to make sure their iGPU perform relatively similar to their previous generations. Disappointing.
    And I am not even talking about their drivers.

    The sad thing for me is I am pretty sure (based on Cyberpunk), my GTX860M is getting beat by this low performing iGPU, by a lot.

    I would like to see some video editing tests with it.

    $700 without tax, and as a barebones system….LOL.

  22. @ichemnutcracker

    I noticed from the marketing language that this is being sold as an "AI PC". We are really getting to the point now where at least some sort of AI performance benchmark is going to be needed. Personally, I would like to see something with T/s data (both prompt processing and streaming) for some standardized prompt using 7B, 34B, and 70B LLM models at 4- and 8-bit quants (LM Studio would be sufficient for that, given how easy it is to install and switch models on Windows machines) as well as some data on I/s for a Stable Diffusion model. I'd like to ask for more than that, but I think those tests would be enough to get the point across.

  23. @topelite666

    I hate how its 2024 and theres still no DP connectors. Hdmi sucks.

  24. @zupzop9237

    So conclusion : it is not all awesomeness but ETA is actually mildly disappointed in the gaming performance, so get an AMD mini with a 780M APU. (Given its performance I'm actually happily surprised by the power consumption of the Intel which maxes at 71W )

  25. @yougoonie3338

    This is amazing, my old pc use to eat almost 300 WATTS when i would game 🙁

  26. from my understanding intel likes vulkan. maybe try dxvk or in-game vulkan options when available to get better performance?

  27. Why on gods green earth would you prefer some proprietary barrel jack that I cant use with all of my existing usb-c charging devices. Please do not listen to this man.

  28. @jadhal6649

    Sir this processor has npu ?
    If has, then wait for 3 or 4 th gen NPU / processor.
    Because after 3 gen . It will well furnished. Or good software support for NPU.
    NPU are in developing mode. Wait for 3 years.

  29. @pawnslinger1

    Batocera and emulation? Any good for PS3 or Xbox 360? Or does 780M still look better?

  30. @robertkrig8648

    It would be interesting if you could also test linux on these mini pcs in the future. Specifically if the performance is better or worse and of course differences in power draw. You could probably stick to something like chimeraOS for gaming benchmarks.

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