The All-New G6X Is Gigabytes Affordable Yet FAST Gaming Laptop! Hands On

The Gigabyte G6X is here and it’s packing some really great performance for AAA gaming on the go! Powered by a 14 Core Intel i7 and backed by an Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU this new 16” gaming laptop might just be for you.
In this video we do an unboxing , go over the specs, run some benchmarks and test out some AAA games like Helldivers 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Fortnite and many more.

Buy The G6X gaming notebook here:

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  1. @elblanco5

    I really need to know how this runs black and white gameboy games.

  2. @beep1650

    was intrested but its $250 above my budget

  3. @EinSwitzer

    $750 msi cyborg gf63 12thgen 4050 144hz and I love it

  4. @foxack

    Okay so i just want some clarification… i see that the CPU TEMP is reaching almost 90°+ with HORIZON, are these temperatures normal? And are they designed for long gaming sessions? Is there any sort of risk of damaging both the GPU and CPU? I would be eternally grateful for any help 😊

  5. @Axl_Pose

    Could you do a follow up vid playing some emulators? I need to know if they will run before I decide which kidney is going to fund this affordable machine.

  6. @telostia

    wait for a snapdragon elite chip to hit laptops and these will be obsolete soon…

  7. @ETA PRIME If i conect the egpu from m.2 is gonna to give me better results than egpu connected with ouculink

  8. @aFriendlyPest

    These comments holding bro accountable 😂

    tHaNkS fOr WaTcHiNg 😜

  9. @slapsoil_tv

    good day sir why is my AMD 5600G computer batocera 39 cant read my usb flash drive 3.0? because of that i cant transfer my updated bios and roms

  10. @OblivionPrime

    these laptops cost more than my asus g15 advantage and mostly likely don't beat it in performance or quality though to be fair my g15 has gone up a lot since I bought it. :/

  11. @ericneo2

    I recognise that Clevo chassis and keyboard immediately.

  12. @sokoloft3

    Gaming laptop = power stages fail a few months once it out of warranty. Don't buy a gaming laptop. They're junk

  13. @59Paint

    That's worth a few months of groceries right there lol I'm good. I was thinking it was around $600-700.

  14. "Personally, it's really hard for me to tell on a 1080p display that I've got DLSS enabled."


  15. @heart4Pahoa

    After my $2,200 Gigabyte Aero 15x died 4 months past its 2 year warranty. I never recommend any of the Gigabyte laptop line to anyone. I opened a case with support to see if they would make the repair, but nope. Buyers beware…

  16. @aminesga8652

    get a legion slim 5 or acer predator helio 16 , for less money you will have a better cpu , much better build quality and waaaaaaaaaaay better screen .

  17. @simr1277

    This is ps5 like performance but triple the cost….

  18. @Skyfx89

    Completely gone out of touch. Seems like he will promote ANYTHING now. Would probably sell you a trip down to Titanic if he could. Feels like I'm watching cable TV. Unsubs

  19. @americangulag

    lol I wish there is a laughin emoji action for this clip. Anything above $850 is not budget.

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