The Awesome Magnetic Cable!

We all hate how messy it is to wrap up cables, so how about a magnetic cable that’s super easy to wrap up. This magnetic cable is super cool and it is available in Type-C to C, USB-A to C, and Type-C to Lightning.

Link to Magnetic Cable:

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  1. @rohanchdas44

    Wouldn't the magnetic feild in circular loop affect electricity?


    As far as i know, magnetic field can affect electric field. Or is it safe in that sense?

  3. @tingobingo1401

    Magnet produces magnetic field and this field interferes with electric current thus electric current flow is not stable. There is a chance that this flow damages smartphone

  4. @abrarabsaar6627

    Bro i want cheap price airpods because my phone not at hole only Bluetooth

  5. Bruh what the hell is this template style Beebom we don't want that 😒😒😒

  6. @Yt_utkarsh

    I realised your eyes are blue….
    One eyes blew this way one blew that wayπŸ‘€πŸ’€

  7. @HackingInfo

    Wah khudka ads kar diya and price is β‚Ή1600 jab Amazon pe 600-800 me aa jata hai 😊

  8. @RAJDALVI-bk8ff

    I don't think that magnetic cables are safe for mobile circuit board,what do yo think??πŸ€”

  9. @SimpSimpSimple

    I just never understand….Why he never looks straight into camera while talking??…

  10. @mpafanai668

    60 watts means 20volt 3 amp max only, if you've got more than 60 watts charger you need atleast 5amp cable, some Chinese companies like oppo, oneplus, vivo, iqoo, realme etc used their proprietary charging protocol, original cable is the best because oneplus, oppo, vivo used more than 6amp cable. But if you have a device which used PD (public charging protocol) like iPhone, samsung, Google, nothing, you'll fine to use this cable. Overpriced for usb 2.0 with a 3amp cable 😒In electrical devices magnet isn't your best friend, you can burn your whole house πŸ”₯πŸŽ‡

  11. @harshbansal85

    Guys could you make videos on good quality USB c cables. Linus did a cable testing video on his channel. In India I'm not able to either get a cable that is pd certified and/or looks pretty in terms of how it looks and feels.

    Might be apple USB c cables. Since they check all boxes but are a little on the expensive side.

  12. @varma.

    For prices like that, it better come with the ability to cook food and wipe yr a$$ for you on demand

  13. @Arjun-bo1fc

    Most of us would never unplug the cable from the adapter

  14. Roses are red
    You do what you preach
    If he doesn't tell the price
    Then it's out of your reach

  15. @him001cs

    Hey beebom,
    Your 99% products have impractical price and usage.

    Plz refrain yourself to create any shorts if you don't have a genuine content.

  16. @Memer_Deepayon

    I got the same type of cable but without magnets at JUST β‚Ή99 by Ambrane
    Also it was 1.5m length

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