The Best Gaming Monitors of 2022 | OLED, 4K, HDR, Curved, 240HZ

2022 marked a big turning point for gaming monitors, with new display tech, new competitors, and some much-needed updates to …


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  1. Jacob Roach

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. As you're digging into comments, keep in mind that we didn't review every monitor released this year. If there's something that you think we missed, please leave me a comment (you might help someone find their perfect display).

    Also I made a slight error in my script – the Acer Predator x28 doesn't have local dimming, just global dimming. That's even more to the point that HDR hasn't been great the past few years, but still wanted to make it clear.

  2. Hal

    My 34" 16:9 has always been just slightly too tall in the vertical to feel comfortable with it. So, Just recently, I bought a 3440×1440 21:9 monitor. The three inches I lost in the vertical is just about right now. To each his own.

  3. A R

    Got a great deal on a C2 about a week ago!

  4. Le Coulissime

    Amazing video !
    I bought my monitor before hdmi 2.1 was a thing in the wild market of hdmi 2.1 monitors and tvs…
    I got myself the BenQ Ew2780U
    Perfect 27 inch size, decent enough speakers for this kind of display, usb c, a display port if i ever get a Pc but more importantly two hdmi 2.0 ports for console gaming at 4k 60Hz with HDR !

  5. Lord Boros

    I'm going for that Alienware oled once I get my 13700K/4080 gaming pc built.

  6. MyFavoriteMusic

    I love the fact that even almost 4 years later, my Samsung Odyssey G7 is STILL hands down one of THE best monitors for gaming and media consumption in 2022. VA panel for REALLY nice blacks, 240hz refresh rate with under 1ms response time for competitive games, GSync compatibility (which had some stupid flickering issues at launch but have since been fixed) and a very solid HDR implementation. Nothing to write home about but which does improve the picture by quite a bit in my opinion at least. Also a 1440p panel on top of all that.

    Like all of these monitors here are nice but it says something about the quality of this product that even though Samsung has a direct successor with the Neo G7, the OG G7 still offers some INSANE value even today.

    Like I watched all of these recommendations and yeah, those are nice monitors, but none of them offer enough to justify upgrading from my existing G7, which is just all around a perfect monitor in my opinion (except if you hate curved monitors, then RIP to you)

    edit: I did forget to mention, the stand truly is AWFUL. I honestly do not know how this got through QA but it is easily the worst thing about the monitor by a LONG mile.

  7. m t

    I wonder how the new Philips 42" 4k monitor will fit into this. I've had a Philips 40" 4k monitor for many years now.


    I'm very confused. Please tell me what's your opinion? A80k or s95b or c2 ? My uses important watch football and movies Netflix HBO prime video apple TV and little use fifa 23 ps5 I want best tv for all uses?? I will buy tomorrow so I want know your opinion please??

  9. Kizzster

    When are 4K 240hz OLED monitors coming out? There's a 1440p one coming out soon from LG but a 4K 240hz version would be nice and worth investing in imo. Would be an end game dream.

  10. Apolino Caballo

    I picked up the LG C2 around a month ago just to test it out and to confirm that I wouldn't like it due to the auto dimming and the mirror-like screen gloss. Man was I wrong. I F$%CKING LOVED IT!!! And it was difficult to repack it and return it to the store. But, I did (I have a brand new beautiful daughter who took up much of my credit card bandwidth). Well, I could not stop thinking about it. The dimming is actually welcomed because I work at night on the computer and I apply the Windows night light. And I don't even notice the screen glossiness due to the picture being so F$%CKING AWESOME! I pulling the trigger and just bought it on sale. Had to be done. Works great with my ROG STRIX 3070. Games in 4K look incredible. But, movies is where this thing really shines. Give it a try. It is nice.

  11. doc B

    I went with the LG 32GQ950 4K 144Hz. the wide color gamut, 98% DCI-P3 looks really good. Even though it's IPS, there is no light bleed from edges of panel. (I do wish it had more dimming zones, but it really does have an amazing picture. And it's even better after you calibrate it. (it has some very good presets as well)
    I would also like to point out that DELL released a NEW version of the 34" QD-OLED. They dropped nVidia gsync Ultimate, to G-sync compatible, made a few other things better, and dropped the price to $1099

  12. Stephen Ketchum

    Can’t I just get a 32in, 4K, “flat panel”, mini LED or even OLED, 120hz, Dolby Vision, and under $1k….?

  13. Marcel Henrique

    Should I get that Alieware 34" 175 Hz to pair with a 4080 or should I get a 240 Hz monitor??? I guess the 4080 can give more than 175 fps in some games. Tia.

  14. Me R

    Using an OLED as a PC monitor seems like a bad idea. You consistently have static images (think windows screen and icons) so it seems like image retention and burn in would be a problem. Is this not a factor anymore?

  15. B. Wildz

    Best tv for ps5 and watching football

  16. I wish best buy had the neo g8 and Samsung odyssey ark gaming monitor in the stores since they have the features and specs that I been wanting in a gaming monitor such as 4k, 1000 r curve displays, 2000 nits peak brightness and high refresh rate, 1 ms response time, I still have not found a gaming monitor with 0 ms response time. I use a samsung 65 inch 4k curve qled TV for watching movies but also having a 4k curve gaming monitor is something I been waiting for awhile since I have a samsung 4k 28 inch monitor that is a flat screen but it's decent and it's not curve since I sit very close to the monitor and my 4k tv and I have the screen brightness maxed out at 100% with autobrightness turned off.

  17. Joe

    I returned my Alienware. Best OLED gaming monitor sure, but widescreen and curved screen is a bit much for some. Couldn't stand it.

  18. Riel

    Still waiting for a 38inch ultra wide QD-OLED…. C'mon Samsung, make those panels so Alienware can release a monitor of that size!

  19. KJR MTB

    I just got the Vizio oled 65” at Best Buy for $800. Everything works beautifully even 4K@120hz on my ps5. Don’t sleep it on it guys. Not even the Best Buy employees new about the price drop.

  20. airixxxx

    I'm using a Samsung QN90B 43" TV as monitor. It rocks, it's close to OLED quality with no burn in concerns and much more brightness. If you can't find the Asus or LG OLED in your region, this is the next best thing IMO.

  21. Mark Jarvis

    Got the qd oled alienware and it is amazing till it broke….dell won't replace it they are a joke I even was willing to pay to get it fixed …nobody fixes them so I have a 1400 dollar paper weight

  22. Marco Pfeiffer

    I returned the Alienware monitor.
    I'm so sensitive to the color fringing that it was basically unusable for me, but I envy anyone who can use it.
    I might pick up an LG C2 42 on black friday.

  23. Jonathan Diaz

    I bet these are next level, very happy with my LG UltraGear 32” 1440p 165hz GSYNC 🤤

  24. Dmitri Weissman

    Well, I like gaming, but I also use the monitor for work (codding). And ultrawide is probably the best all around experience for a single monitor and multiple applications. And since I'm working with Mac, it is better to stick to a single monitor. Mac is horrible with multiple displays compared to other OSes.
    So I was very enthusiastic when Alienware released their 34 QD OLED, and even more when they announced the aw3423dwf.
    But I'm a bit worried about text rendering with less common pixels layout. Need to see it.
    For me, ideal monitor would be 34-38" 1440p or 1600p at 144Hz or higher ultrawide with great HDR – 1000+ zones mini led or OLED, and a built in KVM (ideally with ethernet) + 100+w PD to connect the laptop.
    As for Samsung monitor – never again. Every monitor or TV made by Samsung had those annoying issues with connectivity when using multiple sources. Samsung panels (and other components) – great, Samsung products – big no no.

  25. DD

    Funny nobody has figured out how to make a "flat" OLED 32" monitors anymore. It's like they all turned to stupid smoking drugs.

  26. Boorock70

    I'm OK with my LG 34UC79G-B 34" 1ms 144Hz IPS Curved, WFHD monitor.
    Waiting for the 40" 3440×1440 Curved SSVA panels with HDR600 & 1ms GtG monitors… and AOC released a Flat one : AGON AG405UXC
    – Hope they'll do a Curved one with the specs I mentioned above. 🤔

  27. Chris Bullock

    The best of the best would be somebody having the balls to do a 32inch "FLAT PANEL" 4K OKED or QD MiniLED monitor with actual 10bit and 48Gbps HDMI.

  28. Chris Bullock

    Terrible thing is that Cooler Master is only offering 27inch monitors! I'm a grown man I need at least 32inches.

  29. John Trussell

    The LG Ultragear 48GQ900 should be top of the charts. It's better than all of these in every way.

  30. The Alienware QD OLED was my second biggest disappointment this year after the Steam Deck. I absolutely abhorred the low brightness and the ABL was ridiculous.

  31. jacob francois

    Does anyone know how well the Alienware 34 QD oled works with a Xbox series x ?

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