The Best Keyboard + Mouse Combo

Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Mouse are my favorite combo right now. It’s the best keyboard for programming / work / edits – Just don’t play Overwatch with them lulz.
Surface KB –
Surface Mouse –
Custom Keyboard –
GMK Cyan Keycaps –
Razer Ornata –
Razer Blackwidow X Chroma –

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Background: Fili – Domo

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  1. Dave2D

    I really like the MS surface keyboard + mouse. I'm a sucker for clean/minimal aesthetics and they're awesome. Hope you guys enjoyed this weird vid =)

  2. Itachi3

    "Let's not ever mention this again."

    🙄…. The screen said "DEFEAT!" in big, bold, red letters. *runs ✌😂


    forget about the outro, he needs to get back to overwatch:)

  4. Mboy556

    Razer ornada is just another membrane keyboard with slider so it makes more noise and more you use it, less consistant it gets… :/ and it even squeeky at some point. :/ dammit And yeah if you wonder it’s also overpriced a way too much

  5. avicohen2k

    99.5% of people shouldn't choose peripherals by appearance since you use it way more then anyone sees it!
    By an ergonomicall keyboards and an mx mouse and don't overthink it.

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  7. Arnab Majumder

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  8. Jason Adrian

    with all the working-from-home … im sure a refresh would be useful!

  9. DJ Ness

    What are your thoughts on keychron 2?

  10. Vinay Pasupuleti

    I was searching for Keyboard and mice on amazon and this video showed up in my recommendations.

  11. The Fong

    Dave your videos are so much better than 3 years ago. Hats off my friend! Good review none the less 😉

  12. APZ 2

    When I searched this video up it was 998,999 and when i looked at the video it’s at 999,000 I think I’m your 999,000th viewer

  13. C Tran

    This was such a cute video, I’m not used to Dave just having a chill improv video but I liked it. We got to see a bit more of his personality

  14. s41d

    On 0.5 speed hes drunk xDD 😂😂

  15. Look, starts video on keyboards, ends up gaming, because how else can you do this review?

  16. nikhil m

    Dave: Says really good traits about the Microsoft keyboard

    Me: ok, ok

    Dave: Puts price tags

    Me: ._.

  17. Yuanben Zhang

    "crappy keyboard and crappy mouse"

    "this mouse is horrible"

    "this mouse is awesome"

  18. Rzm64 ✓

    Me : After Dave Shows That Cyan Keys And Customized It..
    Also Me: I Should Do That To. I'm gonna Be Awesome As Him!
    Dave: 1:18 Cuz I'm a idiot
    Me: Ok Plan Cancelled

  19. Srinath

    You're quite unique when it comes to making content.. and It really feels fresh and simple

  20. I have been using the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with the fingerprint reader + the mouse for about 2 years now and I only "charged" both once. I switched over from a Corsair K70 and I am doing office work and creative work. So, I love the keyboard and the mouse is (for the price) the best one you can get (again, for creative/office work). I hope I was able to help someone out there 🙂

  21. Yonghui Yin

    “because it had colours I picked it up”
    you dont hear that often nowadays

  22. MAGNUM

    do this again dave.. with wireless ones

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