The Best Laptop to Buy Instead of the New MacBook Pro

Dave2D comparison of the best thin and light alternatives to the 2016 15″ MacBook Pro.
Laptop Skins from
XPS 15 –
UX501 –
GS63 –
Aero14 –
Razer Blade –

Individual reviews:
2016 MBP –
XPS 15 –
UX501 – (older model)
GS63 –
Aero14 –
Razer Blade –
GTX 1060 Performance –

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  1. Dave2D

    I'm not feeling the 2016 MacBooks. I've switched to Windows laptops for this gen. Anyone else make the switch?

  2. FullOilBarrel

    The only benefit of mac is mac os. The rest is overpriced PoC

  3. Jenish Devani

    Which is best MacBook air or Acer aspire a51-15g ??? Pl and me

  4. Johnny FD

    Even though Macbook Pros are overpriced and suck, Mac OSX is so much better than Windows that it forces me to stay with Apple.

  5. Khalid Hva

    subscribed for the first time on youtube. and i'm here for 10 years!

    great video thanks

  6. Kurt Baechler Jr

    I’ve wanted to buy a Macbook for the longest time but I’m starting to not one anymore. I’m tired of Apple’s lets charge premium price for our products to start but put issues in them and sell the solutions. Examples being USB-C only, no headphone jack, dust ruins our keyboards, etc. I’ll definitely be switching to a Windows laptop, Samsung Phone, and Samsung watch. I can’t support apples business model or products anymore.

  7. Rajat Gupta

    Hi Dave, Can you please tell Best Laptop to Buy Instead of the New MacBook Pro in 2018?

  8. its_merd

    I still bought the latest MacBook Pro

  9. Kmilo 117

    Every laptop in the world is better than that stupid mackbook crap

  10. Kmilo 117

    Why people spend $ 5000 on apple shit there are $ 1500 laptops that are 20x more powerful then a mackbook

  11. S4000N7

    Dave is still the king of tech reviews.💻🖥⌚️

  12. Ali Ali

    tf i am struggling with 200 dollars pc

  13. Farhana Entesar

    Can you please suggest me best laptops for using architectural programs. Im kinda stuck between mac and windows.which to buy? Also i want some feauture that is thin & light, 1060 gtx and 8th gen core i7. Gaming laptops are too heavy for that. I need some suggestion. Help me out

  14. Ibrahim Adeosun

    great video. i have a request dave please can you do a video on gaming companies to buy gaming parts from

  15. r/wooosh bait

    There is a laptop that has 11hrs battery life but I forget the brand

  16. Cookie

    I want to see a title saying "What laptops to buy other than MACBOOKS"

  17. Denis Sato

    Hi Dave! Could you make a 2019 version of this video? Congratulations on the videos! I appreciate!

  18. Michael Moy

    My environment is set up for macOS. I could convert to Windows but I don't want to as I am comfortably in the Apple ecosystem and I use several tools that work on iOS and macOS and I like that they have the same interface and work seamlessly. I also don't like some of the policies on Windows 10 and my work environment is Unix. My solution is to just stick with 2014 and 2015 MacBook Pros and hope that Apple gets its hardware act together in the next couple of year. I expect that 2014 and 2015 systems to be good for ten years – not the fastest or the most storage but the current performance is great for me. I only need the ability to drive two QHD displays.

  19. Technically the 2015 mbp is the best cuz it is meant to be an alternative to the 2015 mbp therefore it must have most of the good things in common which it does. Other options are great too.

  20. Zakaria Chana

    Had an Asus FL751 17 inch, looks like the UX. If you see at 2:33, honestly the screen looks really bad compared to the other two which are amazing. Mine was exactly like that, and even in videos the motion would be blurred, not because of any effect but the screen is very lackluster from my experience. I don't know why Dave says all these screens are equal when you can clearly see they're not.
    Just a heads up for Asus buyers, the hardware and internals are top notch but you can see for yourself in the video even before buying that the screen is low quality.

  21. Primthos

    I don't think we can call the touch bar a feature……. its literally Apple dipping their feet in the ancient technology called touch screen.

  22. Nora Bellerose

    Or you buy one of these alternatives and just go full blown vmware fusion and turn it into a real mac.

  23. 조은걸

    I don't get it when people do thumbs down on this video.

  24. Nikhil Paleti

    Shouldn't the answer be infinitely long because all Macs suck lmao

  25. Serane

    Could you update for 2019/2020 please? 🙂

  26. Dreamy

    You should do this video every year

  27. Ok

    Plz make video on video editing laptop 2020

  28. Sleepless '.

    If you want Dave to do a video with a list of top battery life laptops please like so he can see

  29. John Justin

    Why do the components inside Apple laptops are covered in black? What do you call those black covers?

  30. Salman Sheikh

    please make 2020 version of this video we really it… for god sake dave please


    Paid sponsorship on the Dell XPS 15 plug bruh. Come on now lol

  32. Cameron Bosch

    3:10 In 2021 following the death of the butterfly keyboard, and after all of the reports of failed butterfly keyboards, I can't help but feel sorry people who had to use MacBook butterfly keyboards! 😂

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