You are currently viewing The Best Laptops for Editing – Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut!

The Best Laptops for Editing – Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut!

My thoughts on the best laptop options for video editing and content creation. Laptop Skins from
Blue Drive –
XPS 15 –
Razer Blade –
MBP 15 –

Music Credits:
Fili – Closure

XPS 15 –
Razer Blade GTX 1060 –
2016 Macbook Pro 15″ –
2015 Macbook Pro 15″ –

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  1. sam

    Video editing with surface laptop 3 please!

  2. art is film

    all I wanna do is to just finally get a part time job so I could make money to buy a proper notebook so I could finally edit my videos without being slow or lagging every 5 minutes… it's making me mad, I'm first year on high school and my dream film school is still far, far away, but I'm 100% sure I wanna go there BUT I WOULD LIKE TO START MAKING VIDEOS AND PROJECTS NOW. It is so hard to keep up with school (plus I'm at a different language school…) and having a part time job in addition.

  3. 조은걸

    Sharp and real anlaysis without any crap. Really clean.

  4. Faith Wong

    This is the video I was looking for !!!! Swag

  5. Yamete

    I have HP laptop
    16gb ram
    Intei i7 6500i

    Can anyone answer my question 😥 ? Is this good for video editing laptop?

  6. yngfireman

    Can someone tell me please, laptop for premiere pro cc 2019 what is the best option for less than $1500 ??

  7. Thank you very much for the video, really help me, we are waiting for your next video, keep spirit


    Oh Yeah?. Try editing 4K footage in Davinci Resolve on it.

  9. ibimani

    Hi dear
    Well done 👍🏻
    So you are using macbook or dell?

  10. Roy Dsouza

    I still use a MBP 2015 and it's doing great in 2020 for video editing 👍🏽

  11. Anonymous

    This video is 3yrs back then for now my friend now how abt reviewing new razer blade studio laptp wth rtx 5000.
    Consider it as one of your fan request 😉

  12. Luis Torres

    Do one of these for 2020 I'm looking to buy a laptop for video editing.

  13. Daniel

    You should put Resolve in there as well! I think it's just as good as either of these products!

  14. Md Adnan pk

    Can this video b updated for 2020??!!
    With 2 in 1 laptops tooo…

  15. Zach Carson

    Did anyone else get this in their recommend?… No, just me… Ok

  16. Adityasetty

    Can someone tell me which graphics card is better? NVIDIA GTX 1650, 1650ti, 1650ti max-Q. Is max Q really bad? Why?😬

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