You are currently viewing The Best Laptops of CES – GTX 1050 vs GTX 960M!

The Best Laptops of CES – GTX 1050 vs GTX 960M!

The best laptops from CES including some GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti Benchmarks vs GTX 960M, GTX 970M and GTX 1060.
Dell Inspiron 7000 –
Acer VX15 –

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  1. Dave2D

    The 8k panel needs a pair of DP 1.3 The GTX 1070/1080 and the Titan XP all support 8k monitors. They have DP 1.4 connections (which support 1.3 as well)
    Right now 8k panels all require double DP cables to get 60hz @ 8k. The 8K monitor at Dell's event was being run on a Quadro Card but it most definitely works on a GTX cards

  2. T4nm4y

    Do you plan on reviewing the Dell 7567? The gaming on in the video? I am really debating it (Either the FHD or UHD, what's your opinion?)

  3. Ofir Krispin

    Will you review the dell inspiron 7000 and acer vx15 when both will come out?

  4. mariochaosspear

    I'd like to see that Razer triple monitor thing come with 3 1080p G-Sync displays instead of 3 4K displays. No offense to the GTX 1080, but 3 4K monitors is too much for any single graphics card.

  5. MadRich

    What about the Lenovo legion y520? That's probably the best gtx 1050/1050Ti laptop for a reasonable price.

  6. Msscre

    Should I buy the Dell Inspiron 7567 or Acer VX15?

  7. Sh Ja

    separate video on gtx 1050 laptops from msi please on a budget

  8. Quad X

    I tought the 1050 ti was replacing the 960m and the 1050 replacing the 950m?

  9. Older Martinez

    Time ago talking with a friend about YouTube, they ask me wich one Is my fav channel, i finally conclude after consider alot Is this one, the Channel i watch all the videos and the one i see the video inmeddiatly comes out cause i know it Will be quality content, GJ and thanks.

  10. Jake Reason

    Set to stream resolution to 4k.
    Zoom to Dave's eye.
    Focus on reflection.
    Capture a few seconds.
    Process: See "High-resolution images from a sequence of low-resolution observations."

    Dave looses his spot on The List due to an NDA violation.

  11. nachoakdful

    I'll try to get the Dell 7000 for my next black friday laptop. I'm really hopping to it.

  12. cameron smith

    I hate how people rip on computer makers for bad battery life…it's not there fault rechargeable batteries have been around for a while but they still haven't been able to make any of them hold a great charge especially when your gaming intensely on it I mean it's not like dell, acer, asus, or any other manufacturer is gonna invest some billions of dollars into researching a better way to build a rechargeable battery just for a laptop it's ludicrous! (And if they did you'd be paying a few thousand dollars extra for the cost of development…so quit the bitching(and that goes to everyone lol))

  13. Oskar

    Please make a review of the new xps 15 (with the 1050)

  14. Nish

    Is there much of a difference between the 1050 and the 970M? Would you rather get a laptop with the 970M now or wait for one with a 1050?

  15. DinoRexGamingHD

    Dave u can help me out should i get a asus rog strix with a gtx 1050 4gb with an i7 7700hq or a i7 6700hq with a gtx 1060 6gb

  16. august

    Aspire VX 15 review soon please!

  17. Corcoleison

    If you are interested in this, I have a Battlefront benchmark done with the GTX 960M.

  18. Linus L.

    what was the thing that was off screen????

  19. Sojourner Truth

    For project Valeria, I hope they lose the center to bezel joints, and replace that w/ a seamless screen.

  20. S E M Beats

    Great video!!!! what do you think about the MSI GE72 RE ?! thaaanks

  21. Hung Bui

    So you're the one who stole the razr prototype 🤣🤣💀

  22. Yahya Naveed

    Pakistani here, black and red are also disliked here. Black alone is fine, but why red with every single laptop. Those are not toys. Many use them for graphics or video work.

  23. koki angelov

    is gtx 1050 (laptop) better for games than gtx 880m (4gb)?

  24. Chef

    I can't find the dell you shown in the video.

  25. Henry Mann

    i think the gtx 1050 in laptops is comparable to the ps4 for games

  26. Endelig Gnist

    Anyone else here that actually likes the black and red colour combination?

  27. TI_FX

    You will be seeing less heat issues in the future as the chip are getting smaller. Another 10 more years. with the latest tech hope they will make a average of thin and sleek design laptop.

  28. Samus

    ok quick one mate : MSI with gpu 1050 2GB or Lenovo y700 960m 4gb which one to buy in terms of gaming and low budget. Thank you for responding.

  29. Jason Lam

    can i know when is the next batch of laptops coming out? bcoz laptops selling now are since january

  30. Ahmad Shumayal

    Wow. I thought 960m was much more worse than 1050. Thank you for consoling me. I have less regret now of buying the 960m! Hey I didn't know about the pascal card back then!

  31. Carl CJ Johnsen

    Laptops are made for carrying so never buy the predator 21x buy a desktop instead. Laptops under the 6 pounds great

  32. Tri Doan

    Waaaait the inspiron has a glass surface panel??

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