The Best Mouse for Laptops!

The best laptop mice and mousepads I’ve used over the years.

MX Anywhere 2 –
MX Anywhere 2S –

MX Master –
MX Master 2S –

Razer Orochi –
Jetech –

Surface Mouse –
Sculpt Comfort –

Razer Kabuto / Goliath Pad –
3M Precise Mouse Pad –

Razer Mamba –

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  1. Dave2D

    Wireless mice… Less cables = More awesome. Even the $12 ones are solid.
    Thanks for the 👀 2d fam!

  2. Nona

    They all look the same. How did he just fish one out from that huge pile and remember like oh this isnt bluetooth and all those details

  3. Alex Paclin

    When there'll be a video for best mouses for desktop?

  4. DODE

    Finally someone talking about price

  5. dn06se

    Looking to get a mouse soon, hoping to have some references.

  6. Great reviews – would be perfect if you pointed out exactly which mice DO NOT NEED A USB RECEIVER PLUG/DONGLE … and can connect directly to the PC's Bluetooth radio. Not having to to deal with the USB dongle is a small, but nice thing to scratch off the "to-do-check" list… Many thanks and thumbs up all around !

  7. Keegan Maroney

    Great job. Thanks. Your an example of how to sell. I use to work for a tempur pedic company and I remember trying to sell overpriced items that got returned. I couldn’t even afford what I was selling.
    I think it’s between jet tech and that Microsoft mouse, for me.

  8. Productum

    Thanks for sharing! I bought the Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse two weeks ago and I'm still very happy with it (the best I've ever had … especially the spin)! 🙂

  9. Jason Peterson

    Thanx for sharing the 3M mouse pad because I bought a Razer one and it smells so bad and toxic.

  10. Mohamad Emami

    Yeah but why would you want to use a mouse with a laptop when you have a trackpad? Other than gaming, I can’t think of any situation when a separate mouse is needed. And for gaming these wireless mice aren’t good enough.

  11. Nilesh Kumavat

    You know what,man you are awesome.I needed someone who will tell which mouse is good with there uses and user prospective. And you done well.Thanks bro…

  12. Edwin·Ding

    I used to own one apple mouse, It's really hard to use. Cannot connect to a Windows laptop, cannot press two keys at the same time, and it's also so hard to press the key. I don't know why apple produce this thing and not improved it for so many years (while being so expensive).

  13. Alyx Mitchell

    I would definitely recommend the MX Anywhere 2S cuz I've used it for like- almost 2 years now (exactly the same mouse) and it's probably the best wireless mouse I've ever used. also the battery lasts like 6 months and charges over micro USB (plus we got two more, one for my mum and one for the desktop)

  14. bong kem

    the Logi master 2S just works, still rock in 2021 !!!

  15. Bennett Moncrief

    dave just dissed razer off the bat, idk if i have mad respect or anger for this man

  16. ez45

    Honestly, I dislike most of your recommendations because they're uncomfortable for palm grip users 🙁

  17. Camron Haye

    Is it still a good idea to get the magic mouse for my MacBook

  18. Ben Adamson

    "If you have one of those dongles that plug in, you're doing it wrong." Respectfully, I beg to differ. The 2.4 GHz receiver for my Logitech MX Master 2S performs better than Bluetooth and that's with the mouse just a few inches away from the iMac. I've had similar experiences with other brands too. Bluetooth can be convenient, but it's not particularly good.

  19. Cool Potato

    you have a ton of mice in your office, be carefull

  20. bong kem

    mx master in white looks so good but white tends to get dirty really quickly 🙁

  21. SkyNight

    I wold love one of these mouse and a mouse pad 😀

  22. Adam Gonzales

    Hey whats up Dave can you do an updated bluetooth gaming mouse guide?? Luv your videos by the way.

  23. anonime395

    your firs statmenet makes whole video useless. bluetooth mouses mostly are laggy. bluetooth is not good for mouses. wireles is responsive and precise. thats for showing good BT mouses, but you should buy and use wireless mouse with dongle always

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