The BEST Smartwatch 2022! Apple Watch Series 8, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Pixel Watch, Huawei Watch 3 Pro!

Smartwatches are slowly becoming a staple on many people’s arms, as they are able to measure many things from blood pressure to the distance you travel. Not only this, but some of them have LTE capabilities, meaning – you don’t even need to carry your phone with you anymore. We’ll be taking a look at the Apple Watch Series 8, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the Google Pixel Watch, the Huawei Watch 3 Pro, and the Garmin Venu 2 Plus. Feel free to tell us which watch is your favorite, and which one you’d prefer to buy! #applewatch #galaxywatch #pixelwatch

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0:34 Apple Watch Series 8
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  1. Casper de Crook

    The Apple watch is ahead in the smart watch industry, all the features are followed up by the rest of the competition. I missed a lot of good features on the Apple Watch which made it seem worse than it is

  2. Abid H Rahat

    Wrong Infromation, Huawei GT3 Pro, it last 1 week with consistent Good use, It last 20 Dasy with normal use, IT last 30+ Days with Ultra Power saving mood, and it last 2/3 days with calling+gps alltime+all sensor measuring and spots all together.

  3. TechStation365

    The Galaxy Watch 4 Non LTE provides insanely good value as it's not only the cheapest "real smartwatch" but packs a lot of advanced features. Also updates have made the GW4 very accurate with regards to various types of workout tracking. Only con is the battery life (max 2 days with automatic tracking off).

  4. Fred Tandy

    Does anyone know for sure, if it is harmful to your health to wear a smart watch with active pulse measurement and other sensors 24 hours a day?

  5. Mihai Vulcan

    What size is the Apple Watch in your review? Thank you ✌️

  6. jmporter 3

    My dad has the apple watch, and I have the watch 5 pro. He likes my watch 5 more because the battery is better than his, it's more durable, and it's watch faces are so cool. There is also a ton of features on the galaxy watch compared to the Apple watch. Great video, however I would've gave samsung a ton more credit than apple…

  7. I feel like Huawei was the apple of Android if not for the US ban
    They would have been unmatched, untouched by now
    Just take a look at their smartphones
    Great and consistent animations
    They are trying their very best to be the old Huawei we all knew and love but the degree of the ban just weared everything of
    I feel like they are the perfect match for apple and not Samsung
    But at least Google has come for their right thrown

  8. Emilio Amador

    The Galaxy watch 5 44m and 5 Pro are the best wear os currently

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