The Best Tech Essentials for Students!

Awesome tech accessories for college and students.
Cable of Dreams –
Awesome USB Drive –
Anker Battery –

IPhone Battery –
Micro USB –

WD Backup –
Seagate Backup –

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  1. Dave2D

    Some legit useful tech for student. Good luck in school this year and thanks for watching 2d fam!

  2. Penny

    this is still so helpful as a new grad in 2020

  3. Swaraj Jawane

    Student study to earn money to spend and you saying to spend money on studies 😂😂😂 #reverse

  4. Chase Assaker

    Hey Dave can you do one for college students in 2020 doing everything from home


    As per me I always took just a 5 rupees pen and a notebook

  6. ANZIL Muhammed

    His way of speaking makes us click the like button even before watching the whole video


    Plz make a vid on the type of watch a student must wear in like for classes or yeah daily use

  8. AirMai

    Bro he says everything is in expensive when it’s expensive

  9. Akshat Mishra

    I would really appreciate if you made a video that is kinda Architectural Student Oriented.

    Lover your videos, Peace✌️

  10. Rosy Bala

    I like the way u explain gadgets. You make it sound so simple and easy and understandeable without overwhelming the viewer. I feel calm and good.

  11. Apoorva S

    This is great but all you really need for college is one laptop and one pen-drive for when you need to print out something 😂😂

  12. Kris

    Middle class kids- mom I want a laptop
    Rich kids – dad I liked that shop
    Dad oo. Let me buy the whole company 😂

  13. mustafa hu

    ppl ain't even using PCs anymore, talking bout techs

    edit after watching the whole video:
    Actually they are pretty good, regardless, well done

  14. Phoenix

    I finally bought a thumbdrive, thanks Dave!

  15. AK

    We need an update of this video!

  16. Jonathan Ebe

    Okay but I was SHOCKED about the Type A/C hybrid USB flash drive. That's what people need! MacBook/Windows users don't need dongles! This is a groundbreaking invention for me.

  17. Abdullah B.

    Youtube suggesting me this video after 4 years!!!!!
    Like seriously!!!!

  18. Alfa

    Wow, this video actually helped me a lot. Instantly subscribed, even though the video is around 4 years old now

  19. Srinjoy Ghosh

    Honestly speaking this is the best BackToSchool Video on youtube.

  20. There's no way those combo cables are providing a proper / high current to all those devices at once. No WAY I'd use this – also super inefficient all that heavy redundant cable. Buy cables with changeable tips.

  21. NEVER buy external drives – use thumb drives if you must. Having a drive hanging off your laptop while carrying it around is AWFUL UX. Just buy more internal storage, use a thumb drive or SD Card. Absolute NO.

  22. MPRF12345

    I just use my phone as a "usb pendrive". Just connect it with a cable to the PC!

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