The BEST Tool For Windows 11

The BEST Tool For Windows 11
Explorer Patcher is a customizer tool design for Windows 11, its completely free tool that allows you to tweak and enhance the Windows Explorer.

Warning: As always, create restore point and use at your own risk, I will not be held responsible if you break your Windows pc.

Download Explorer Patcher

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Calgacus

    Does it need to kept installed or can it be removed after tweaks are carried out?


    By far one of the best explorer tweaking programs I've tried so far! Very robust and in my experience I have not had any issues with it corrupting Windows 11 to the point that it causes problems with the OS. There are plenty of alternatives to this software and many of them also piggyback off Explorer Patcher which in itself is a credit to the software. You could easily do a whole series of videos comparing all the Windows10-11 explorer tweaking programs but nice to see this program get some traction.

  3. Juliodax

    Brian, thank you for this program Explorer patcher!!.

  4. Paul Frayne

    Hmm, I wonder if this will work with other programs that alter the Windows 11 settings such as Startallback?

  5. Collieman

    Been using it for quite some time and it's a good one. I like it because I don't have to ever combine my taskbar icons. Makes my taskbar like win10.

  6. D Kat

    I have one for you Britec what the heck happened to windows 10 "Safe to remove this device" message? Did they remove that I like to have that back but found no way to turn it back on if that's an option ?

  7. christop_bader

    Its absolutely brilliant i use it on all four of my win-11 PCs, its stable and you just don't know it even there, it really makes win-11 useable

  8. John Goard

    Good idea Brian for those who want to do such sort of customising but I am not into that very much myself as I am just stuck with what I have got.

  9. I am puzzleman

    Why can't windows do something like this? Why does windows 11 sucks so bad? I can't believe another human would create a windows 11 so bad but they did

  10. Mooferoo

    If i were ever to change to Windows 11, i'd completely rely on this for my sanity with the OS. Bit of a scary thought.

  11. Goofy Rulez!

    I love being to UNDO the damage Microsoft has done to WIn 11. Thank you.

  12. RetroBytes265

    thanks for showing this ive always wanted small taskbar buttons lol. hate huge taskbars

  13. This Old Miner

    Works great had it for a long time on my windows 11 computer.

  14. Whatt Every

    The BEST, the best, are two different things. Which is the BEst?!?

  15. superbaby

    Brian You've done it again. You are brilliant, mate

  16. Jonathan Maybury

    Brian, your just pandering to the sad people that like to hate on Windows 11.

  17. Rather have the Windows 7 Start Menu and Task bar, everything back in control panel

  18. Dan Bromberg

    How about doing a video on Github and what all those files they list are about. Why do they make you hunt around for the download button and not give a clear description of what the product is all about (like a normal vendor home page would do)?

  19. Dimpie

    Been using it since day 1 … love this tool 😍

  20. Jan E.

    Is this 3. party secure software?

  21. Steve M

    A great tool, I've not heard of, thank you, I'm guessing the dev is going to get a lot of traffic, well deserved…

  22. Torinux

    Why install a new OS just to make it look and to work like its previous version? It baffles me.

  23. G. Sheets

    Thanks. I finally have small taskbar. Had to dump Nilesoft Shell but I'm good with that. Thanks for the "link" 🙂

  24. Simon Seymour

    When will you do a retro gaming on Windows 10 or 11 please

  25. Iain Bacon

    All I can say is I'm glad I backed up my pc before trying this, totally f*cked up my pc

  26. Vinnyt

    I can't install this. No error message or anti virus message????

  27. Leon de Vries

    Hello Brian, nice video. Maybe you could do a video about Quick Access Popup, this little program saves me a thousands mouse clicks a day…

  28. 64bit

    Best tool for Win11 is diskpart.. from there you can wipe that shit off you disk.. then put on an os like Win10.. before those absolute retarded spastics at MS dumb corp started really turning the OS into frankin shit disaster.. the fact you need explorer patcher to put back the api's so many third party shell extensions require to make the previous OS aka Win10 better.. says alot about the morons at MS.. I had win11 a few months back.. my biggest reason for removing it was the shit job they did adding tabs to explorer.. I've used tabs with explorer for over 10years with QTabbar.. MS implementation of Tabs in Explorer is so basic they don't even provide any fucking options.. would just fire half the people at MS.. useless company only surpassed by the morons at crApple.

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