The Best Wireless Earphones Under $70 – Bullets Wireless

My review of the OnePlus $70 Bullets Wireless Earphones.
Available at OnePlus –
The previous Champ –

OnePlus Bullets Wireless brings an excellent set of wireless earphones onto the market at an affordable $70 price. With AptX support, magnetic controls and a big battery where 10 minutes of charge gives you up to 5 hours of use.

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  1. yang

    Wallpaper please? ✌🏻

  2. jmn 107

    And the anker slim buds are 20 dollars for very similar quality +waterproof rating

  3. Alex Hernandez

    I recently got a op7 pro fucking love my phone it's amazing. Now I need headphones and I'm buying these or the bullets 2 but OnePlus is kicking ass. Then they're releasing TV's bruh !! Gimme !!

  4. R K

    Do they connect to the laptop?

  5. jay

    You haven't seen the anker spirit x

  6. Daniel

    Hey Dave, any chance you will be reviewing the new Wireless Z's?

  7. SV Lagonda

    The Bullets 2 wired version were so bad that I avoid any earbuds from OnePlus now.

  8. dodid0

    If you´re checking this in 2022, I changed the Bullets Wireless Z for the new Oneplus Buds Z2. Really recommend the Buds Z2. It´s true wireless buds. Wait till they´re on sale for 70€!
    Got mine for that amount on December 2021 (amazon)

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