The Biggest TESLA Unboxing…

Which Tesla Product would You ACTUALLY Buy!!!
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Give this video a thumbs up so Elon doesn't ask for his stuff back. Thx

  2. Shiro

    Made in the Philippines? Now that's new and kinda sick

  3. Ben Jax

    Wait what?! Made in the Philippines?! Wowa!

  4. Jper12

    There are so many teslas i see with stickers that state "i bought the car before i knew he was crazy!"

  5. SirDaus Elite

    Tesla is becoming Xiaomi? But of course, Xiaomi the other way round. They'll start producing EV next year. Now full off electrical products.

  6. ljanitza

    I sure love paying 250 bucks, for what is essentially a 50$ backpack.

  7. Oliviu

    isn't this how Elon announces the Gigafactories?

  8. DomSav

    Dude i used to watch you when you started.. You cam a long way. Still love your content ❤thank you .. 2:10

  9. Ben Jax

    The tequila bottle looks like a Winamp logo 😁

  10. sophia isabelle

    We appreciate all the work you do for this channel. We wish you the best of luck. God bless you.

  11. Jayant Yadav

    Imagine Elon Musk watching it, he's like – Wtf where did Anker come in between!?

  12. Jayant Yadav

    Goes on from Tesla Unboxing to Anker Sponsorship in no time 😏🤣

  13. carnifex

    I would be selling all this trash to all the Elon Simps – I bet some of them throw insane money around.

  14. Jayant Yadav

    Tesla revived Apple's Air Power announced alongside iPhone X in 2017 ⚡

  15. Janmeet bali

    23 min video just for a wireless charger? YOU ARE LATE LEW!

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