The Callisto Protocol – Official Story Trailer

Take a tour of the Black Iron Prison, a maximum-security facility located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, in this new trailer for the sci-fi survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol. Check it out to see the horrors that await, and get ready to discover the facility’s terrifying secrets when The Callisto Protocol launches on PC and consoles on December 2, 2022.


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  1. White eye

    they change from guy who was sent to prison to guy crashed on calisto and sented to prison and is bad

  2. 6mul

    Isaac be like not again 😂

  3. Steven

    This game is my next must buy thank you Elden Ring it was fun, Hello Callisto.

  4. Edge

    Finally a new IP in the new generation, this game looks outstanding

  5. cab435

    This look like a dead space reboot? Or is this taking its world from a other source ?

  6. froge

    mmmm dead space without EA's greedy mitts on it.

  7. Omarrr

    This game looks industry changing

  8. DrKildem

    Mutant enemies does not equal horror, unless you think Gears of War is also horror.

    This looks like a banal 3rd person shooter.


    It's like Resident Evil and Half-life had a baby. 😉

  10. BrettObie

    why does this just look like Dead Space with worse animations

  11. Aaron Sosnoski

    Anyone else catch the Event Horizon rotating hallway reference?

  12. Blue Rose Bloom

    My favorite part was when he sed its calistoing time and began to calisto all over the protocal.

  13. Jack Moscow

    The villain speech is the best of the ALL the marketing and trailers thus far.

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