The Coolest PC Hardware Trends of 2025

all right good people comy just finished man what a crazy show it was I’ve never seen it so busy like day one massive Line This the craziest show that we’ve seen actually in The Last 5 Years which means good things for the industry yeah it means we got to observe some interesting and unique trends that will definitely percolate into later 2024 and definitely into 2025 yeah and because of those crowds there was a bunch of also cool products that we just weren’t able to show you and that is what this video is all about those Trends and some additional products that we thought were just so cool so I guess let’s get into it yeah enjoy perhaps one of the most exciting Trends is the availability of products and it actually goes into the title of one this is the height y70 ti ti stands for touch infinite and we asked why infinite it’s because they actually have these now in stock they redesigned the screen to be slightly lower resolution and way brighter than before therefore it’s slightly easier to produce and is actually going to be available I really appreciate that black and white models but we also have this beautiful y70 in strawberry milk beautiful matte pink all around absolutely every single element in here aside from the Riser cable and this blueberry milk as well another very beautiful blue it’s not too Navy it’s not too teal gorgeous uh you know little splash of color in the space very different already from our traditional boring black box or fish tank now in different colors and also we have a tower milk so even if you come over here look at how gorgeous this lavender looks I mean he keep keep doing what you’re doing I love it so where do aios go from where they currently are into like the Next Generation and that’s what Trix is trying to do at least with the visuals so what they have here is a 2K curved AMOLED that is running at 60 HZ on this AI now this is their Panorama I wonder why they call it that so this is actually perfect for those sort of fish tank cases it looks absolutely stunning something else that they are doing that we going to see a little bit more of is they’re trying to solve the balance issue with high-speed fans now a lot of that comes down to using LCP and that’s what they’re actually using for their Rota series fans but in order to properly balance it they’re using stainless steel as well so what you see here is actually a stainless steel top cap that every single fan utilizes in order to really try to balance things out get that Gap to the minimum possible in order to maximize performance all right guys so we’re seeing a lot of wood on this show floor from cases but we have not yet seen something like this this what I called shoelaces but it’s a rope or parac cord uh and it’s from a brand called trikes it’s something brand new for us this is still kind of in Prototype stages showing what’s possible for the front panel and I absolutely love this I didn’t realize how cool this would look especially because you can do different patterns of the cord you can do different weaves of the cord that’s exactly what they’re showing so right now for example we have the two separations in this very beautiful like military green here we have a much brighter element with a lot of horizontal lines that separate this this whole thing just because you can do so many color options with paracord and it’s also fairly inexpensive it’s way cheaper than doing wood and I’m not sure if it’s cheaper than doing like a mesh metal panel but it’s definitely different all right so we’ve seen wood we’ve seen paracord we’ve seen different textures we have not seen yet leather so this is awesome this is from montech this is a new honor series they’re going to try and introduce different colors for the body and the leather too and I think we can see this is not real leather by the way it’s fake so it’s going to withstand you know different humidity different moisture levels different different heat that’s the the proper way I would say to to have more texture more colorways in the Decay space that looks really really interesting especially combined with different ventilation patterns different paneling I would love to see more of that in the future yes please power supplies in 2024 and 2025 are going towards very different levels too and that is on the silence and efficiency so this noctua is getting into the power supply game through a partnership with seic this is the noctua Edition seic tx600 so it’s their best power supply now noct’s involvement is pretty straightforward it’s to address noise even though this is a super quiet power supply to begin with the addition of this custom fan Grill and an a2x 25 fan reduces the overall noise level by 8 to 10 DB and that that’s incredible and it’s where we’re going to see all the power supplies going going forward now big quiet is entering the fish tank category this is the light base 600 and 900 slight size difference obviously a really cool design with these beautiful lines even illumination the most important thing about this enclosure toe is the ability to have the case in the standard orientation laying flat or inverse over here with the opponent visible on the left side and the way you do that is just with case feet that’s a brilliant approach it’s just this little case feet for of them comes in black or white and this little locking mechanism that goes into over here and you rotate it to lock the feet the top and the bottom and all the sides are basically identical in design therefore when you rotate the case laying flat or whatever you don’t have to change orientation of any of the cables or nothing changing the orientation without changing any of the cables without needing to rework any of the hardware I love it okay so one of the things that we’ve seen time and time again is that the air cooling Market has very much reached that plateau of cooling capacity very few companies have been able to break through it because you have a limited amount of space for maximizing your cooling a lot of companies are going to be moving to something called a 3D Vapor chamber but actually productizing that and math producing it has proven to be a huge challenge Cooler Master is actually one of those companies but deep cool on their newest assassin 4 VC vision is actually they think that they’ve nailed it so what we have here is a 3D Vapor chamber on the bottom of this cooler in order to take the heat away from the CPU a lot faster it is so efficient at actually taking that heat away from the core that you need to upgrade the heat pipes as well and all of these heat pipes have been upgraded to quickly whisk away that heat from the 3D VC up into the finay the other thing that they’ve done of course is basically upgrade a couple of other areas they have added an LCD display like you’ve seen on a bunch of the other deep cool products cool thing about this is that it shows yes all of your information but installation is so easy all you have to do is take it off that’s where your mounting points are for the cooler and once you’re all done you just Bo pop it back on the other thing I need to mention is because of that Vapor chamber you get about 300 WTS of technical dissipation with this I really want to test it we’re going to see it’s going to be coming probably like closer to the end of this year all right so another Trend that we’re seeing a lot of lately is the move by AO manufacturers to move towards LCD displays but look that isn’t anything new that’s going to be coming in 2024 and 2025 but what we will see is a gradual lowering of the cost of those units now this is the thermal rate hypervision 240 or 360 that is a 4-in LCD that is a pretty basic 480x 480 resolution and to be honest with you I don’t think you need all that much more than that but because they are focused on value engineering these Solutions the pricing that they are going to offer is going to move the whole Market downwards as well so for the 240 mm version we’re looking at about $100 on the other hand for the 360 mm version we’re looking at only about $120 to $125 that is just mind-blowing and I hope we see a little bit more of these because I know that you guys have some very very uh I guess you would say strong opinions about LCDs and their place in any type of system but personally I like the fact that it does offer the people who want them more customization and now with the lower pricing that we’re going to see throughout this year into next year they’re becoming more accessible and that is so important all right background noise suppression baby yeah you come to Taiwan you expect some scooter action absolutely oh my God the mosquito I don’t had to change location because of the mosquitoes but we did get to see not too many Hardware announcements I was expecting like more stuff from from the GPU side like there’s ryzen 9 AI but there was one particular Hardware announcement that was uh quite important on the memory side what was it yeah so a lot of people are talking about cam 2 or LP cam yeah on the desktop side unfortunately it won’t mean much until there’s processors that can take advantage of massive memory bandwidth because that’s what what LP cam will excel in right now it’s just like a weird thing that some motherboard manufacturers like MSI are putting on to their motherboards for their their BTF format right now I can see it really permeating into the ITX side because what it allows you to do is instead of your soul dims these are compression attached memory modules so they lie flat against the motherboard that is absolutely great for the ITX market so you can have slightly larger coolers without intruding into the memory module area where it will be amazing is on the top memory Market because right now we’re seeing less and less upgradable memory because every single manufacturer is going thinner so if we move away from those sodum slots to LP Cam that lies flat against that motherboard we get to have upgradable memory and slim and light laptops that’s awesome but also it percolates into the desktop side of things where we’ll get new motherboards on the ATX microx form fractor and uh a whole reconfiguration around the CPU socket because now we have this new cam module that’s going to be installed on the right so new CPU Cooler is going to be exciting that will potentially cover that area for additional air flow we’ll get different capacity module so right now I think they’re maximum of 48 me GB and that will expand into you know it’s going to be like a half module a full size module so the visual side of things will be very different when these new cam 2 modules are going to sort of I’m not sure if they’re going to replace the the traditional DDR we don’t know we don’t know right now but I think Arrow Lake s afterwards not really now with ryzen 9000 in in the future but anyways that’s one of the things that we saw that was pretty cool that we didn’t get to cover anyways I hope that you enjoyed our coverage yeah hope enex and let us know what uh you guys seen throughout uh other coverage like that was really interesting and let’s have this conversation down below i’mi we got behind the camera and Robert is editing in the suite yeah and we’ll talk to you in next video thanks for coming along for this another wonderful Ty patrea have a good one guys

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  1. @Norman_Peterson

    If we have reached this point we eliminate the screen and play directly on the PC.
    fewer cables, less consumption, more comfortable. What are the screens for is turning into the first place aesthetics fair as always, and I've really seen very little INTERESTING stuff.
    Of course, if aesthetics have become the priority, it's obvious that no one makes useful stuff.

  2. @kjungst

    Thermal take with aquarium cases (mint color) looks fresh and cool

  3. Great and fun tech in this video but I can't get past dude wearing sandals with socks.

  4. @TomasRamoska

    My grandma modified the front panel on my case 😅 she used her knitting skills to make it unique 🫣

  5. Upgradable memory is essentially a non-factor, by the time most people need to upgrade their memory, they need an entirely new device to go along with it. Sure it's nice, but it's not as strong a selling point as people are attempting to make it out to be.

  6. @zlibz4582

    that psu from noctua is sick !! that fan design should be implemented to case fans of 160mm or higher

  7. @r0N1n_SD

    Not buying anything till someone tests these

  8. @Peter-gb4ey

    I want those motherboards with the CAMM2 RAM memory sooner!

  9. @Tunnelsnakes

    Knowing AMOLED/OLED screens in general are susceptible to burn-in without a pixel cleaning mechanism, I hope these AIO software has some kind of similar mechanism to maintain the longevity of those screens. Otherwise, I'd be pretty concerned and would rather stick to other screen variants.

  10. PC anything manufacturers need to start making more colored products all around, like give me pink PCB motherboards, or blue or purple etc…why is everything f*cking black and white for over a decade now…seriously though, it's just so🤮 having to rely on RGB to color your builds, not everyone wants RGB…I hope to see more of that…WAY more, those HYTE cases look amazing!

  11. @Skobeloff...

    4:10 "Noctuas involvement is pretty straight forward" it is to increase the price, marketed to the vapid.

  12. @DiggyT

    AIO should focus on lower temps than lcd displays, that's why I have a monitor.

  13. @P4sta.

    i think cam2 should eventually become the standard for atleast itx/compact/btf motherboards, it makes it look so much cleaner and frees up alot of space on the pcb, it could make micro atx more viable with the space u gain on the pcb from cam2

  14. @nickcardwell

    How is yet another PCB bolted flat to a motherboard (m.2), taking up valuable real estate, that could be used for something else, good for ITX? I don't see the logic here…

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