The Copper Bulb is AMAZING For Redstone! (T Flip-Flop Mechanism!)

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I am so excited about the introduction of the Copper Bulb in Minecraft 1.21! Introduced a couple of weeks ago in the latest Minecraft Snapshots, and introduced at Minecraft Live 2023, the Copper Bulb has quickly become one of my favorite new blocks in Minecraft. Not just because it looks cool, but because it has forever changed redstone! The copper bulb has brought the t-flip flop redstone mechanism into Minecraft! I explain what this means with redstone builds and more in this Minecraft 1.21 tutorial!

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  1. crimped357

    I can't wait for the bulb! it'd deff a game changer!

  2. morrisDanielR

    I’ve been watching your diversity 2 series and it’s funny how different you look!😄

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