The Cost Of JavaScript

As the world build sites that are more heavily reliant on JavaScript, we sometimes pay for what we send down in ways that we can’t always easily see.

Addy Osmani explains how and why JavaScript is the most expensive resource your site uses today—especially on mobile. Addy also shares tips for fixing JavaScript performance issues so everything loads quicker. A little discipline can help if you want your site to load and be interactive as soon as possible on mobile.

Presented by Addy Osmani at Fluent Conf 2018 in San Jose.

This talk is distributed under the Creative Commons license. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk but we are excited to bring it to a wider audience.

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  1. Cosmoszeeist

    I hope to learn mathlab instead of going to learn JavaScript….
    is JavaScript is harder than mathlab

  2. TK

    I think I watched this already? Somewhere?

  3. 大老表

    what is the replacement of the javascript?

  4. Giovani

    lol a chrome engineer wearing a fox t-shirt and a firefox "bug"

  5. Omri Luzon

    Someone needs to count how many times he says parse compile and execute one after the other.

  6. Osazeme Usen

    We are back a whole circle. Before, it was aggressive bundling, now it's code splitting. 😂

  7. John Doe

    did not know that chrome was a browser! (would rather call it google spy with 10% browser functionality) LOL

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