The Crew 2 – Blizzard Rush – Season 7 Episode 2 Trailer | PS4 Games

In this new episode, face the snowstorm and become the undisputed winner of the No Rules Race!
Discover a high stakes, high reward underground race from San Francisco to the edge of the Rockies, with surprises at every corner.
Forget all the rules. Take risks on icy roads. Be the first to reach the finish line.

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  1. Debojit Dhar

    The crew 2 is copy gta v Ubisoft don't release new franchise crew 3 need for Speed unbound now finished 😐 they give some new season and problem game don't restart with new profile 😔

  2. PS5 version is awful. I hope The Crew 3 comes out soon with real next gen support.

  3. D.E.T.A

    How about a sequel or a next gen upgrade?

  4. Falcos01

    I wish the crew was about cars only just like Riders Republic if only it was bikes only well well

  5. Jonathan Snyder

    So when are they going to add New vehicles? Because lately all they’ve been doing is taking cars they already have and slapping decals on them and calling it new

  6. Not gonna bother anymore with this one as every event plays the same. I want a new The Crew with a new and more exciting Map. And it should be not based on Luck to be able to tune your car to the max

  7. ViperStudiosAndy

    Has the resolution in performance mode been fixed on PS5? Or is it still 720p

  8. Qrince Prince

    100 assassin's different from countries different,in one countries

  9. jack Stephens

    New game please. Love your enthusiasm with the dlcs etc though

  10. bearty

    They should do a update that includes icons from the 80’s movie cars like the Batmobile knight rider ghostbusters and the Time Machine

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