The Day Before – Official 4K RTX ON Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Take a tour of the world of The Day Before and check out gameplay in this latest trailer for the upcoming open-world MMO survival …


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  1. W Giver

    How about every one stop breathing down their necks and let them breath let them take their time because we all see what happens with cyber punk. We all would have rather waited so let's learn from out mistakes and let em cook

  2. CO_Snowy

    Looks like ps4 graphics and that’s on PC 😂😂😂

  3. Jay Boi

    when a game is only doing scripted trailers it means it’s gonna flop but people will still buy enough copies to make profit

  4. Gill Lu

    So IGN didn’t get to any playing time with this game but some how they got you guys to post it?

  5. Ping Law

    This game looks like the upgrade version of state of decay.

  6. в каких-то местах даже похоже на rеd dеаd, наиграл 3тыс часов в rdо, очень нравится такого типа ММО от 3 лица. Надеюсь на проект, готов на предзаказ, пойму если перенесут (пусть лучше переносят чем шлак выкатывать). отдельная проблема с читаками, надеюсь разрабы смотрят на Rockstar и делают всё наоборот.

  7. mar51anin

    Олус да кэтэьэбин бу оньуну

  8. Mental Glitch

    There’s no way this is a real game. It’s gotta be all fake

  9. Strife

    this game won't be disappointment mark my words, do you know why? cause no one is hyped about it even if it fails it still won't disappoint cause simply no one cares

  10. Michael Scarn

    There is .01 percent chance that this is even how the game will look

  11. ORYG1N

    Ok, so it can't be actual gameplay, since they've shown some of these exact moments before in earlier videos. Now, the RTX "Reveal" shows the same exact "gameplay" but with RTX on?

  12. Unseriousss

    hahaha…in comparison to the other gameplay trailer, this one looks like a different game… SCAM Alert!

  13. NVIDIA should ashamed that their logo was put here. NVIDIA should look into these project before letting them use the name for marketing

  14. definitely a fan

    Can't wait to play this on 40 fps with a rtx 3080 rtx and dlss on 🤓

  15. R B-H

    Wasn’t there a video with two devs reacting to the previous trailer, they were saying that it wasn’t proper gameplay?

  16. DreadSky

    Really rooting for this game considering the terrible optimism everyone has

  17. neoglow

    They’ve literally stolen TLOU font logo so…yeah, no scam at all 😂

  18. givahost

    with movies of presentations and no players playing it must be a disaster or loss of income. wait to buy and see the score after purchase. buying video animations is for potatos

  19. Pdx GunFighter

    this game is going to be the biggest let down since cyber punk.

  20. JustforKiks

    Tried watching the video it kept Crashing (Games Today).

  21. ik idk

    So this game wants to be 7 days to die on steroids?

  22. ChinoArc

    insane camera shake right there but it looks cooool

  23. Tom Cox

    Hopefully it still comes to console

  24. zozix

    What about PS5 version of this game?

  25. david quee


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