The END of 'BIG OFFICE PC' Era!? | 16-thread Intel vs AMD mini PCs

Mini PCs go head to head. Intel i5 1240p vs AMD Ryzen 6900hx. Which one is better?

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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
Edited by Sam Ruddick
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0:00 End of the Era
1:30 CLL Sponsored segment
2:00 Specs deep-dive
3:33 CPU Multicore Performance Comparison
6:23 GPU Performance Comparison
7:21 Front Panel IO
8:00 Back Panel IO
8:50 Extra intake on Intel??
9:09 CPU Single Core Performance
9:44 Speedometer 2.0 [Browsing Performance]
11:11 Teardown of PCs & Upgrade Options
14:43 Cooling hardware comparison
15:30 BIOS & higher Power limits?
16:30 Which PC should you buy then?


This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. WorkBundle

    If these mini PCs are serving business I would pick Intel, because it is easier to get and use drivers from Intel.

  2. Gaming Templar

    Is not that simple. The office has lots of free space not being used, usually pcs go there, so the benefits of having a nuc is not much, it's just a fancy thing. Also, if there are issues, offices have someone from IT that deals with any issues. About the cost, it is not clear to me if a nuc is cheaper than a PC, I would say a PC is cheaper. Another problem is that these things are not upgradeable like a pc.

  3. Gaming Templar

    The best use case scenario I see for these is traveling, but in that case a laptom also works, which also works for office and the use can take the laptop home depending on the type of job. I don't like laptops too much, maybe a nuc might be useful in some cases.

  4. An d

    These should be made with 13th gen hx processors with desktop gpu slot or support like alienware graphics amplifier. Also with dedicated 770 mobile for av1. Those would sell if priced around 1500$. Display port 2.0

  5. Zouloum

    Honestly for light office use 200$ Celeron (N5105) Mini PCs are more than enough.

  6. RS0110

    This things have not enought cooling for over 20 watts

  7. MrDabadabadu

    As office PC, so no gaming, Intel wins this battle because of additional NVMe slot and SATA slot prepared for HDD or SSD. This is much more important than 2x faster GPU. You will not play games in office, trust me 🙂

  8. Florin Arjocu

    If these are made for office work like I saw when working in a big corporation, they will run the browser, MS Office and file explorer, maybe SAP and 1-2 others programs. Not much else and can have almost any graphics inside, will not see any game except Solitaire.

  9. AL Rizo

    What if we just use small pc with external gpus you can easily swap. That would be space efficient af.

  10. LA Bloke

    Intel has been producing NUCs for years and they are best bangs for bucks, nobody knows about. Every ports imaginable and expandable.

  11. Just a guy

    Not to mention the AMD one can actually game with the performance levels akin to a 1050.

  12. Geardos

    Ryzen IGPU in 6900 is so powerful you could use it for casual gaming, might be interesting to see how it handles creative productivity apps. I wonder how well it could handle casual video editing.

  13. V'ger

    Love AMD. Intel needs to fix their APU graphics or be left behind.

  14. Richard Bradbury

    Would be interesting to see how the AMD unit handles 1080p or 4k video work.

    Thank you for the videos. Great work.

  15. brez imena

    In our offices we use those little PC's already for couple years. We use HP ones with i5 CPU's. They are very good, some of them are running 24/7 and no problems at all with them…. Can only recommend…

  16. GoofyAhh

    you can greatly improve performance in a small case thru using alot of copper and water, density is incredibly powerful for cooling

  17. Nobody buy this!
    Old Optiplexes with budget GPUs is the only way some of us game!

  18. glennaa11

    my office keeps issuing us laptops and docking stations. I'd rather just have one of these little boxes

  19. patrick771

    I used and sold such Mini PCs 13 years ago. Don’t understand why you need big towers in office environments.
    The most important thing is fan noise!
    edit: did you test fan noise? haven’t found it in the video …

  20. An Pet

    These things would be perfect for my home office. I still do have a mid tower from my company that takes like half of my room 🙁 I really hope that everything becomes small in the future in the PC component industry. Will be a life-saver.

  21. turboimport95

    as soon as they figure out to plop a 4090 in there its game over for gaming desktops as well..

  22. Wayne Watson

    With the amd one, you could use usb 4 to hook up an external graphics card system

  23. Franz Pleurmann

    Intel NUC does have a vPro option (remote managment) and better Thunderbolt 4 implementation. Also Intel-Xe Graphics do support SR-IOV which is crucial vor virtualization tasks. So despite the better GPU performance I would go with Intel.

  24. kaffepojke

    Very interesting. I am an Intel guy through and through, but if I was looking for something like these PCs, I would be tempted by AMD.

  25. So 12th gen is just glorified quad core. Why would anybody expect more from intel?

  26. MegaRyan123456

    If the people in the office are only doing emails spreadsheets and word processing

    All they would need is a system with an i3 1215u

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